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IELTS BNC: 551 COCA: 504
mɒdəl ˈmɑdəl
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense models, present participle modelling, past tense , past participle modelled
in AM, use 美国英语用 modeling, modeled
1 N-COUNT 模型 A model of an object is a physical representation that shows what it looks like or how it works. The model is often smaller than the object it represents. 模型
  • ...an architect's model of a wooden house. [+ of]


  • ...a working scale model of the whole Bay Area. [+ of]


  • I made a model out of paper and glue.


Model is also an adjective.
  • I had made a model aeroplane.


  • ...a model railway.


2 N-COUNT 模范;榜样 A model is a system that is being used and that people might want to copy in order to achieve similar results. 模范;榜样 [formal]
  • We believe that this is a general model of managerial activity.


  • He wants companies to follow the European model of social responsibility. [+ of]


3 N-COUNT (理论描述的)模型 A model of a system or process is a theoretical description that can help you understand how the system or process works, or how it might work. (理论描述的)模型 [technical, formal]
  • Darwin eventually put forward a model of biological evolution. [+ of]


  • He proposed a model of stress reaction in the body.


4 VERB 创立(系统或过程)的(理论描述)模型 If someone such as a scientist models a system or process, they make an accurate theoretical description of it in order to understand or explain how it works. 创立(系统或过程)的(理论描述)模型 [technical, formal]
  • ...the mathematics needed to model a nonlinear system like an atmosphere. [VERB noun]


5 N-COUNT (某种特质的)典型,典范 If you say that someone or something is a model of a particular quality, you are showing approval of them because they have that quality to a large degree. (某种特质的)典型,典范 [approval]
  • A model of good manners, he has conquered any inward fury. [+ of]


  • His marriage and family life is a model of propriety.


6 ADJ [ADJ n] 模范的;榜样的 You use model to express approval of someone when you think that they perform their role or duties extremely well. 模范的;榜样的 [approval]
  • As a girl she had been a model pupil.


  • Hospital staff say he is a model patient.


7 VERB 按特定模型制造;仿特定样式做出 If one thing is modelled on another, the first thing is made so that it is like the second thing in some way. 按特定模型制造;仿特定样式做出
  • The quota system was modelled on those operated in America and continental Europe. [be V-ed + on/after]


  • The program will be modeled after a popular BBC series called 'The Archers'. [be V-ed on/after n]


  • She asked the author if she had modelled her hero on anybody in particular. [V n + on/after]


8 VERB 使仿效;使模仿 If you model yourself on someone, you copy the way that they do things, because you admire them and want to be like them. 使仿效;使模仿
  • There's absolutely nothing wrong in modelling yourself on an older woman. [V pron-refl + on/after]


  • They will tend to model their behaviour on the teacher's behaviour. [V n + on/after]


9 N-COUNT (机器等的)型号 A particular model of a machine is a particular version of it. →see usage note at: brand (机器等的)型号
  • To keep the cost down, opt for a basic model.


  • The model number is 1870/285.


10 N-COUNT (绘画或雕塑的)模特儿 An artist's model is a person who stays still in a particular position so that the artist can make a picture or sculpture of them. (绘画或雕塑的)模特儿
11 VERB (为艺术家)当模特儿 If someone models for an artist, they stay still in a particular position so that the artist can make a picture or sculpture of them. (为艺术家)当模特儿 [Also VERB]
  • Tullio has been modelling for Sandra for eleven years. [VERB + for]


12 N-COUNT (时装)模特儿 A fashion model is a person whose job is to display clothes by wearing them. (时装)模特儿
  • ...Paris's top photographic fashion model.


13 VERB 当模特儿展示(服装) If someone models clothes, they display them by wearing them. 当模特儿展示(服装)
  • I wasn't here to model clothes. [VERB noun]


  • She began modelling in Paris aged 15. [VERB]


  • She was being offered a modelling contract.


14 VERB (用黏土、木头等)的模型;塑造 If you model shapes or figures, you make them out of a substance such as clay or wood. (用黏土、木头等)的模型;塑造
  • There she began to model in clay. [VERB]


  • Sometimes she carved wood and sometimes stone; sometimes she modelled clay. [VERB noun]


  • The artist recorded interviews on a variety of topics and modelled an appropriate animal for each voice. [VERB noun]


15 See also: role model 
Rules and models destroy genius and art William Hazlitt Sketches and Essays
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Word PartnershipUse model with:

build a model, make a model 1

base something on a model, follow a model, serve as a model 1 2 3


business model 3


basic model, current model, latest model, new model, standard model 3 9

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IELTS BNC: 551 COCA: 504


1copy of sth複製品ADJECTIVE | VERB + MODEL | MODEL + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfull-scale, scale原尺寸/縮尺模型three-dimensional三維模型detailed仿真模型working工作模型clay, plastic, wooden, etc.泥製、塑料、木製等模型VERB + MODELassemble, build, construct, make組裝模型;建造模型;製作模型MODEL + NOUNaeroplane, airplane, car, railroad, railway, train飛機模型;汽車模型;鐵路模型;火車模型PREPOSITIONmodel of⋯的模型She made a fantastic clay model of her dog.她照着自己的狗做了一個維妙維肖的泥塑。


2type of product產品類型ADJECTIVE | VERB + MODEL ADJECTIVEde luxe, luxury, popular豪華型;大眾型basic, standard基本型;標準型latest, new最新型號;新款VERB + MODELdo, make, produce, release製作/製造/生產/發佈某型號產品They do several other models of washing machine.他們還生產其他幾種型號的洗衣機。Later that year, IBM released a similar model at a lower price.那年晚些時候,國際商用機器公司發佈了一款價格更為低廉的相似產品。sell售賣某型號產品design, develop設計/開發某型號產品recall召回某型號產品They're recalling their new model for modifications to the engine.他們正召回新款汽車以對其發動機加以改進。


3example實例ADJECTIVE | VERB + MODEL | MODEL + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEexcellent, good傑出的/優秀的典範role行為榜樣simple簡單的範式We follow a simple accounting model.我們採用一種簡單的核算模式。classical, standard, traditional經典/標準/傳統模式the standard economic model of supply and demand標準的供求關係經濟模型alternative可替換模式They offer an alternative model of married life.他們提供了婚姻生活的另一種模式。conceptual, experimental, statistical, theoretical概念/實驗/統計學/理論模型explanatory解釋性模型business, clinical, economic, mathematical, medical, political, scientific商業模型;臨牀模式;經濟模型;數學模型;醫學模式;政治模式;科學模式computer計算機模型VERB + MODELgive sb, present, propose, provide (sb with)(給某人)提供範例;提出範例The tape provides a model for students to copy.磁帶為學生提供了模仿的範例。construct, develop構建/開發模型She developed a computer model to help farmers with pest control.她開發了一個幫助農民控制蟲害的計算機模型。adapt, refine, simplify修改/改善/簡化模型copy仿效範例adopt, use採用/使用範例fit適合模型The book fits the classic model of a postmodern narrative.該書屬於後現代敍事的經典模型。be based on範例基於⋯MODEL + NOUNcitizen, pupil, student (especially NAmE) 模範公民;模範學生In school, he works hard and is a model student.在學校,他學習用功,是一名模範學生。home (NAmE) 模範之家PREPOSITIONmodel of⋯的模範She was a model of restraint.她極有克制力,堪稱典範。model for供⋯仿效的模範Successful schools must be used as models for the rest.其他學校須效仿成功的學校。


4person who models模特ADJECTIVE | VERB + MODEL | MODEL + VERB ADJECTIVEartist's, glamour/glamor, photographic藝術模特兒;(為拍照而裸露上身的)性感女模;攝影模特兒female, male女時裝模特兒;男時裝模特兒top頂尖的時裝模特兒catwalk, fashion, runway (NAmE) 時裝模特兒VERB + MODELphotograph, pose, shoot給模特兒拍照;讓模特兒擺姿勢MODEL + VERBpose for sb/sth, sit for sb/sth模特兒為⋯擺出姿勢/為⋯坐着The model sits for me for three hours every day.模特兒每天要坐 3 個小時讓我創作。 note at job


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBclosely嚴格地模仿loosely粗略地模仿accurately, realistically精確地/真實地模擬We can accurately model the development process.我們可以精確地模擬那個發展過程。consciously, explicitly有意/明顯地模仿They tried to model the election campaign consciously on Clinton's success.他們試圖有意識地仿效克林頓的成功競選之路。PREPOSITIONon, upon仿效⋯We aim to model the system on one used in French hospitals.我們打算仿照法國醫院所使用的系統。
IELTS BNC: 551 COCA: 504
model noun
model (provide a model for sb to copy) brand (the latest model) copy2 (a model aeroplane) example2 (a model student)
model verb


model ♦︎ pattern ♦︎ prototype ♦︎ precedent ♦︎ blueprint ♦︎ templateThese are all words for sth that can be copied by other people. 这些词均表示样本、范例、模板。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a model / pattern / prototype / precedent / blueprint / template for sthto provide / serve as / act as a model / prototype / precedent / blueprint / templateto develop / create a model / prototype / blueprint / templateto set a pattern / precedentto follow / copy a model / pattern / precedent / blueprint / template model [countable] an example of sth such as a system that can be copied by other people 样本;范例The nation's constitution provided a model that other countries followed.这个国家的宪法成了别国仿效的范例。 see also model yourself/sth on sb/sth follow 4 , model example 2 pattern [countable, usually singular] an excellent example of sth such as a system that other people should copy 范例;典范;样板This system sets the pattern for others to follow.这个系统堪为他人仿效的典范。NOTE 辨析 Model or pattern?A system or organization is/provides a model but sets a pattern for people to follow. A pattern is always an excellent example and one that people should follow; a model is an example that people do follow, although this is usually because it works well. 表示某一系统或组织可供人仿效可以说be/provide a model或set a pattern。pattern总是指人们应该仿效的优秀榜样、典范;model指通常因运转良好而确实为人们所仿效的范例。 prototype ˈprəʊtətaɪp; NAmE ˈproʊtətaɪp [countable] the first design of sth from which other forms are copied or developed 原型;雏形;最初形态He produced designs for the prototype of the modern bicycle.他设计了现代自行车的雏形。 precedent ˈpresɪdənt [countable, uncountable] (rather formal) an official action or decision that has been taken in the past and that is seen as an example or rule to be followed in a similar situation later 可援用参考的具体例子;实例;范例The ruling set a precedent for future libel cases.这项裁决为今后的诽谤案提供了判例。The decision of the local authority was based on historical precedent.地方当局的决定是以历史前例为依据的。 blueprint ˈbluːprɪnt [countable] a plan which shows what can be achieved and how it can be achieved; a model showing how sth should be done or made 行动方案;计划蓝图;模型;模板The government has published a blueprint for an integrated transport system.政府公布了建设综合联运体系的方案。They see the device as the blueprint for all future chip design.他们把这个装置视为未来所有芯片设计的模板。 template [countable] a thing that is used as a model for producing other similar examples 样板;范例;模板If you need to write a lot of similar letters, set up a template on your computer.如果你需要写许多类似的信件,就在计算机上设一个模板。
IELTS BNC: 551 COCA: 504
Originals and copies of things: original, copy, transcript...
A typical or good example of something: example, instance, case...
Something or someone that is good or very good: masterpiece, inspiration, miracle...
The fashion industry: bespoke, catwalk, collection...
Relating to the work of an artist: aesthetic, cherub, commission...
Descriptions and stories: description, story, picture...
To describe or define something: describe, define, illustrate...
Perfect and perfectly: perfect, perfectly, ideal...

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