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TOEFL BNC: 2586 COCA: 2541
nɪgʃieɪt nɪˈgoʊʃiˌeɪt nɪˈgoʊsiˌeɪt
Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense negotiates, present participle negotiating, past tense , past participle negotiated
1 V-RECIP 谈判;协商;洽谈 If people negotiate with each other or negotiate an agreement, they talk about a problem or a situation such as a business arrangement in order to solve the problem or complete the arrangement. 谈判;协商;洽谈 [Also VERB n + with]
  • It is not clear whether the president is willing to negotiate with the democrats. [VERB + with]


  • When you have two adversaries negotiating, you need to be on neutral territory. [VERB]


  • The local government and the army negotiated a truce. [VERB noun]


  • Western governments have this week urged him to negotiate and avoid force. [VERB]


  • The South African president has negotiated an end to white-minority rule. [VERB noun]


  • His publishing house had just begun negotiating for her next books. [VERB + for]


  • There were reports that three companies were negotiating to market the drug. [VERB to-infinitive]


SYN arrange, manage, settle, work out
2 VERB 顺利通过;成功越过 If you negotiate an area of land, a place, or an obstacle, you successfully travel across it or around it. 顺利通过;成功越过
  • Frank Mariano negotiates the desert terrain in his battered pickup. [VERB noun]


  • I negotiated the corner on my motorbike and pulled to a stop. [VERB noun]


  • I negotiated my way out of the airport and joined the flow of cars. [VERB noun prep./adv.]


SYN get round, clear, pass, cross
Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse negotiate with:

agree to negotiate, fail to negotiate, refuse to negotiate, try to negotiate 1


negotiate an agreement, negotiate a contract, negotiate a deal, negotiate a settlement, negotiate the terms of something 1

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TOEFL BNC: 2586 COCA: 2541


1try to reach an agreement談判ADVERB | VERB + NEGOTIATE | PREPOSITION ADVERBcarefully小心謹慎地談判a carefully negotiated series of concessions經過精心談判得來的一系列讓步successfully成功地談判effectively卓有成效地談判individually, separately單獨談判;分別商定Rents are individually negotiated between landlord and tenant.租金由房東和房客單獨協商。directly直接談判Theyt were forced to negotiate directly with the rebels.他們被迫同叛亂者直接談判。secretly秘密談判seriously鄭重磋商constantly, continually持續不斷地談判The parameters of the job are being continually negotiated.有關這項工作的職責範圍一直在協商。currently正在談判VERB + NEGOTIATEbe able to能夠談判be prepared to, be willing to願意談判Are the employers really willing to negotiate?雇主們真的願意談判嗎?attempt to, seek to, try to嘗試/尋求/試圖談判manage to設法談判help (to)幫助商定PREPOSITIONbetween雙方之間談判to negotiate between the two sides雙方進行談判for為⋯談判We are negotiating for the release of the prisoners.我們正在就釋放囚犯一事進行談判。on關於⋯的談判They have refused to negotiate on this issue.他們拒絕就這一問題進行談判。on behalf of代表⋯談判those negotiating on behalf of the government代表政府談判的那些人with同⋯協商I managed to negotiate successfully with the authorities.我設法同當局進行了成功的協商。


2successfully get over/past sth順利通過ADVERB | VERB + NEGOTIATE ADVERBeasily, safely, successfully輕易/安全/成功通過He successfully negotiated the slippery steps.他順利地走過了打滑的台階。VERB + NEGOTIATEbe difficult to難以通過The flight of steps was quite difficult to negotiate with a heavy suitcase.提着沉重的箱子很難走過這段台階。
TOEFL BNC: 2586 COCA: 2541
negotiate verb
negotiate (We will not negotiate with terrorists.) agree3 (negotiate a deal) cross (negotiate a sharp bend)


negotiate ♦︎ deal with sb/sth ♦︎ hold talks ♦︎ bargain ♦︎ do a deal ♦︎ haggleThese words all mean to talk to sb in order to try and reach an agreement with them. 这些词均表示谈判、商谈、达成协议。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to negotiate / deal / hold talks / bargain / do a deal / haggle with sb / sthto negotiate / hold talks / do a deal on sthto deal with sb / hold talks / bargain / do a deal / haggle over sth negotiate nɪˈgəʊʃieɪt; NAmE nɪˈgoʊʃieɪt [intransitive] to try to reach an agreement or to settle a dispute by formal discussion 谈判;磋商;协商The government will not negotiate with terrorists.政府不会和恐怖分子谈判。We are negotiating for the release of the prisoners.我们正在为释放那些囚犯进行谈判。They have refused to negotiate on this issue.他们已拒绝就这个问题进行磋商。Her financial adviser is negotiating on her behalf.她的财务顾问在代表她进行谈判。Are the employers really willing to negotiate?那些雇主真的愿意协商吗? negotiation


[countable, usually plural, uncountable] peace / trade / wage negotiations和谈;贸易洽谈;工资谈判They begin another round of negotiations today.他们今天开始另一轮谈判。The rent is a matter for negotiation between the landlord and tenant.租金可以由房东和租户协商确定。The issue is still under negotiation.这个问题还在商讨之中。
ˈdeal with sb/sth

phrasal verb

to do business, or try to reach an agreement, with a person, company or organization 与⋯做生意;与⋯打交道We deal with companies all over Europe.我们与欧洲各地的公司做生意。He had dealt with Mr Simpson on several occasions.他曾跟辛普森先生打过几次交道。 see also dealings communication
ˌhold ˈtalks


(held, held)(of governments, organizations or their leaders) to have formal discussions, especially in order to try and reach an agreement or solve a problem (政府、组织或其领导人)举行会谈The two governments held secret talks on the nuclear threat.两国政府就核威胁问题举行了秘密会谈。 talks


[plural] arms / pay / peace talks军备/工资/和平谈判
bargain [intransitive] to discuss prices, conditions, etc. with sb in order to reach an agreement (与某人就某事)讨价还价,商讨条件He said he wasn't prepared to bargain.他说他不愿讨价还价。In the market dealers were bargaining with growers over the price of coffee.在市场上经销商正和种植者就咖啡的价格进行商谈。 see also bargain agreement noun 1 ˌdo a ˈdeal


(does, did, done)to make an agreement with sb, especially in business or politics, on particular conditions for buying or doing sth (与某人就某事)达成协议We did a deal with the management on overtime.我们与管理层在加班问题上达成了一项协议。 see also deal agreement 1
haggle [intransitive] to argue with sb in order to reach an agreement, especially about the price of sth 争论;(尤指)讲价I left him in the market haggling over the price of a shirt.我在市场撇下他,让他一个人为一件衬衫跟人讨价还价。
TOEFL BNC: 2586 COCA: 2541

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