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IELTS BNC: 626 COCA: 562
pɪktʃəʳ ˈpɪktʃər
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense pictures, present participle picturing, past tense , past participle pictured
1 N-COUNT 图画;绘画;图片 A picture consists of lines and shapes which are drawn, painted, or printed on a surface and show a person, thing, or scene. 图画;绘画;图片
  • A picture of Rory O'Moore hangs in the dining room at Kildangan. [+ of]


  • ...drawing a small picture with coloured chalks.


2 N-COUNT 照片 A picture is a photograph. 照片
  • The tourists have nothing to do but take pictures of each other. [+ of]


  • The Observer carries a big front-page picture of rioters in a litter-strewn street.


3 N-COUNT [usually plural] (电视)图像,画面 Television pictures are the scenes which you see on a television screen. (电视)图像,画面
  • ...heartrending television pictures of human suffering. [+ of]


4 VERB [usually passive] (在报纸、杂志等上)登载的照片(或图片) To be pictured somewhere, for example in a newspaper or magazine, means to appear in a photograph or picture. (在报纸、杂志等上)登载的照片(或图片)
  • The golfer is pictured on many of the front pages, kissing his trophy as he holds it aloft. [be VERB-ed]


  • ...a woman who claimed she had been pictured dancing with a celebrity in Stringfellows nightclub. [be V-ed v-ing]


  • The rattan and wrought-iron chair pictured here costs £125. [VERB-ed]


5 N-COUNT 影片;电影 You can refer to a film as a picture . 影片;电影
  • Warner Communications Inc. has refused to distribute the picture in the United States.


  • ...a director of epic action pictures.


SYN film, movie [US , informal] , flick [slang] , feature film
6 N-PLURAL 电影院 If you go to the pictures, you go to a cinema to see a film. 电影院 [British]
  • We're going to the pictures tonight.


  • I'd rather see it at the pictures than on video anyway.


in AM, use 美国英语用 the movies
7 N-COUNT 想象;印象;心中的形象;头脑中的情景 If you have a picture of something in your mind, you have a clear idea or memory of it in your mind as if you were actually seeing it. 想象;印象;心中的形象;头脑中的情景
  • They have in their mind a picture of what an alcoholic should look like.


  • We are just trying to get our picture of the whole afternoon straight. [+ of]


  • I tried to put the picture from my mind.


8 VERB 想象;设想 If you picture something in your mind, you think of it and have such a clear memory or idea of it that you seem to be able to see it. 想象;设想 [Also V n adj]
  • He pictured her with long black braided hair. [VERB noun prep.]


  • I never would have pictured this as her home. [VERB noun prep.]


  • He pictured Claire sitting out in the car, waiting for him. [VERB noun verb-ing]


  • She pictured herself working with animals. [V n -ing]


  • I tried to picture the place, but could not. [VERB noun]


9 N-COUNT [usually singular] 描述;描绘;写照 A picture of something is a description of it or an indication of what it is like. 描述;描绘;写照
  • I'll try and give you a better picture of what the boys do. [+ of]


  • Her book paints a bleak picture of the problems women now face.


  • From the files that have now been released, a truer picture emerges.


10 N-SING 事态;情况;局面 When you refer to the picture in a particular place, you are referring to the situation there. 事态;情况;局面
  • But as with other charitable bodies, these figures mask the true picture.


  • It's a similar picture across the border in Ethiopia.


SYN situation, case, set of circumstances, scenario
11 PHRASE (尤指通过他人描述)弄明白情况,了解情形 If you get the picture, you understand the situation, especially one which someone is describing to you. (尤指通过他人描述)弄明白情况,了解情形
  • Luke never tells you the whole story, but you always get the picture.


SYN understand, follow, catch on [informal] , get the message [informal]
12 PHRASE 牵涉其中/不涉其中;在局内/在局外 If you say that someone is in the picture, you mean that they are involved in the situation that you are talking about. If you say that they are out of the picture, you mean that they are not involved in the situation. 牵涉其中/不涉其中;在局内/在局外
  • Meyerson is back in the picture after disappearing in July.


  • Sometimes security was so tight that people who might have had something important to offer were left out of the picture.


13 PHRASE (形容模样)健康的化身/痛苦的典型 You use picture to describe what someone looks like. For example, if you say that someone is a picture of health or the picture of misery, you mean that they look extremely healthy or extremely miserable. (形容模样)健康的化身/痛苦的典型
  • We found her standing on a chair, the picture of terror, screaming hysterically. [+ of]


14 PHRASE 使了解内情;向介绍情况 If you put someone in the picture, you tell them about a situation which they need to know about. 使了解内情;向介绍情况
  • Has Inspector Fayard put you in the picture?


One picture is worth ten thousand words Frederick R. Barnard Printers' Ink
ThesaurusWord PartnershipWord Link
Thesauruspicture Also look up:

drawing, illustration, image, painting 1

photograph 2


envision, imagine, visualize 8

Word PartnershipUse picture with:

pretty as a picture 1

mental picture 7

clear picture 7 9

accurate picture, complete picture, different picture, larger picture, overall picture, vivid picture, whole picture 7 8 9 10

the big picture 9

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IELTS BNC: 626 COCA: 562


1painting/drawing/photograph繪畫;照片ADJECTIVE | VERB + PICTURE | PICTURE + VERB | PICTURE + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbeautiful, lovely, pretty, striking, stunning, wonderful漂亮的畫;引人注目的照片;絕妙的畫blurred, blurry, fuzzy, grainy模糊不清的照片;有顆粒感的照片black-and-white, colour/color黑白/彩色照片digital數碼照片baby, family嬰兒/家庭圖片school (especially NAmE) (usually school photograph in BrE) 學校圖片holiday, vacation, wedding假期/度假/婚禮照片naked, nude裸體照片VERB + PICTUREdraw, paint畫圖;(用顏料)繪畫compose構圖colour/color給照片着色The book has simple stories and pictures to colour / color.這本書有些小故事和可以上色的圖片。frame, hang給畫裝框;掛畫display, exhibit, show展出畫作pose for, sit for擺好姿勢以便畫像/拍照get, snap, take拍照;拍快照I got some good pictures of the procession.我拍了一些挺不錯的遊行照片。print打印圖片email sb, send sb用電子郵件向某人發送圖片;給某人發送圖片download, upload下載/上傳圖片PICTURE + VERBdepict sth, show sth圖畫描繪⋯;照片展示⋯hang畫作掛着PICTURE + NOUNframe畫框book, postcard圖畫書;美術明信片gallery畫廊hook, rail (both especially BrE) 掛圖鈎;掛鏡線editor美術編輯PREPOSITIONin a/the picture在照片裏;在圖畫中I can't see you in the picture.我在照片裏看不見您。The story is told in pictures.這個故事是以圖畫的形式講述的。picture of⋯的圖畫It's a picture of the Grand Canyon.這是一幅大峽谷的照片。 note at art


2pictures on TV, in films/movies, etc.電視;電影ADJECTIVEmoving電影live, satellite, television現場直播/衞星/電視畫面


3description; mental image印象ADJECTIVE | VERB + PICTURE | PICTURE + VERB ADJECTIVEcompelling, dramatic, vivid引人入勝的/戲劇性的/生動的畫面The book gives a vivid picture of life in modern Japan.這本書生動地描繪了現代日本的生活。clear清晰的印象pretty漂亮的畫面He didn't paint a very pretty picture of city life.他沒有把城市生活的畫面描繪得很美好。complete, comprehensive, full, general, overall, total, whole完整的描繪;全景;概況;總體印象The documentary didn't give the full picture.這部紀錄片沒有展現出全貌。big大圖景Because she's not involved, she can see the bigger picture.因為她是局外人,所以視角更寬廣。incomplete不完整的畫面broad大致的印象My visits enabled me to build up a broad picture of the culture.參觀遊覽使我對這種文化有了大致的瞭解。composite合成的圖片a composite picture of life a hundred years ago100 年前生活的合成畫面accurate, balanced, realistic, true準確無誤的印象;各方兼顧的描述;現實的寫照;真實的寫照false, misleading錯誤的印象;使人產生誤解的描繪idealized, optimistic, rosy理想化的情景;樂觀的描繪;美好的描繪bleak, dismal, gloomy, grim暗淡的景象;令人沮喪的景象;悲觀的描述;負面的描述The report paints a dismal picture of the government's economic record.報告描繪了該政府慘淡的經濟業績。distorted歪曲的描繪confusing令人感到困惑的描繪detailed詳細的描繪complex, complicated複雜的情況disturbing令人不安的景象mental腦海中的景象I tried to form a mental picture of the building being described.我努力在腦海中勾畫出所描述的建築物的樣子。VERB + PICTUREbuild, build up, construct, create, develop, establish, form, gain, get, obtain, put together建構情景;形成印象;得出印象;整理出情景They're trying to build up a detailed picture of the incident.他們正盡力建構出事件的詳細情況。give (sb), paint, present, project, reveal描繪出情景;展現出景象;確立⋯印象The figures reveal a disturbing picture of the state of our schools.這些數字顯示了我們學校令人擔憂的現狀。complete使描述完整conjure, conjure up使情景浮現於腦際The smell of the sea conjures up pictures of my youth.大海的氣味使我想起年輕時的情景。PICTURE + VERBemerge情景浮現What emerges is a complex picture of family rivalry.家庭成員間勾心鬥角的複雜情況浮現出來。


4film/movie電影ADJECTIVE | VERB + PICTURE | PICTURE + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEmotion (especially NAmE) 電影action動作片great, major (NAmE) 了不起的電影;大片best最佳影片the award for best picture最佳影片獎VERB + PICTUREdirect, make導演/製作影片release發佈影片PICTURE + VERBstar sb影片由某人主演a major motion picture starring Brent Everett布倫特・埃弗里特主演的一部大片PREPOSITIONin pictures (NAmE, old-fashioned) 在電影圈I believe her husband's in pictures (= he acts in movies or works in the industry).我相信她丈夫在電影圈。
IELTS BNC: 626 COCA: 562
picture verb
picture noun
picture (draw a picture) description (paint a gloomy picture of the economy) idea1 (a sudden mental picture) photograph (take a picture)


 See also the entry for photograph 另见photograph条picture ♦︎ painting ♦︎ drawing ♦︎ portrait ♦︎ graphics ♦︎ print ♦︎ sketch ♦︎ image ♦︎ artwork ♦︎ cartoonThese are all words for a scene, person or thing that has been represented on paper by drawing, painting, etc. 这些词均表示图画、绘画。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to draw a picture / portrait / sketch / cartoonto paint a picture / portraitto make a painting / a drawing / a portrait / a print / a sketch / an imageto do a painting / drawing / portrait / sketchto show / display / exhibit a picture / painting / drawing / portrait / printto frame / hang a picture / painting / portrait / printa picture / painting / drawing / portrait / print / sketch / cartoon shows sb / sth picture [countable] a scene, person or thing that has been represented on paper using a pencil, a pen or paint (用铅笔、钢笔或颜料绘成的)图画,绘画The children were drawing pictures of their pets.孩子们在画他们的宠物。She got a famous artist to paint her picture (= a picture of herself).她请了一位名画家为自己画像。He likes books with lots of pictures in them.他喜欢看有大量插图的书。 see also illustration diagram painting [countable] a picture that has been made using paint 绘画;油画a collection of paintings by American artists美国画家绘画作品集cave paintings洞穴里的壁画 see also paint draw verb drawing [countable] a picture that has been made using a pencil or pen, not paint (铅笔或钢笔)画;素描画a pencil / charcoal drawing铅笔画;炭笔画a drawing by Paul Klee保罗•克利的画He did a drawing of a yacht.他画了一条帆船。 see also draw draw verb portrait ˈpɔːtreɪt, ˈpɔːtrət; NAmE ˈpɔːrtrət [countable] a painting, drawing or photograph of a person, especially of the head and shoulders 肖像;半身像;半身照Vermeer's 'Portrait of the artist in his studio'弗美尔的《画室里的艺术家肖像》She had her portrait painted.她让人给她画了一幅画像。a self-portrait (= a painting that you do of yourself) in pen and ink用钢笔和墨水画的自画像a portrait painter肖像画家 see also portrait description graphics ˈgræfɪks [plural] designs or pictures that are used in the production of books and magazines and on television and computer screens (书、杂志、电视或电脑屏幕上的)图案,绘图,图像computer graphics电脑图像Text and graphics are prepared separately and then combined.文本和绘图分别制作后再排在一起。 print [countable] a picture that has been copied from a painting using photography (用照相制版法制作的)绘画复制品a Renoir print一幅雷诺阿油画的复制品a framed set of prints一组镶框的复制画 see also print photograph sketch [countable] a simple picture that is drawn quickly and does not have many details 素描;速写;草图I usually do a few very rough sketches before I start on a painting.我通常在开始作画前先打几个很粗略的草图。He drew me a quick sketch.他为我画了张素描。 see also sketch draw verb image [countable] (formal) a copy of sb/sth in the form of a picture or statue 画像;雕像;塑像Images of deer and hunters decorate the cave walls.洞穴壁上装饰着鹿和猎人的画像。a wooden image of the Hindu god Ganesh印度教神灵象头神的木雕像An image can also be a picture of sb/sth seen on a television or computer screen. * image也可以指电视或电脑屏幕上的影像、图像。 see also image image artwork ˈɑːtwɜːk; NAmE ˈɑːrtwɜːrk [uncountable] pictures that are prepared for books, advertisements and magazines (书刊或广告上的)插图,图片Can you let me have the finished artwork by Friday?你能在星期五前做完插图给我吗?NOTE 辨析 Graphics or artwork? Artwork places more emphasis on the process of producing the picture (for example by painting or drawing); graphics places more emphasis on the finished items. Artwork is pictures or photographs; graphics can also be designs, diagrams or tables. * artwork较强调绘图或画图的过程,而graphics较强调成品本身。artwork是图片或照片,graphics也可以是设计图、图表或表格。 cartoon kɑːˈtuːn; NAmE kɑːrˈtuːn [countable] an amusing drawing in a newspaper or magazine, especially one about politics or events in the news (报刊中尤与政治或时事有关的)漫画,讽刺画a political cartoon政治漫画A cartoon is also a series of drawings that tell a story. * cartoon也指连环画或动画片a strip cartoon连环漫画a full-length Disney cartoon一部迪斯尼动画片的完整版
IELTS BNC: 626 COCA: 562
Thoughts, ideas and beliefs: thought, idea, belief...
Descriptions and stories: description, story, picture...
Films and types of film: animation, anime, biopic...

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