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θɔːt θɔt
Word forms: plural thoughts
1 Thought is the past tense and past participle of think .
2 N-COUNT [NOUN that] 念头;想法;主意 A thought is an idea that you have in your mind. 念头;想法;主意
  • The thought of Nick made her throat tighten. [+ of]


  • I tormented myself with the thought that life was just too comfortable.


  • He pushed the thought from his mind.


  • I've just had a thought.


3 N-PLURAL [usually poss NOUN] 心思;思想 A person's thoughts are their mind, or all the ideas in their mind when they are concentrating on one particular thing. 心思;思想
  • I jumped to my feet so my thoughts wouldn't start to wander.


  • Usually at this time our thoughts are on Christmas.


  • If he wasn't there physically, he was always in her thoughts.


4 N-PLURAL [oft poss NOUN] (关于具体问题的)观点,看法 A person's thoughts are their opinions on a particular subject. (关于具体问题的)观点,看法 [Also + about]
  • Many of you have written to us to express your thoughts on the conflict. [+ on]


  • Mr Goodman, do you have any thoughts on that? [+ on]


5 N-UNCOUNT 斟酌;沉思 Thought is the activity of thinking, especially deeply, carefully, or logically. 斟酌;沉思
  • Alice had been so deep in thought that she had walked past her car without even seeing it.


  • He had given some thought to what she had told him.


  • After much thought I decided to end my marriage.


  • ...the differences between his thought processes and ours.


6 N-COUNT 意图;希望;理由 A thought is an intention, hope, or reason for doing something. 意图;希望;理由
  • Sarah's first thought was to run back and get Max.


  • They had no thought of surrender. [+ of]


  • Morris has now banished all thoughts of retirement.


7 N-SING [oft adjective NOUN] 关心,善意,帮助(尤用于感谢或表达钦佩之情) A thought is an act of kindness or an offer of help; used especially when you are thanking someone, or expressing admiration of someone. 关心,善意,帮助(尤用于感谢或表达钦佩之情)
  • 'Would you like to move into the ward?' — 'A kind thought, but no, thank you.'


  • 'She has given them this seven hundred pounds.' — 'What a lovely thought.'

    她给了他们这 700 英镑。”—“太慷慨了。

8 N-UNCOUNT (宗教、哲学、科学、政党等的)思想体系,观念体系 Thought is the group of ideas and beliefs which belongs, for example, to a particular religion, philosophy, science, or political party. (宗教、哲学、科学、政党等的)思想体系,观念体系
  • Aristotle's scientific theories dominated Western thought for fifteen hundred years.

    亚里士多德的科学理论统治了西方思想达 1,500 年。

  • This school of thought argues that depression is best treated by drugs.


9 See also: second thought 
Thought flies and words go on foot Julien Green Journal
Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is perilous Confucius Analects
Trends of thought
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See also: think



1sth that you think想法ADJECTIVE | VERB + THOUGHT | THOUGHT + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcomforting, good, happy, pleasant, positive令人寬慰的想法;好主意;令人高興的想法;積極的想法It was a comforting thought that at least her father hadn't suffered.令人寬慰的是,至少她爸爸沒有遭受痛苦。Before going on stage, I breathe deeply and think positive thoughts.上台之前,我會做深呼吸,頭腦裏只想正面的東西。anxious, awful, bad, black, dark, depressing, disturbing, evil, gloomy, horrible, negative, sad, scary, sobering, terrible不安的/可怕的/不好的/悲觀的/陰鬱的/令人沮喪的/令人煩惱的/邪惡的/憂鬱的/恐怖的/消極的/悲哀的/嚇人的/令人警醒的/駭人的想法A disturbing thought suddenly struck me.我的腦中突然冒出了一個令人不安的念頭。confused, crazy, strange混亂的/瘋狂的/奇怪的想法interesting, intriguing有趣的/令人着迷的想法original新穎的想法This is hardly an original thought.這很難說是一個新穎的想法。first, immediate, initial第一個念頭;最直接的念頭;最初的想法My immediate thought was that he must be joking.我的第一個念頭就是他一定是在開玩笑。final最終的想法Do you have any final thoughts?你有什麼最終的想法嗎?sudden突然的想法random隨機的想法Let me share a few random thoughts with you.讓我跟你分享一些隨機的想法。fleeting, passing一閃而過的想法;閃現的念頭intrusive侵入性思想suicidal自殺念頭patients that are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts為抑鬱和自殺念頭所苦的患者conscious有意識的思想unspoken未說出口的想法waking清醒時的思想She occupied all his waking thoughts.他只要醒着滿腦子想的都是她。inner, innermost, private內心的/內心最深處的/私下的想法VERB + THOUGHThave, think有想法;想出主意I've just had a thought (= an idea).我剛剛有了個想法。He remained aloof, thinking his own thoughts.他始終落落寡合,一心想着自己的事。have, hear, know聽取/瞭解/知道意見Let me have your thoughts on the report.讓我聽聽你對這份報告的看法。express, share, write down表達/分享/記下想法collect, gather整理想法She paused to collect her thoughts before speaking.她停下來理了理思路,然後才發言。clear理清思路He shook his head to clear his thoughts.他搖搖頭,清理一下自己的思緒。read看穿心思She often seems to know what I'm thinking, as though she can read my thoughts.她經常似乎知道我在想什麼,好像她能讀懂我的心思一樣。interrupt打斷想法brush aside, brush away, push aside, push away, push from your mind, push out of your mind撇開想法;擱置想法;排除想法;驅除想法An image of his boss came into his mind, but he brushed the thought aside.老闆的形象闖入他的腦海,但他將其拂去。dread, not be able to bear, not like, not relish害怕想法;不能忍受想法;不喜歡想法She said she couldn't bear the thought of living alone in the house.她說一想到獨自住在這棟房子裏,她就受不了。I don't like the thought of you walking home alone.我不想讓你獨自步行回家。THOUGHT + VERBcome into sb's head, come into sb's mind, come to sb, cross sb's mind, enter sb's head, enter sb's mind, hit sb, occur to sb, pop into sb's head, pop into sb's mind, strike sb想法進入某人腦海;想法掠過某人腦際;想法閃現在某人腦子裏The thought crossed my mind that Jim might know the answer.我腦海中閃過一個想法:吉姆也許知道答案。Such a thought never entered my head.這樣的念頭從未進入過我的腦海。flash through sb's mind, go through sb's mind, pass through sb's mind, race through sb's mind, run through sb's mind想法閃過某人心頭;想法進入某人腦海All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind.各種各樣的想法閃過我的腦海。sb's thoughts turn to sth某人的思緒轉向⋯My thoughts turned to home.我的思緒轉到了家裏。sb's thoughts drift back to某人的思緒不知不覺回到⋯Her thoughts drifted back to that night.她的思緒不知不覺回到了那個夜晚。PREPOSITIONthought about有關⋯的想法He lay there thinking gloomy thoughts about life and death.他躺在那兒,想着那些與生死有關的陰鬱問題。thought of⋯這個想法He shuddered at the thought of going to the dentist.想到要去看牙,他打了一個寒戰。thought on對⋯的想法They asked him what his thoughts were on the government's announcement.他們問他怎麼看待政府的聲明。PHRASESjust a thought不過一個想法Would Mark be able to help? It's just a thought.馬克能幫忙嗎?就這麼一想而已。keep your thoughts to yourself把想法悶在心裏He's not the kind of man to keep his thoughts to himself.他不是那種把想法悶在自己心裏的人。the mere thought of sth, the very thought of sth只要想到⋯;一想到⋯The mere thought of lice makes my head itch.只要想到虱子我就頭皮發癢。


2process/act of thinking思想活動ADJECTIVE | VERB + THOUGHT | THOUGHT + VERB | THOUGHT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcareful, proper, serious認真的思考;妥善的考慮You should give the offer serious thought.你應該認真考慮一下這個提議。deep, profound深思;深刻的思考She is known for her deep thought and intellectual ways.她的深思熟慮和理智處事是出了名的。little很少思考He gave little thought to the impact of his actions on his family.他很少考慮自己的行為對家人的影響。coherent條理清晰的思考He was so upset, he was incapable of coherent thought.他心煩意亂,無法有條理地思考問題。logical, rational邏輯/理性思考analytical, critical分析性的/批判性的思考abstract抽象的思考creative創造性的思考free, independent, original自由的/獨立的/有創見的思考conscious有意識的思考My job is so repetitive, it does not require much conscious thought.我的工作重複性很強,不需要多少有意識的思考。fresh新的思考We have to give the matter fresh thought.我們必須重新思考這個問題。second再考慮I accepted the offer without a second thought.我沒有細想就接受了報價。VERB + THOUGHTgive sb/sth, spare (sb)考慮⋯;撥冗考慮(某人)I've given the matter careful thought.我仔細考慮過此事了。Don't give it another thought (= to tell sb not to worry after they have said they are sorry).別多想了。Spare a thought for us-we'll be working through the night to finish the report.替我們想想吧 - 我們得幹個通宵來完成這份報告。direct, turn把思緒轉向⋯I tried to turn my thoughts to pleasanter things.我努力讓自己想些高興點兒的事。provoke引起思考The article was intended to provoke thought.這篇文章的用意是引發人們思考。be deep in, be lost in陷入深思;陷入沉思She was deep in thought and didn't hear me call her.她陷入沉思之中,沒有聽到我叫她。THOUGHT + VERBgo into sth思想投入⋯Not enough thought has gone into this essay.寫這篇文章時思考得不夠。THOUGHT + NOUNpattern, process思維模式;思考過程I couldn't see what thought processes led him to that conclusion.我不明白什麼樣的思考過程讓他得出那樣的結論。experiment思想實驗A simple thought experiment may serve to illustrate my point.一個簡單的思想實驗就可以說明我的觀點。bubble思想泡泡I can see the comic thought bubble forming over your head.我看得到你頭頂冒出漫畫思想泡泡。PREPOSITIONwithout thought未經思考They had acted rashly, without thought.他們未經考慮就輕率行動了。PHRASESafter a moment's thought在短暫的思考後After a moment's thought, I accepted his offer.經過短暫的考慮,我接受了他的提議。freedom of thought思想自由The constitution guarantees freedom of thought and belief.憲法保障人們有思想和信仰自由。a line of thought, a mode of thought, a train of thought思路;思維方式;思考脈絡That line of thought can only lead to one conclusion.那樣的思路只能得出一個結論。He hesitated, as though he had lost his train of thought.他猶豫不決,好像沒了思路。with no thought for sth沒有考慮⋯He ran into the burning house with no thought for his own life.他不顧個人安危,衝進着火的房子。


3ideas觀點ADJECTIVE | THOUGHT + NOUN | PHRASES ADJECTIVEmodern現代思想19th-century, etc. * 19 世紀等思想Eastern, Western東方/西方思想intellectual, philosophical, religious, scientific知識/哲學/宗教/科學思想economic, political經濟/政治思想Christian, feminist, liberal, socialist, etc.基督教、女權主義、自由主義、社會主義等思想THOUGHT + NOUNcrime (figurative) 思想罪police (figurative) (鎮壓思想自由的)思想警察They accused their opponents of being 'politically correct thought police'.他們指責對手是“政治上正確的思想警察”。PHRASESa school of thought思想流派They belong to different schools of thought.他們分屬不同的學派。a strand of thought思想分支three different strands of scientific thought科學思想的三個不同分支


4kindness好意ADJECTIVEkind, nice好意;善意Thank you for the flowers-it was a very kind thought.謝謝你送的花 - 你想得太貼心了。
thought noun
consideration (lost in thought) idea1 (I've just had a thought.) reasoning (feminist thought) second thoughts doubt2
Thoughts, ideas and beliefs: thought, idea, belief...
Careful thought: thought, consideration, assessment...
Opinions and attitudes: opinion, attitude, view...
Feelings of want and desire: desire, wish, urge...
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