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IELTS BNC: 1002 COCA: 1289
tekst tɛkst
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense texts, present participle texting, past tense , past participle texted
1 N-SING (书籍的)正文,文字部分 The text of a book is the main part of it, rather than the introduction, pictures, or notes. (书籍的)正文,文字部分
  • The text is precise and informative.


2 N-UNCOUNT 书面材料;文字材料 Text is any written material. 书面材料;文字材料
  • The machine can recognise handwritten characters and turn them into printed text.


  • A CD-ROM can store more than 250,000 pages of typed text.


SYN words, wording
3 N-COUNT [usually singular] (讲演、广播、录音的)文字稿,原稿 The text of a speech, broadcast, or recording is the written version of it. (讲演、广播、录音的)文字稿,原稿
  • A spokesman said a text of Dr Runcie's speech had been circulated to all of the bishops. [+ of]


4 N-COUNT (尤指科学或学术方面的)文献,文本 A text is a book or other piece of writing, especially one connected with science or learning. (尤指科学或学术方面的)文献,文本
  • Her text is believed to be the oldest surviving manuscript by a female physician.


5 N-COUNT (尤指学校课堂使用的)课文,课文录音;(考卷上的)选文,录音材料 A text is a written or spoken passage, especially one that is used in a school or university for discussion or in an examination. (尤指学校课堂使用的)课文,课文录音;(考卷上的)选文,录音材料
  • I'll read the text aloud first.


  • His early plays are set texts in universities.


6 N-COUNT text message A text is the same as a text message . text message
  • I borrowed my wife's mobile phone last week and a text arrived from another man.


7 VERB 发送(手机)短信 If you text someone, you send them a text message on a mobile phone. 发送(手机)短信
  • Mary texted me when she got home. [VERB noun]


SYN text message, SMS, MMS, sext
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IELTS BNC: 1002 COCA: 1289


1written words書面文字;文本ADJECTIVE | ... OF TEXT | VERB + TEXT | TEXT + VERB | TEXT + NOUN ADJECTIVEcomplete, full完整的文本;全文The newspaper printed the full text of the interview.報紙刊登了採訪的全文。draft草稿final終稿original原文main正文The illustrations are printed separately from the main text.插圖與正文是分別印刷的。accompanying附帶文字The catalogue consists of reproductions of the paintings with accompanying text.目錄冊包括翻印的繪畫作品並配有文字說明。electronic, handwritten, printed, written電子/手寫/印刷/書面文本plain (computing計算機) 純文本Save the file in plain text format.以純文本格式保存文件。... OF TEXTblock, body, chunk, line, page, piece, portion一塊/一段/一大段/一行/一頁/一篇/一部份文字Hand symbols in the main body of the text cross-refer the reader to the appendices.正文中的手形符號是提示讀者參見附錄。Use the mouse to move chunks of text from place to place.用鼠標將大段文字變換位置。VERB + TEXTcreate, produce, provide, write創作/製作/提供/書寫文本edit編輯文本highlight高亮顯示文本cut, delete刪節/刪除文本insert, move, paste插入/移動/粘貼文本scan, scan in掃描/掃描輸入文本handle, manipulate, process處理文本computer programs that process text處理文本的計算機程序set排印文本print打印文本publish發表文稿post張貼文稿I posted the full text for free on my site.我把全文免費張貼在我的網站上。read閱讀文稿transcribe抄錄文稿translate翻譯文稿TEXT + VERBaccompany文本伴隨The photographs are accompanied by text.這些照片附有文字說明。TEXT + NOUNfile文本文件The program allows you to import text files.這個程序允許導入文本文件。editor文本編輯程序one of the best HTML text editors available現有最優秀的超文本標記語言文本編輯程序之一message, messaging (usually text-messaging) 手機短信;短信收發The text message just said 'Hope 2CU@the party'.短信只是說“ Hope 2CU @ the party ”(希望在聚會上見到你)。box文本框When you point at the icon, a small text box appears.你指向圖標時會出現一個小文本框。 topic at computer


2book or piece of writing to be studied課本;課文ADJECTIVE | VERB + TEXT | TEXT + VERB | TEXT + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbasic, introductory基礎/入門課本key, main, primary, standard重點/主要/初級/標準課本canonical, classic經典課本authoritative, influential權威/有影響力的課本ancient, classical古老的/經典的課本explanatory解釋性課文primary, secondary初級/中級課本The book exhibits a close reading of primary texts as well as scholarly commentaries.該書顯示出對原始文本的仔細研讀和精深評論。recommended, set (especially BrE) 推薦/必讀課本Her books appear on lists of recommended texts in universities.她的幾本書出現在大學推薦課本書目上。'Antony and Cleopatra' was one of our set texts for A level.《安東尼和克婁巴特拉》是高級證書考試必讀書目之一。prepared準備好的文章He stood up and began reading from a prepared text.他站起來開始朗讀預先準備的文章。academic, biblical, dramatic, historical, legal, literary, poetic, religious, sacred, scientific, etc.學術、《聖經》類、戲劇、歷史、法律、文學、詩歌、宗教、宗教教義類、科學等文章We're studying dramatic texts by Mexican playwrights.我們正在研究墨西哥劇作家的劇本。biology, mathematics, etc.生物、數學等課本VERB + TEXTread, read from讀課文;從課本讀到analyse/analyze, deconstruct, interpret, study分析/解構/闡釋/研究文本understand理解課文annotate給課文做註釋TEXT + VERBcontain sth, describe sth, emphasize sth, indicate sth, provide sth, reveal sth, suggest sth文本包含⋯/描述⋯/強調⋯/表明⋯/提供⋯/揭示⋯/建議⋯The ancient text describes the food of the Egyptian army.古文本描述了埃及軍隊的食物。TEXT + NOUNanalysis文本分析PREPOSITIONin a/the text在文本中We discussed the use of metaphor in the text.我們討論了文本中隱喻的使用。text about, text on關於⋯的文章a poetic text about growing up in the South一篇描寫在南方成長的詩文
IELTS BNC: 1002 COCA: 1289
text noun
book (a literary text) letter (send sb a text) literature (printed text) script (the text of a speech)
IELTS BNC: 1002 COCA: 1289
Formal and academic pieces of writing: thesis, dissertation, essay...
Parts of courses of study: assignment, clinic, coursework...
The Christian Bible: bible, biblical, Epistle...
Types of published book: almanac, annual, anthology...

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