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kəndɪʃən kənˈdɪʃən
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense conditions, present participle conditioning, past tense , past participle conditioned
1 N-SING 状况;状态 If you talk about the condition of a person or thing, you are talking about the state that they are in, especially how good or bad their physical state is. 状况;状态
  • He remains in a critical condition in a California hospital.


  • I received several compliments on the condition of my skin.


  • The two-bedroom chalet is in good condition.


  • You can't drive in that condition.


SYN state, order, shape, nick [British , informal]
2 N-PLURAL (某事完成或发生的)环境,条件 The conditions under which something is done or happens are all the factors or circumstances which directly affect it. (某事完成或发生的)环境,条件
  • This change has been timed under laboratory conditions.


  • The mild winter has created the ideal conditions for an ant population explosion.


  • The conditions are ripe for the spread of disease.


3 N-PLURAL (生活或工作的)条件,环境 The conditions in which people live or work are the factors which affect their comfort, safety, or health. (生活或工作的)条件,环境
  • People are living in appalling conditions.


  • He could not work in these conditions any longer.


  • The conditions in the camp are just awful.


4 N-SING [with supplement] (某一群人的)生活状况,境况;(尤指)艰难处境 The condition of a group of people is their situation in life, especially with regard to the difficulties they have. (某一群人的)生活状况,境况;(尤指)艰难处境 [formal]
  • The condition of the people could be elevated by a programme of social reform.


  • The government has encouraged its people to better their condition.


  • ...the human condition.


5 N-COUNT (尤指写入合同或法律的)条件,条款 A condition is something which must happen or be done in order for something else to be possible, especially when this is written into a contract or law. (尤指写入合同或法律的)条件,条款
  • ...economic targets set as a condition for loan payments. [+ for]


  • ...terms and conditions of employment.


  • Egypt had agreed to a summit subject to certain conditions.


6 N-COUNT 疾病;健康问题 If someone has a particular condition, they have an illness or other medical problem. 疾病;健康问题
  • Doctors suspect he may have a heart condition.


  • ...a rare condition that causes degeneration of the brain tissue.


7 VERB [usually passive] (经历或环境)影响,使适应 If someone is conditioned by their experiences or environment, they are influenced by them over a period of time so that they do certain things or think in a particular way. (经历或环境)影响,使适应
  • We are all conditioned by early impressions and experiences. [be VERB-ed]


  • You have been conditioned to believe that it is weak to be scared. [be VERB-ed to-infinitive]


  • I just feel women are conditioned into doing housework. [be V-ed into v-ing/n]


  • ...a conditioned response. [VERB-ed]


  • Because of social conditioning, men don't expect themselves to be managed by women.


8 VERB 保养,护理(头发或皮肤) To condition your hair or skin means to put something on it which will keep it in good condition. 保养,护理(头发或皮肤)
  • ...a protein which is excellent for conditioning dry and damaged hair. [VERB noun]


9 PHRASE (因病重、烦乱或酒醉而)不能(做某事) If you say that someone is in no condition to do something, you mean that they are too ill, upset, or drunk to do it. (因病重、烦乱或酒醉而)不能(做某事)
  • She was clearly in no condition to see anyone.


10 PHR-CONJ-SUBORD 条件下;条件是 When you agree to do something on condition that something else happens, you mean that you will only do it if this other thing also happens. 条件下;条件是
  • He spoke to reporters on condition that he was not identified.


SYN provided that, if, on the understanding that, as long as
11 PHRASE (由于缺乏锻炼而)身体状况不佳 If someone is out of condition, they are unhealthy and unfit, because they do not do enough exercise. (由于缺乏锻炼而)身体状况不佳
  • He was too out of condition to clamber over the top.


12 in mint condition→see: mint 
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critical condition 1 6


weather conditions, working conditions 2 3

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1state of sth狀況ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONDITION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEexcellent, good, immaculate, mint, perfect, pristine極佳的/良好的/純潔無瑕的/嶄新的/完美的/原始的狀態reasonable尚可的狀況bad, poor, terrible糟糕的狀況original原狀The clock was restored to its original condition.這個鐘已經恢復原狀。physical身體狀況VERB + CONDITIONassess, evaluate評估/評價狀況PREPOSITIONin... condition處於⋯狀況The car is still in excellent condition.這輛車的車況仍然極好。


2sb's state of health健康狀況ADJECTIVE | CONDITION + VERB | VERB + CONDITION | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcritical, serious病情危急;令人擔心的健康狀況stable穩定的健康狀況Doctors say his condition is now stable.醫生說他的病情現在穩定下來了。weakened變得虛弱的健康狀況In his weakened condition, it took a long time for the wound to heal.他身體虛弱,傷口過了很長時間才瘉合。peak極佳的健康狀況a young athlete in peak condition處於巔峰狀態的年輕運動員mental, physical精神/身體狀況There has been a marked deterioration in her mental condition.她的精神狀況明顯惡化。CONDITION + VERBget better, improve身體狀況變好;健康狀況好轉Without this treatment, her condition won't improve.不進行這種治療,她的病情不會好轉。deteriorate, get worse, worsen健康狀況惡化;身體狀況變糟VERB + CONDITIONassess, monitor評估/監測身體狀況PREPOSITIONin a... condition, in... condition (especially NAmE) 在⋯病情中He is still in (a) critical condition in the hospital.他住在醫院,病情仍然危急。out of condition (especially BrE) 健康狀況不佳I haven't been exercising much recently, so I'm a little out of condition.最近我沒怎麼運動,所以身體狀況不太好。PHRASESbe in no condition to do sth身體狀況不適合做⋯You're in no condition to tackle the stairs.你的身體狀況不宜上下樓。


3illness疾病ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONDITION ADJECTIVEmedical疾病life-threatening, serious危及生命的疾病;重病benign沒有危險的疾病chronic慢性病incurable不治之症treatable可以醫治的疾病rare罕見的疾病debilitating, disabling使人虛弱的/使人喪失能力的疾病degenerative變性疾病pathological病理狀況Doctors used to regard pregnancy as a pathological condition.醫生過去曾認為懷孕是一種病理狀況。pre-existing (especially NAmE) 先前存在的疾病The insurance will not cover you for a pre-existing condition.該保險不承保你已患的疾病。mental, psychiatric精神病She was unable to give informed consent because of a mental condition.因為有精神疾病,她不能作出知情同意。heart, skin, etc.心臟、皮膚等疾病VERB + CONDITIONhave, suffer from有病;患病He has a rare skin condition.他得了一種罕見的皮膚病。be born with生來就有疾病All three babies were born with an incurable heart condition.3 個嬰兒都患有無法治瘉的先天性心臟病。treat治療疾病The drug is used to treat conditions such as epilepsy.這種藥是用來治療癲癇之類的病症的。diagnose診斷疾病aggravate, exacerbate, worsen病情惡化/加重/變糟糕Alcohol abuse worsened his heart condition.酗酒加重了他的心臟病。


4conditions situation/circumstances情況;形勢ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONDITIONS | CONDITIONS + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfavourable/favorable, good, ideal, optimal, optimum有利的形勢;良好的環境;理想的環境;最佳環境;最適宜的形勢Conditions are ideal for starting a business.形勢對開辦公司很有利。appalling, awful, deplorable, dreadful, harsh, inhumane, severe, terrible嚇人的/極壞的/悲慘的/糟糕的/惡劣的/不人道的/嚴峻的/可怕的狀況difficult, poor, unfavourable/unfavorable困難的情況;糟糕的局面;不利的形勢adverse, extreme不利條件;極端情況adverse conditions for driving不利於開車的情況freak, treacherous (both only used about the weather兩者都僅用於指天氣) 反常的/變化莫測的天氣情況freak weather conditions反常的天氣狀況stressful有壓力的環境people working under stressful conditions在壓力環境下工作的人們dangerous, hazardous, unsafe危險的/有害的/不安全的環境squalid, unhygienic, unsanitary骯髒的/不衞生的/有礙健康的環境normal, prevailing正常的/通常的情況changing變化的狀況Animals adapt to changing environmental conditions.動物會適應不斷變化的環境狀況。controlled受控條件The experiment is conducted under strictly controlled conditions.這項實驗是在嚴格受控條件下進行的。experimental, laboratory實驗條件;實驗室環境driving, housing, living, operating, sanitary, working駕駛條件;住房條件;生活狀況;運行環境;衞生條件;工作條件The working conditions in the factory are dreadful.這家工廠的工作條件糟透了。economic, market, political, social經濟形勢;市場形勢;政治形勢;社會環境ambient, atmospheric, climatic, environmental, lighting, meteorological, physical, soil, weather周圍環境;大氣狀況;氣候情況;環境狀況;照明條件;氣象條件;身體狀況;土壤情況;天氣情況Paint shades can vary under different lighting conditions.在不同的照明條件下,油漆會有色差變化。dry, humid, moist, warm乾旱環境;潮濕環境;溫暖環境plants that can survive dry conditions耐乾旱環境的植物VERB + CONDITIONSlive in, work in, work under在⋯環境中生活;在⋯環境下工作An enormous number of people live in conditions of poverty.許多人生活在極度貧困中。alleviate, ameliorate, improve緩解情況;改善條件;改進狀況an effort to improve working conditions at the plant改善工廠工作條件的努力create創造條件Warm, wet weather can create ideal conditions for plant diseases.溫暖潮濕的天氣會給植物病害創造理想的環境。simulate模擬條件The chamber simulates conditions found at high altitudes.這個房間模擬高海拔地區的環境。CONDITIONS + VERBexist, persist, prevail情況存在;狀況持續;狀況普遍As long as these weather conditions prevail, we are unable to rescue the climbers.如果這種天氣情況繼續下去,我們就無法營救登山者。change情況改變improve情況改善deteriorate, worsen情況惡化PREPOSITIONin condition在⋯環境中in normal flight operating conditions在正常的飛行操作環境中under condition在⋯情況下The samples are heated under experimental conditions.樣品是在實驗環境下加熱的。


5rule規定ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONDITION | CONDITION + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEstrict嚴格的要求special特定的條件VERB + CONDITIONattach, impose, lay down, set, set out, specify附加條款;強加條件;制訂要求;列明條款;明確規定條件the conditions attached to the granting of citizenship授予公民身分附帶的條款The UN has imposed strict conditions on the ceasefire.聯合國強行對停火加上了嚴格的條件。 accept, agree to接受/同意條件They would not agree to our conditions.他們不會同意我們的條件。abide by, comply with, fulfil/fulfill, meet, observe, satisfy遵守條件;遵照條件To get a basic pension you must satisfy two conditions...要得到基本退休金,你必須符合兩個條件⋯be subject to受條件限制The bar was licensed subject to the condition that no children be admitted.這個酒吧獲得了經營許可,條件是不得讓兒童進入。be in breach of (BrE) 違反條款He denied being in breach of bail conditions.他否認違反了保釋條件。CONDITION + VERBapply條款適用Special conditions apply to the use of the library's rare books.使用圖書館的珍本書要符合特定條件。PREPOSITIONon condition that以⋯為條件They agreed to lend us the car on condition that we returned it before the weekend.他們同意把汽車借給我們,條件是週末前要歸還。on... condition, under... condition (NAmE) 在⋯條件下I'll agree to the plan on one condition: my name doesn't get mentioned to the press.我會同意這項計劃,但是有一個條件:不得向新聞界透露我的名字。under the conditions of根據⋯條件Under the conditions of the agreement, all foreign troops will leave by May.根據協議條款,所有的外國軍隊將最遲在 5 月撤離。PHRASESa breach of a condition (BrE) 違反條款conditions of employment, sale, etc.雇傭、銷售等條件terms and conditions條款the terms and conditions of the contract合同條款


6necessary situation必要條件ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONDITION | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEnecessary, sufficient必要/充分條件a necessary and sufficient condition for the eradication of unemployment根除失業現象的一個必要且充分的條件VERB + CONDITIONcreate創造條件We are working to create the conditions for peace.我們在努力為和平創造條件。PREPOSITIONcondition for⋯的必要條件


7state of group群體狀況ADJECTIVE | VERB + CONDITION ADJECTIVEhuman人類狀況Work is basic to the human condition (= the fact of being human).勞動是人類生存的基礎。VERB + CONDITIONimprove改善狀況We are aiming to improve the condition of the urban poor.我們的目標是改善城市貧民的狀況。
condition noun
condition (I agree, on one condition.) disease (a medical condition) health (out of condition) situation (working conditions) state (in perfect condition)


condition ♦︎ requirement ♦︎ terms ♦︎ provision ♦︎ qualification ♦︎ prerequisite ♦︎ proviso ♦︎ the small printThese are all words for sth that must happen or be agreed to before an agreement can be reached or before sth else can happen. 这些词均表示前提条件、条款。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a condition / requirement / terms / a provision / a prerequisite for sthunder the conditions / terms / provisions of sthwith the qualification / proviso that...an important condition / requirement / provision / qualification / prerequisite / provisostrict conditions / requirements / terms / provisionsthe basic condition / requirements / terms / provision / prerequisitea / an absolute / essential / necessary condition / requirement / prerequisitespecial conditions / requirements / terms / provisionsa legal requirement / provision / prerequisiteto lay down conditions / requirements / terms / provisionsto add a provision / proviso / qualificationto contain a requirement / terms / provisions / qualifications / a provisoto accept / observe / comply with the conditions / requirements / terms / provisionsto satisfy / fulfil the conditions / requirements / terms condition [countable] a rule or decision that you must agree to, sometimes as part of a contract or official agreement; a situation that must exist in order for sth else to happen 条件;条款;先决条件;前提They agreed to lend us the car on condition that (= only if) we returned it before the weekend.他们同意借车给我们,条件是周末以前归还。They will give us the money on one condition-that we pay it back within six months.他们愿意提供我们资金,条件是我们要在六个月内偿还。 (NAmE) They agreed under the condition that the matter be dealt with promptly.他们同意了,前提是要迅速处理这件事。Congress can impose strict conditions on the bank.国会可能会迫使这家银行接受苛刻的条件。They have agreed to a ceasefire provided their conditions are met.他们已经表态,只要答应他们提出的条件就同意停火。Stable political leadership is a necessary condition for economic growth.稳定的政治领导是经济增长的必要条件。 requirement [countable] (rather formal, especially written) something that you must have, or a standard that you must meet, in order to be able or allowed to do sth 必要条件;必备条件What is the minimum entrance requirement for this programme?学习这门课程的基本条件是什么?Be sure to check passport and visa requirements with your travel agent.务必要向旅行社问清楚护照和签证的要求。 see also require demand verb terms [plural] the conditions that people offer, demand or accept when they make an agreement or contract (协议或合同的)条件,条款Under the terms of the agreement, their funding of the project will continue until 2009.根据协议条款,他们为这个项目提供资金,截止到2009年。You should check your terms and conditions of employment.你应当核实你的聘用条件。 see also terms rate 2 provision [countable] (rather formal, especially written) a condition or arrangement in a legal document (法律文件的)规定,条款The Act contains detailed provisions for appeal against the court's decision.该法案有对法庭裁决提起上诉的具体规定。 qualification [countable, uncountable] something that you add to a statement to limit the effect it has or the way it is applied 限定条件I accept his theories, but not without certain qualifications.我接受他的理论,但不无保留。The plan was approved without qualification.这项计划获得无条件批准。 see also qualify adjust prerequisite ˌpriːˈrekwəzɪt [countable, usually singular] (formal) something that must exist or happen before sth else can happen or be done 先决条件;前提;必备条件Flexibility of approach is an important prerequisite to successful learning.方法灵活是学习成功的重要先决条件。 proviso prəˈvaɪzəʊ; NAmE prəˈvaɪzoʊ(plural provisos) [countable] (rather formal) a condition that must be agreed to before an agreement can be made 限制条款;附文;但书He agreed to their visit with the proviso that they should stay no longer than one week.他同意他们来做客,但条件是逗留不能超过一周。 the ˌsmall ˈprint (BrE) (NAmE the ˌfine ˈprint) [uncountable] the important details of an agreement or legal document that are usually printed in small type and are therefore easy to miss (协议或法律文件中易于被忽略但很重要的)小号字印刷的附加条款Make sure you read the small print before signing.一定要把小字的附加条款看完再签字。
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