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BNC: 3382 COCA: 4299
spel spɛl
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense spells, present participle spelling, past tense , past participle spelled, past tense , past participle spelt
American English uses the form spelled as the past tense and past participle. British English uses either spelled or spelt. 美国英语中过去式和过去分词为 spelled,英国英语中则既可用 spelled,也可用 spelt
1 VERB 拼写;拼读 When you spell a word, you write or speak each letter in the word in the correct order. 拼写;拼读
  • He gave his name and then helpfully spelt it. [VERB noun]


  • How do you spell 'potato'?. [VERB noun]

    potato 这个词怎么拼写?

  • 'Tang' is 'Gnat' spelt backwards. [VERB-ed]


Spell out means the same as spell .spell out spell
  • If I don't know a word, I ask them to spell it out for me.


  • I never have to spell out my first name.


2 VERB [no cont] ()拼写(单词) Someone who can spell knows the correct order of letters in words. ()拼写(单词)
  • It's shocking how students can't spell these days. [VERB]


  • You accused me of inaccuracy yet you can't spell 'Middlesex'. [VERB noun]


3 VERB [no cont] 意味着,招致(常常是不愉快的结果) If something spells a particular result, often an unpleasant one, it suggests that this will be the result. 意味着,招致(常常是不愉快的结果)
  • If the irrigation plan goes ahead, it could spell disaster for the birds. [VERB noun]


  • A report has just arrived on government desks which spells more trouble. [VERB noun]


4 N-COUNT (某种活动、天气等的)一段短暂时间,一阵 A spell of a particular type of weather or a particular activity is a short period of time during which this type of weather or activity occurs. (某种活动、天气等的)一段短暂时间,一阵
  • There has been a long spell of dry weather. [+ of]


  • You join a barrister for two six-month spells of practical experience. [+ of]

    你跟着一位出庭律师进行两期为时 6 个月的实习工作。

  • ...sunny spells.


5 N-COUNT 魔法;妖术 A spell is a situation in which events are controlled by a magical power. 魔法;妖术
  • They say she died after a witch cast a spell on her.


  • ...the kiss that will break the spell.


6 See also: spelling 
7 PHRASE [VERB inflects, usu PHR on/over n] 吸引;迷住 If something or someone casts their spell on you or casts a spell on you, you are fascinated or charmed by them. 吸引;迷住
  • For many years sundials have cast their spell over scientists and mathematicians.


  • People said he was able to cast a spell on the public.


8 PHRASE [NOUN inflects, PHRASE after verb, verb-link PHRASE] 迷住 If you are under someone's spell, you are so fascinated by them that you cannot think about anything else. 迷住
  • Even sensible Frank had fallen under her spell.


Phrasal verbs:
spell out
ThesaurusWord Partnership
Thesaurusspell Also look up:

period, phase 4

Word PartnershipUse spell with:

spell a name/word 1

spell the end of something, spell trouble 3


can/can't spell something 2

break a spell, cast a spell 5

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BNC: 3382 COCA: 4299


1period of time一段時間ADJECTIVE | VERB + SPELL | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElengthy, long, prolonged很長的一段時間brief, short短的時段five-minute, ten-day, etc. (especially BrE) * 5 分鐘、10 天等的時間good稱心的時期bad倒霉的時期He's going through a bit of a bad spell at the moment.他這段時間有點兒倒霉。quiet安靜的一段時間barren, lean (both especially BrE) 一無所獲的/不景氣的時期Viera ended his barren spell with a goal against Parma.維埃拉一球洞穿帕爾瑪隊大門,終於結束了他的進球荒。cold, dry, hot, mild, sunny, warm, wet一段寒冷的/乾燥的/炎熱的/溫和的/陽光明媚的/溫暖的/多雨的日子dizzy, fainting一陣頭昏/暈眩The children began having dizzy spells from hunger.孩子們餓得開始一陣陣暈眩。VERB + SPELLgo through, have經歷⋯時期PREPOSITIONduring a... spell在一段⋯時間內She managed to write a letter during a quiet spell at work.她趁上班時一段清靜的時間寫了封信。spell as (especially BrE) 作為⋯的時期He had a brief spell as ambassador to Turkey.他曾有很短一段時期擔任駐土耳其大使。PHRASESa spell of ... weather (especially BrE) 一段⋯天氣a spell of sunny weather一段陽光燦爛的時間


2magical effect魔法效力ADJECTIVE | VERB + SPELL | SPELL + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEmagic, magical魔咒powerful強大的咒語hypnotic催眠咒語the hypnotic spell of the cicadas singing in the trees林間的蟬鳴所具有的催眠魔力VERB + SPELLbe under, come under, fall under受咒語控制cast, perform, put, weave施咒The witch cast a spell on them.女巫對他們施了咒。This place had woven its spell over them.這個地方對他們施了咒。break, remove解除咒語She uttered the magic word, and the spell was broken.她說出咒語,魔法解除了。SPELL + NOUNbook魔法書PREPOSITIONunder a/the spell受咒語控制Sleeping Beauty was under a spell when the prince found her.王子發現睡美人時,她中了魔法。under sb's spell被某人迷住The audience was completely under his spell.觀眾們完全被他迷住了。


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBcorrectly, right拼寫正確wrongly拼寫錯誤backwards/backward倒着拼寫'Nevaeh' is 'heaven' spelled backwards / backward.heaven 倒着拼便是 nevaeh。PREPOSITIONas拼寫為⋯The article spelled 'survey' as 'servay'.這篇文章把 survey 拼成了 servay。with用⋯拼寫Is 'necessary' spelled with one 's', or two?necessary 這個詞是一個 s 還是兩個 s?


spell sth outADVERBclearly清楚地說出explicitly, fully, in detail明確地/完整地/詳細地說出exactly, precisely確切地/準確地說出She spelled out precisely what she wanted.她確切地說出了她想要什麼。VERB + SPELL OUThave to, need to不得不/需要說明白PREPOSITIONfor向⋯說清楚⋯Do I really have to spell it out for you?我真的需要對你詳細解釋這件事嗎?to對⋯清楚地說明⋯His speech spelled out a clear message to the car industry.他的講話向汽車業傳達了一個明確的信息。
BNC: 3382 COCA: 4299
spell verb
spell noun
interest1 (fall under sb/sth's spell) time2 (sunny spells)
BNC: 3382 COCA: 4299
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