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TOEFL BNC: 3216 COCA: 3762
səspɪʃən səˈspɪʃən səˈspɪʃən
Word forms: plural suspicions
1 N-VAR [oft NOUN that] [under N] 怀疑;疑心 Suspicion or a suspicion is a belief or feeling that someone has committed a crime or done something wrong. 怀疑;疑心 [Also + of]
  • There was a suspicion that this runner attempted to avoid the procedures for dope testing.


  • The police said their suspicions were aroused because Mr Owens had other marks on his body.


  • Scotland Yard had assured him he was not under suspicion.


  • ... police arrested nineteen people on suspicion of drugs offences and burglary.

    警方逮捕了 19 名涉嫌毒品犯罪和入室盗窃的嫌疑犯

2 N-VAR 疑心;疑忌;猜疑 If there is suspicion of someone or something, people do not trust them or consider them to be reliable. 疑心;疑忌;猜疑
  • ...the traditional British suspicion of psychotherapy. [+ of]


  • He may have had some suspicions of Michael Foster, the editor of the journal. [+ of]


  • I was always regarded in the Army with a certain amount of suspicion because of my left-wing tendencies.


3 N-COUNT [oft NOUN that] 感觉;预感 A suspicion is a feeling that something is probably true or is likely to happen. 感觉;预感
  • I have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to succeed.


  • Astronomers will have to collect more spectra from these stars to confirm their suspicions.


4 N-SING 些许;少量;一点 A suspicion of something is a very small amount of it. 些许;少量;一点 [written]
  • ...large blooms of white with a suspicion of pale pink. [+ of]


5 to point the finger of suspicion→see: finger 
Caesar's wife should be above suspicion Julius Caesar
There is no smoke without fire Plautus Curculio
Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse suspicion with:

arouse suspicion 1

view someone/something with suspicion 2


sneaking suspicion 3

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TOEFL BNC: 3216 COCA: 3762


ADJECTIVE | ... OF SUSPICION | VERB + SUSPICION | SUSPICION + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEstrong強烈的懷疑There is strong suspicion on both sides that information is being withheld.雙方都強烈懷疑對方隱瞞信息。considerable, deep, grave, great極大的懷疑;深深的懷疑the slightest, vague輕微的/隱約的懷疑I don't think he had the slightest suspicion anything was wrong.我認為他絲毫沒懷疑會有什麼問題。dark, nagging, nasty, sneaking, terrible, worst暗地裏的/無法擺脫的/令人不快的/秘密的/可怕的/最糟的懷疑I have a nasty suspicion he's organized a surprise party for me.我有種不快的感覺,懷疑他為我組織了驚喜晚會。My worst suspicions were realized when I was fired.我被解雇了,我最壞的疑慮變成了現實。lingering揮之不去的懷疑growing越來越深的懷疑mutual相互的懷疑an atmosphere of mutual suspicion相互懷疑的氣氛false, unfounded (especially BrE) 錯誤的/無根據的懷疑Our suspicions turned out to be unfounded.結果證明我們的懷疑毫無根據。widespread廣泛的懷疑initial最初的懷疑... OF SUSPICIONdegree, level懷疑程度/水平VERB + SUSPICIONentertain, harbour/harbor, have持有懷疑;滿腹疑慮;感到懷疑We had our suspicions as to who did it.這事兒到底是誰幹的,我們有所懷疑。express, report, voice表達/提到/說出懷疑be under, come under, fall under被懷疑;受到懷疑He fell under suspicion of tax evasion.他有逃稅嫌疑。arouse, cast, cause, create, draw, fuel, give rise to, invite, raise, sow引起懷疑;引來懷疑;招致懷疑Parked vehicles that arouse suspicion should be reported to the police.發現可疑的停放車輛應報告警方。information that casts suspicion on one of the most powerful figures in the party引起對黨內一位最具權勢人物的猜疑的信息The parked car outside only served to fuel his suspicions.停在外邊的車只能引起他的懷疑。Their odd appearance invited suspicion.他們奇怪的外表招致了懷疑。avoid避免懷疑share吐露懷疑She shared her suspicions with no one but her diary.她沒有向任何人吐露自己的猜疑,只寫在日記中。confirm, heighten, justify, reinforce確認/增強/證實/加深懷疑A telephone call confirmed my worst suspicions.一個電話證明了我最壞的懷疑。allay, dispel減輕/消除懷疑She was anxious to allay any suspicion that she had married for money.她急切地想減輕人們認為她為了錢才結婚的懷疑。SUSPICION + VERBarise懷疑產生exist懷疑存在The suspicion exists that Harris is stealing money from the company safe.有人懷疑說哈里斯從公司保險箱偷錢。linger, remain懷疑繼續;懷疑依然存在grow懷疑加劇fall on sb懷疑涉及到某人Strong suspicion fell on the victim's boyfriend.重大嫌疑落在了受害人男朋友身上。PREPOSITIONabove suspicion, beyond suspicion無可懷疑They thought the teacher was beyond suspicion.他們認為那位老師沒有嫌疑。on suspicion of涉嫌⋯arrested on suspicion of bribery因涉嫌行賄受賄被捕to be arrested / detained / held / questioned on suspicion of sth因涉嫌某事而被捕/拘留/拘押/審問with suspicion懷疑地They viewed the new plan with great suspicion.他們對這個新計劃疑心很大。suspicion about, suspicion as to關於⋯的懷疑his suspicions about the candidate's background他對候選人背景的懷疑suspicion against針對⋯的懷疑Suspicions against the former leader remain.依然有人懷疑前任領導人。PHRASESthe finger of suspicion (especially BrE) 懷疑的矛頭The finger of suspicion pointed to a close friend of the victim.懷疑的矛頭指向受害者的一名密友。grounds for suspicion (BrE) 懷疑的根據The police must have reasonable grounds for suspicion before they can get a search warrant.警察必須有合理的懷疑根據才能獲得搜查證。an object of suspicion懷疑的對象Boys were an immediate object of suspicion to her.男孩子們立刻成了她的懷疑對象。under a cloud of suspicion在疑雲籠罩下He ended his athletics career under a cloud of suspicion.他在疑雲籠罩下結束了自己的運動生涯。
TOEFL BNC: 3216 COCA: 3762
suspicion noun
doubt2 (on suspicion of murder) idea2 (I had a horrible suspicion I'd got it wrong.) scepticism (Their offer was greeted with suspicion.)
TOEFL BNC: 3216 COCA: 3762
To not trust or believe someone or something: disbelieve, distrust, mistrust...
Uncertainty and being uncertain: uncertainty, doubt, reservation...

See also: have a nasty feeling/suspicion

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