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BNC: 2156 COCA: 1759
mɪks mɪks
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense mixes, present participle mixing, past tense , past participle mixed
1 V-RECIP-ERG (使)混合;(使)调和;(使)掺和 If two substances mix or if you mix one substance with another, you stir or shake them together, or combine them in some other way, so that they become a single substance. (使)混合;(使)调和;(使)掺和
  • Oil and water don't mix. [VERB]


  • It mixes easily with cold or hot water to make a tasty, filling drink. [VERB + with]


  • A quick stir will mix them thoroughly. [VERB noun]


  • Mix the cinnamon with the rest of the sugar. [VERB noun + with]


  • Mix the ingredients together slowly. [VERB noun with adv.]


  • This final part of the mixing is done slowly and delicately.


2 VERB 调制;配制 If you mix something, you prepare it by mixing other things together. 调制;配制
  • He had spent several hours mixing cement. [VERB noun]


  • Are you sure I can't mix you a drink? [VERB noun noun]


3 N-VAR (制作糕点、调味汁等的)混合原料,混合配料 A mix is a powder containing all the substances that you need in order to make something such as a cake or a sauce. When you want to use it, you add liquid. (制作糕点、调味汁等的)混合原料,混合配料
  • For speed we used packets of pizza dough mix.


  • It was a packet mix.


4 N-COUNT [usually singular] 结合体;混合体 A mix of different things or people is two or more of them together. 结合体;混合体
  • The story is a magical mix of fantasy and reality. [+ of]


  • We get a very representative mix of people.


5 V-RECIP-ERG 相协调;相容 If two things or activities do not mix or if one thing does not mix with another, it is not a good idea to have them or do them together, because the result would be unpleasant or dangerous. 相协调;相容
  • Politics and sport don't mix. [VERB]


  • ...some of these pills that don't mix with drink. [VERB + with]


  • Ted managed to mix business with pleasure. [VERB noun + with]


  • The military has accused the clergy of mixing religion and politics. [VERB noun]


SYN go together, combine, be compatible, fit together
6 V-RECIP 交际;交往;结交 If you mix with other people, you meet them and talk to them. You can also say that people mix . 交际;交往;结交
  • I ventured the idea that the secret of staying young was to mix with older people. [VERB + with]


  • People are supposed to mix, do you understand?. [VERB]


  • When you came away you made a definite effort to mix. [VERB]


7 VERB 混录;混合录制 When a record producer mixes a piece of music, he or she puts together the various sounds that have been recorded in order to make the finished record. 混录;混合录制
  • They've been mixing tracks for a new album due out later this year. [VERB noun]


  • Final mixing should be completed by the end of this week.


8 PHRASE [VERB inflects, oft PHR with n] 经常大吵大闹,动不动就大打出手(美国英语用 mix it up) If you say that someone mixes it, or in American English mixes it up, you mean that they often fight or argue strongly about things. 经常大吵大闹,动不动就大打出手(美国英语用 mix it up) [informal]
  • Stewart has developed a tendency to mix it verbally with the opposition.


9 See also: mixed  cake mix. to mix your metaphorss→see: metaphor 
Phrasal verbs:
mix up
Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse mix with:

mix ingredients, mix with water 1 2


mix thoroughly, mix together 1 2

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BNC: 2156 COCA: 1759


ADJECTIVE | VERB + MIX | MIX + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgood, perfect, right, wonderful不錯的/完美的/恰當的/奇妙的組合a party with just the right mix of people參加者搭配適當的聚會healthy, judicious健康的/明智的組合curious, odd, peculiar, strange古怪的組合;奇怪的組合fascinating, interesting, intriguing迷人的/有意思的/引人入勝的組合broad, rich大範圍的/種類豐富的混合diverse, eclectic, vibrant多樣化的/兼收並蓄的/生機勃勃的組合an eclectic mix of theatrical styles各種戲劇風格的雜糅cosmopolitan世界性的混合complex複雜的混合combustible, heady, potent, powerful, volatile易燃混合物;易使人醉的混合物;強效混合物;揮發性混合物His art features a volatile mix of sexuality and violence.他的藝術以性慾與暴力變幻莫測的組合為主題。cultural, ethnic, racial文化的交融;民族的混合;種族的混合marketing, product營銷/產品組合brownie, cake, muffin, pancake巧克力蛋糕/蛋糕/鬆餅/烤餅混合料a packet of cake mix (BrE) 一包蛋糕混合料a box of cake mix (NAmE) 一盒蛋糕混合料concrete, mortar水泥/砂漿混合料potting, soil, soil-less (NAmE) 盆栽/土壤/無土栽培混合料Plant the seedlings in well-drained potting mix.把幼苗植於排水良好的盆栽混合料中。audio, mono, sound, stereo混音;單聲混合;立體聲混合The movie's sound mix is excellent.該片的混音質量優秀。VERB + MIXcontain, feature, have, include含有混合物;特色是有混合物offer提供組合The new Oak Hill development offers a mix of housing.新的橡樹山開發項目提供多種住房組合。create創造組合They have created a unique mix of sounds.他們新創了一種獨特的聲音組合。MIX + VERBvary混合物發生變化The precise mix will vary.具體的成分可能會有變化。contain混合物包含The mix contains soil, peat, and sand.該混合物含有土壤、泥炭和沙子。PREPOSITIONmix of⋯的混合The college has a broad mix of students.這所學院裏各種學生都有。


1combine things使混合ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBthoroughly, well完全/充分混合Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.把所有調料充分地混合在一起。gently輕輕攪拌When the rice is cooked, gently mix in all the other ingredients.煮好米飯後,慢慢地拌入所有其他配料。in, together攪入;攪在一起PREPOSITIONwith與⋯混合Mix yellow with blue to make green.把黃色和藍色混合調成綠色。PHRASESmix and match, pick and mix (BrE) (= combine things in different ways for different purposes) 混合搭配You can mix and match courses to suit your requirements.你可以根據需要選配課程。


2meet people交往;相處ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBeasily, well容易相處;相處得好a child who mixes well at school在學校很合群的孩子freely自由地交往Different races mixed freely at dance halls and clubs.不同種族的人在舞廳和俱樂部自由地交往。happily愉快地相處socially進行社交They worked together and often mixed socially.他們在一起工作,經常聚在一起。PREPOSITIONwith與⋯交往She mixed happily with the other children.她與其他孩子相處得很融洽。
BNC: 2156 COCA: 1759
mix verb
mix (mix ingredients/colours) match2 (Children and fireworks don't mix.)
mix noun
combination (a good social mix) mixture (a cake mix)


 See also the entries for combine and stir 另见combine条和stir条mix ♦︎ mingle ♦︎ blendThese words all refer to substances, qualities, ideas or feelings combining or being combined. 这些词均表示混合、掺和、融合在一起。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to mix / mingle / blend (sth) with sthto mix / mingle / blend sth into sthto mix / mingle / blend sth togetherto mix / blend sth into mix / mingle / blend flavoursto mix / blend colours / ingredientsmixed / mingled feelingsto mix / blend sth thoroughly / well / gently mix [transitive, intransitive] to combine two or more substances, qualities, ideas or feelings, usually in a way that means they cannot easily be separated; (of substances, qualities or feelings) to be combined in this way 使(两种或以上物质、品质、想法或情感)混合;(物质、品质或情感)交融,掺和,融合Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.把所有的配料放在碗里拌一下。If you mix blue and yellow, you get green.蓝色和黄色相混合就成了绿色。Oil and water do not mix.油和水不相融。Grief mixed with fear and rage as the people surveyed the ruins of their homes.人们查看家园的废墟时,悲伤的心情中混杂着恐惧和愤怒。I don't like to mix business with pleasure (= combine social events with doing business).我不喜欢将社交活动同做生意搅在一块。 see also mixture , mix combination mingle [intransitive, transitive] (written) to combine or be combined 使混合;交融;融合The sounds of laughter and singing mingled in the evening air.笑声和歌声交织在夜空中。He felt a kind of happiness mingled with regret.他感到既高兴又遗憾。Mingle can be used to talk about sounds, colours, feelings, ideas, qualities or substances. It is used in written English to talk about how a scene or event appears to sb or how they experience it. * mingle可指声音、颜色、情感、想法、品质或物质等融合在一起。在书面语中,该词可用以描述对某一场景或事件的感受或经历。 blend [transitive, intransitive] to mix two or more substances or flavours together; (of substances or flavours) to be mixed together 使(两种或以上物质或味道)混合;(物质或味道)交融,掺和,融合Blend the flour with the milk to make a smooth paste.把面粉和牛奶调成均匀的面糊。Blend together the eggs, sugar and flour.把鸡蛋、糖和面粉和在一起。This process allows the flavours to blend together.这道工序使得各种味道相互交融。 see also blend combination noun NOTE 辨析 Mix or blend?If you blend things when you are cooking you usually combine them more completely than if you just mix them. * blend通常表示烹饪时把各种食材完全混和到一起,相互融合的程度要高于mix。
BNC: 2156 COCA: 1759
To combine things, or to combine well: combine, complement, harmonize...
Playing, performing and arranging music: accompany, arrange, articulation...
Mixtures and combinations: mixture, blend, combination...
The process of mixing or combining: fusion, cohesion, combination...
Pieces of music: adagio, air, allegro...

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