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r ritʃ
Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense reaches, present participle reaching, past tense , past participle reached
1 VERB 到达;抵达 When someone or something reaches a place, they arrive there. 到达;抵达
  • He did not stop until he reached the door. [VERB noun]


  • When the bus reached High Holborn, Tony rang the bell and they jumped off together. [VERB noun]


  • He reached Cambridge shortly before three o'clock. [VERB noun]


SYN arrive at, get to, make it to, get as far as
2 VERB 达到,到达(一定阶段、程度或数量) If someone or something has reached a certain stage, level, or amount, they are at that stage, level, or amount. 达到,到达(一定阶段、程度或数量)
  • The process of political change in South Africa has reached the stage where it is irreversible. [VERB noun]


  • The Belgian player Eduardo Masso has reached the final of the Dutch Open in Hilversum. [VERB noun]


  • We're told the figure could reach 100,000 next year. [VERB noun]


SYN amount to, attain, get to, rise to
3 VERB (伸手)触及,去拿,去碰 If you reach somewhere, you move your arm and hand to take or touch something. (伸手)触及,去拿,去碰
  • Judy reached into her handbag and handed me a small printed leaflet. [VERB prep./adv.]


  • I reached across the table and squeezed his hand. [VERB prep./adv.]


  • He reached up for an overhanging branch. [VERB prep./adv.]


4 VERB (伸手或腿)碰到,触及 If you can reach something, you are able to touch it by stretching out your arm or leg. (伸手或腿)碰到,触及
  • Can you reach your toes with your fingertips? [VERB noun]


SYN touch, grasp, extend to, get (a) hold of
Usage Note :
  • You use both reach and arrive to talk about coming to a particular place. Reach is always followed by a noun or pronoun referring to a place, and you can use it to emphasize the effort required to get there To reach the capital might not be easy. You can use arrive to emphasize being in a place rather than travelling to it. When I arrived in England I was exhausted. Arrive at and reach can also be used to say that someone eventually makes a decision or finds the answer to something. It took hours to arrive at a decision... They were unable to reach a decision.

    到达某一地点可以用reacharrivereach 后面常接表示地点的名词或代词,强调到达某地需要费力气:To reach the capital might not be easy(要到首都可能并非易事)。arrive表示到达一个地方,而不是前往的过程:When I arrived in England I was exhausted(我到达英格兰时已经筋疲力尽了)。arrive at reach 都可以表示作出决定找到答案It took hours to arrive at a decision(作出决定花了数小时),They were unable to reach a decision(他们没能作出决定)。

5 VERB (通常指通过电话)联系,联络 If you try to reach someone, you try to contact them, usually by telephone. (通常指通过电话)联系,联络
  • Has the doctor told you how to reach him or her in emergencies?. [VERB noun]


  • If I see her, I'll tell her you've been trying to reach her. [VERB noun]


SYN contact, get in touch with, get through to, make contact with
6 VERB 延伸至;伸展到;传至 If something reaches a place, point, or level, it extends as far as that place, point, or level. 延伸至;伸展到;传至
  • ...a nightshirt which reached to his knees. [VERB + to]


  • The water level in Lake Taihu has reached record levels. [VERB noun]


  • Eventually those ideas should reach the capital city. [VERB noun]


SYN come to, move to, rise to, fall to
7 VERB 取得(一致意见);达成(协议);作出(决定) When people reach an agreement or a decision, they succeed in achieving it. 取得(一致意见);达成(协议);作出(决定)
  • A meeting of agriculture ministers in Luxembourg today has so far failed to reach agreement over farm subsidies. [VERB noun]


  • They are meeting in Lusaka in an attempt to reach a compromise. [VERB noun]


SYN achieve, come to, negotiate, work out
8 N-UNCOUNT [oft poss NOUN] 可达到的距离;所能及的限度 Someone's or something's reach is the distance or limit to which they can stretch, extend, or travel. 可达到的距离;所能及的限度
  • Isabelle placed a wine cup on the table within his reach.


  • ...a heavyweight who possesses a longer reach and more strength.


  • ...long-handled shears, secateurs and long-reach tree pruners.


9 N-UNCOUNT (伸手)可及之距离;(可接受的)范围 If a place or thing is within reach, it is possible to have it or get to it. If it is out of reach, it is not possible to have it or get to it. (伸手)可及之距离;(可接受的)范围
  • It is located within reach of many important Norman towns, including Bayeux. [+ of]


  • The clothes they model for Littlewoods are all within easy reach of every woman.


  • These products are normally bought and stored carefully out of reach of children.


  • The price is ten times what it normally is and totally beyond the reach of ordinary people. [+ of]


ThesaurusWord Partnership
Thesaurusreach Also look up:

arrive, enter, get in 1

arrive, succeed 2

extend to, hold out, stretch 3

contact, ring 5

Word PartnershipUse reach with:

reach a destination 1

reach a goal, reach one's potential 2

reach (an) agreement, reach a compromise, reach a conclusion, reach a consensus, reach a decision 7

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1distance over which you can stretch, travel, etc.距離ADJECTIVE | VERB + REACH | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVElong長臂展Gorillas have a very long reach.大猩猩臂展很長。VERB + REACHhave有⋯範圍PREPOSITIONbeyond (sb/sth's) reach夠不着The latch was just beyond her reach.她夠不着門插銷。in (sb/sth's) reach, within (sb/sth's) reach在⋯可達到的範圍之內The riverbank was almost in reach.河岸幾乎近在咫尺。There was a knife within his reach.他旁邊有一把刀,伸手即可拿到。a beach resort within reach of Bangkok離曼谷很近的一個海邊度假勝地The house is within easy reach of the train station.這房子離火車站很近。out of sb/sth's reach夠不着Keep all medicines out of reach of children.把所有的藥放到孩子們夠不着的地方。PHRASESwithin arm's reach伸手可及I always keep my phone within arm's reach.我總是把手機放在伸手可及的地方。


2power/influence力量;影響ADJECTIVE | VERB + REACH | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEvast, wide廣泛的影響The organization has a wide reach.該組織的影響很廣。global全球性影響The global reach of the Internet has exceeded what anyone could have predicted.因特網在全球的影響力超出了任何人的預測。geographic, geographical地理上的影響The business is looking at ways to extend its geographic reach.該企業正在尋求地域性擴張的途徑。VERB + REACHhave有影響力The company has a worldwide reach.該公司的影響遍及全世界。broaden, expand, extend, increase擴大影響Humans have extended their reach into space.人類已經將活動範圍延伸至太空。limit限制影響As an artist, his reach was not limited to Britain.作為藝術家,他的影響力不僅僅限於英國。PREPOSITIONbeyond (sb/sth's) reach超出(⋯的)影響力He fled abroad, beyond the reach of German prosecutors.他逃到了國外,德國檢察官鞭長莫及。in sb/sth's reach, within sb/sth's reach在⋯的影響範圍之內Our $30 000 target is now well within our reach.我們籌集 3 萬美元的目標現在已十拿九穩。out of sb/sth's reach在⋯的影響範圍之外The price puts it out of the reach of most people.這東西價格太高,令大多數人都望而卻步。


3reaches far place遠處ADJECTIVE | VERB + REACHES | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfar, farthest, furthest遠處;最遠處nether, outer, outermost, upper, uppermost下面的/外面的/最外面的/上面的/最上面的地方the upper reaches of the river河的上游the upper reaches of the music charts (figurative) 音樂排行榜上靠前的部份northern, southern, etc.北邊、南邊等地方northernmost, southernmost, etc.最北邊、最南邊等地方VERB + REACHESexplore探索遠處He dreamed of exploring the outermost reaches of space.他夢想去探索太空最遙遠的地方。PREPOSITIONreach of⋯的遠處the farthest reaches of our universe宇宙最深處


1arrive at a place/condition到達;達到ADVERB | VERB + REACH ADVERBeventually, finally最終/終於抵達easily, quickly輕鬆地/快速達到The cost can easily reach six figures.成本很輕易就會達到 6 位數。almost, nearly幾乎達到The city's population had nearly reached a million by 1920.該城市的人口到 1920 年時幾乎已經達到了 100 萬。barely幾乎沒有到達He had barely reached the door when he collapsed.他還沒到達門口就倒下了。VERB + REACHattempt to, try to試圖達到be expected to, be likely to, expect to預計/很可能/期望達到Profits are expected to reach £2 billion this year.預計今年的利潤將達到 20 億英鎊。be unlikely to不大可能達到be able to能達到be unable to, fail to不能/沒有達到The jury was unable to reach a verdict.陪審團未能作出裁決。


2stretch out your arm to touch/get sth伸手觸及ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBgingerly, hesitantly, tentatively小心地拿;猶猶豫豫地拿slowly慢慢地拿Slowly he reached out and picked up the gun.他慢慢地伸手撿起了槍。automatically, instinctively自然地/本能地伸手拿He instinctively reached for his camera.他本能地伸手去拿相機。blindly摸索地拿She reached blindly for the light switch.她伸手去摸索電燈開關。across, down, forward, out, over伸手過去拿;向下伸手拿;向前伸手拿;伸手去取He reached out gingerly to touch it.他小心翼翼地伸手去摸它。A hand reached down to help her up the ladder.她登梯子時上面有隻手伸過來幫她。PREPOSITIONfor伸手拿She reached for the telephone and picked it up.她伸手拿起了電話。inside伸進⋯裏面I reached inside my pocket for a pen.我把手伸進口袋找鋼筆。into伸進⋯中去He reached into his bag and took out a book.他把手伸進包裏拿出了一本書。


3be able to touch sth夠得着ADVERB | VERB + REACH ADVERBeasily容易夠到She had arranged her desk so that she could reach everything easily.她把書桌擺放在可以使她輕易夠得着所有東西的地方。almost, nearly幾乎碰到Her skirt almost reached the ground.她的裙子幾乎拖到地上了。halfway到一半的地方His hair reached halfway to his waist.他的頭髮長到半腰了。VERB + REACHcan夠得到I can't reach the top shelf.我夠不到架子頂層。
BNC: 404 COCA: 422
reach verb
achieve (reach a target) call2 (You can reach me on this number.) get4 (reach your destination) lead3 (The cable won't reach the socket.)
reach noun

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