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IELTS BNC: 4481 COCA: 4776
fʳ fɛə fɛr
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense fares, present participle faring, past tense , past participle fared
1 N-COUNT 旅费;路费;车费 A fare is the money that you pay for a journey that you make, for example, in a bus, train, or taxi. 旅费;路费;车费
  • He could barely afford the railway fare.


  • ...taxi fares.


SYN charge, price, ticket price, transport cost
2 N-UNCOUNT (饭店或咖啡店的)餐点,饮食,饭菜 The fare at a restaurant or caff is the type of food that is served there. (饭店或咖啡店的)餐点,饮食,饭菜 [written]
  • The fare has much improved since Hugh has taken charge of the kitchen.


  • ...traditional Portuguese fare in a traditional setting.


3 VERB 进展;进行 If you say that someone or something fares well or badly, you are referring to the degree of success they achieve in a particular situation or activity. 进展;进行
  • It is unlikely that the marine industry will fare any better in September. [VERB adv.]


  • Some later expeditions fared better, though they were no better equipped. [VERB adv.]


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IELTS BNC: 4481 COCA: 4776


1money paid to travel by bus, taxi, etc.車費ADJECTIVE | VERB + FARE | FARE + VERB | FARE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexpensive, high昂貴的/高昂的車費cheap, low便宜的/低廉的車費adult, full, normal, standard (BrE) 成人/全價/正常/標準車費child's, concessionary, discounted, half, reduced兒童/優惠/打折/半價/減價車費last-minute, sale, walk-up (all NAmE) 臨發車時的/廉價/隨買隨走的車費one-way, single (BrE) 單程車費return, round-trip (NAmE) 往返車費first-class, second-class頭等座位/二等座位票價coach (= cheapest seats on a plane) (NAmE) (飛機的)經濟艙票(價)air, bus, cab, coach (= bus) (BrE) , ferry (especially BrE) , rail (especially BrE) , subway (NAmE) , taxi, train, tube (BrE) 機票票價;公共汽車車費;出租車車費;長途車車費;渡輪費;火車票價;地鐵票價VERB + FAREpay付車船費I'm afraid you will have to pay the full fare.恐怕你得買全票。charge收車船費Buses charged a standard fare of about 20 pence per mile.公共汽車的標準車費是每英里 20 便士。increase, put up, raise提升/提高/抬高車船費cut, lower, reduce, slash削減/降低/減少/大幅降低車船費air fares slashed by a massive 30%降幅達三成的機票introduce, offer推出/開出票價The airline has introduced a cheap fare to New York.這家航空公司推出飛往紐約的一種廉價機票。dodge (BrE) 逃票They caught him trying to dodge bus fares.他坐公共汽車時逃票被他們抓住。FARE + VERBcost (sb) sth車船票花費(某人)⋯The fare will cost you less if you travel midweek.如果你在每週的中間幾天出行,票價會便宜些。start at sth, start from sth票價最低是⋯/從⋯起Last-minute fares start at $219 each way.臨出發前的最低票價是單程 219 美元。range from sth to sth票價從⋯到⋯不等Round-trip fares range from $118 to $258.往返票價從 118 美元到 258 美元不等。go up, increase, rise車船費上漲/提高/上調FARE + NOUNhike, increase, rise (BrE) 票價的攀升/提升/上漲structure票價的結構a simplified fare structure簡化的車船費結構PREPOSITIONat...fare以⋯的票價Children travel at half fare. (especially BrE) 兒童交通費減半。PHRASESan increase in fares, a rise in fares (especially BrE) 票價的提升/上漲a reduction in fares票價降低The company promised reductions in fares.這家公司承諾降低票價。


2passenger in a taxi出租車乘客VERB + FAREpick up搭載乘客The taxi driver picked up a fare outside the opera house.出租車司機在歌劇院外面接了一位乘客。


3food; material for listening to, reading, etc.食物;素材ADJECTIVE | VERB + FARE ADJECTIVEgourmet, rich美味的/味重的食物plain, simple清淡的/簡單的食物hearty, light (especially NAmE) 豐盛的/易消化的食物healthy, wholesome (especially BrE) 健康的/有益於健康的食物local地方飲食vegetarian素食English, Italian, Mexican, etc.英國、意大利、墨西哥等食物Christmas聖誕節食物average, daily, normal, regular, standard, staple, traditional, typical, usual普通的/日常的/常規的/慣常的/標準的/主要的/傳統的/典型的/通常的食材Trials involving celebrities are the daily fare of newspapers.涉及名人的案件審理是報紙的日常素材。The band's music was standard rock fare.這支樂隊的音樂是標準的搖滾風格。family家庭消遣This movie is perfect family fare.這部電影非常適合家庭觀看。television, TV電視節目VERB + FAREoffer, serve提供飲食a restaurant serving traditional Scottish fare一家提供蘇格蘭傳統風味飲食的餐館sample品嚐飲食tourists seeing the sights and sampling the local Mexican fare觀光並品嚐墨西哥地方飲食的遊客


ADVERBbadly, poorly, well進展不好/很差/良好She should fare better in this competition.她在這次比賽中應當發揮得更好。This movie fared poorly at the British box office.這部影片在英國的票房銷售很差。He fared well against his main rival.他跟自己的主要對手對陣時發揮得很好。
IELTS BNC: 4481 COCA: 4776
fare noun
food (traditional English fare) rate2 (a bus fare)
fare verb
IELTS BNC: 4481 COCA: 4776

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