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TOEFL BNC: 1390 COCA: 1395
θretən ˈθrɛtən
Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense threatens, present participle threatening, past tense , past participle threatened
1 VERB 威胁;恐吓 If a person threatens to do something unpleasant to you, or if they threaten you, they say or imply that they will do something unpleasant to you, especially if you do not do what they want. 威胁;恐吓 [Also VERB that]
  • He said army officers had threatened to destroy the town. [VERB to-infinitive]


  • He tied her up and threatened her with a six-inch knife. [VERB noun + with]

    他把她捆起来,拿着一把 6 英寸长的刀子威胁她。

  • If you threaten me or use any force, I shall inform the police. [VERB noun]


2 VERB 危害到;威胁到 If something or someone threatens a person or thing, they are likely to harm that person or thing. 危害到;威胁到
  • The newcomers directly threaten the livelihood of the established workers. [VERB noun]


  • The unity of our society is threatened by troublesome and restless minorities. [VERB noun]


  • 30 percent of reptiles, birds, and fish are currently threatened with extinction. [be VERB-ed + with]

    目前,30% 的爬行动物、鸟类和鱼类面临灭绝的危险。

SYN endanger, jeopardize, put at risk, imperil
3 VERB (坏事)可能发生,将要发生 If something unpleasant threatens to happen, it seems likely to happen. (坏事)可能发生,将要发生
  • The fighting is threatening to turn into full-scale war. [VERB to-infinitive]


  • Plants must be covered with a leaf-mould or similarly protected if frost threatens. [VERB]


SYN be imminent, hang over, be in the air, loom
4 See also: threatened  threatening 
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threaten safety, threaten security, threaten stability, threaten survival 2

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TOEFL BNC: 1390 COCA: 1395


1warn sb that you may hurt, kill or punish them威脅;恐嚇ADVERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADVERBpublicly公開威脅personally, physically對⋯進行人身威脅He says he was physically threatened in an attempt to get him to sign over his rights.他說他曾受到人身威脅,要他簽字讓出權利。repeatedly反複威脅She had repeatedly threatened to commit suicide.她多次揚言要自殺。allegedly, reportedly據稱揚言要⋯PREPOSITIONwith用⋯威脅She threatened him with a gun.她用槍威脅他。PHRASESfeel threatened覺得受威脅I never felt threatened by him.我從來沒有覺得受他威脅。


2be likely to harm/destroy sth可能危害或破壞ADVERB | VERB + THREATEN | PHRASES ADVERBgravely, seriously, severely嚴重威脅Our way of life is gravely threatened.我們的生活方式受到嚴重威脅。social unrest which seriously threatens the stability of the whole area嚴重威脅整個地區穩定的社會動亂increasingly日益威脅directly直接危及constantly, continually不斷危及Our marriage was constantly threatened by his other women.我們的婚姻不斷受到他的其他女人的威脅。potentially潛在威脅VERB + THREATENcould可能危及appear to, seem to好像會危及PHRASESbe threatened with sth受到⋯的威脅Many species are now threatened with extinction.許多物種目前有滅絕之虞。
TOEFL BNC: 1390 COCA: 1395
threaten verb
threaten1 (threaten sb with a gun) threaten2 (Pollution is threatening marine life.) threaten3 (a storm threatens)


threaten sb with a gun 用枪恐吓某人Pollution is threatening marine life. 污染正危及海洋生物。a storm threatens 风暴逼近 See also the entry for harass 另见harass条threaten ♦︎ intimidate ♦︎ cow ♦︎ steamroller ♦︎ warn sb off (sth) ♦︎ scare sb into (doing) sthThese words all mean to frighten sb or say that you will hurt them in order to make them do sth. 这些词均表示威胁、恐吓。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to be intimidated / cowed into sthto threaten / intimidate sb with sthto intimidate / cow / steamroller sb into doing sthto try to threaten sb / intimidate sb / steamroller sb / warn sb off / scare sb into doing sthto be easily intimidated / cowed threaten [transitive] to say that you will cause trouble or hurt sb if you do not get what you want 扬言要;威胁;恐吓They broke my windows and threatened me.他们砸碎我的窗子并威胁我。The attacker threatened them with a gun.袭击者用枪恐吓他们。The hijackers threatened to kill the passengers if their demands were not met.劫机者要挟说,如果他们的要求得不到满足,他们就杀死乘客。 threat


[countable, uncountable] to make threats against sb对某人进行威胁She is prepared to carry out her threat to resign.她打算实施她的威胁,提出辞职。He received death threats from right-wing groups.他收到来自右翼团体的死亡威胁。crimes involving violence or the threat of violence涉及暴力或暴力威胁的犯罪
intimidate ɪnˈtɪmɪdeɪt [transitive] (rather formal) to frighten or threaten sb so that they will do what you want 恐吓;威胁They were accused of intimidating people into voting for them.他们被控胁迫选民投他们的票。She refused to be intimidated by their threats.她没有被他们的威胁吓倒。 see also intimidated afraid  See also the entry for frighten 另见frighten条 intimidation ɪnˌtɪmɪˈdeɪʃn


[uncountable] the intimidation of witnesses对证人的恐吓
cow kaʊ [transitive, usually passive] (written) to frighten sb in order to make them obey you 恐吓;威胁;胁迫He was easily cowed by people in authority.他很容易被有权势的人吓住。They were wrong if they thought she could be cowed into submission by threats.如果他们认为她会向威胁低头,那他们就错了。 steamroller ˈstiːmrəʊlə(r); NAmE ˈstiːmroʊlər (especially BrE) (NAmE usually ˈsteamroll) [transitive, intransitive] to defeat sb or force them to do sth, using your power or authority and ignoring their wishes or opinions (凭借力量或权威)打败,使屈服,迫使She had no intention of letting herself be steamrollered by him.她不愿屈服于他。The administration is trying to steamroll the bill through Congress.政府正试图迫使国会通过该法案。 ˌwarn sb ˈoff ˌwarn sb ˈoff sth

phrasal verb

to tell sb to leave or stay away from a place or person, especially in a threatening way (尤指以威胁的方式)叫⋯离开,告诫⋯不要靠近Some animals mark the territory to warn off rivals.有些动物在领地上做标记,以警告竞争者不要靠近。The farmer warned us off his land when we tried to camp there.我们想在那里露营时,农场主警告我们不得靠近他的土地。
ˈscare sb into sth doing sth ˈscare sb into into doing sth

phrasal verb

(rather informal) to frighten sb in order to make them do sth 威胁,恐吓(某人做某事)Local businesses were scared into paying protection money.当地商家迫于威胁交了保护费。It might be possible to scare him into silence.也许可以吓吓他,要他保持沉默。


threaten sb with a gun 用枪恐吓某人Pollution is threatening marine life. 污染正危及海洋生物。a storm threatens 风暴逼近threaten ♦︎ endanger ♦︎ risk ♦︎ jeopardizeThese words all mean to be a danger to sb/sth. 这些词均表示使面临危险、危及。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to threaten / endanger / risk sb's / your life / healthto threaten / risk / jeopardize sb's / your job / careerto threaten / endanger / jeopardize the survival of stha threatened / endangered speciesto seriously threaten / endanger / jeopardize sth threaten [transitive] to be likely to cause harm or damage to sb/sth 对⋯造成危险;威胁She claimed that the conflict was threatening stability in the region.她声称冲突威胁该地区的稳定。Many species are now threatened with extinction.许多物种现在面临灭绝的危险。Our marriage was constantly threatened by his other women.他有别的女人,我们的婚姻不断受到威胁。 see also threat risk 1 endanger ɪnˈdeɪndʒə(r) [transitive] to put sb/sth in a situation in which they could be harmed, damaged or destroyed 使遭危险;危及;危害The health of our children is being endangered by exhaust fumes.我们孩子的健康正受到排放出的废气的损害。That one mistake seriously endangered the future of the company.仅那一个失误就严重危及了公司的未来。The sea turtle is an endangered species (= it may soon no longer exist).海龟是濒危物种。 see also endangered vulnerable risk [transitive] to put sth valuable or important in a dangerous situation, in which it could be damaged or lost 使(宝贵或重要的事物)冒风险(或面临危险)He risked all his money on a game of cards.他冒险把自己所有的钱都押在了一场纸牌游戏上。She has been willing to risk life and limb (= risk being killed or injured) to get a good close-up shot of the nesting birds.为了近距离地拍摄巢中的鸟,她一直冒着受伤或丧命的危险。He had no desire to risk his neck (= risk being killed, especially by being executed) for the king and his favourites.他不想为了国王和他的宠信冒杀头的风险。People usually choose to risk sth that is their own, such as their life, health, money, job or career, in the hope of gaining sth else, although sometimes the choice is not quite so deliberate. * risk的宾语通常是属于自己的东西,如life、health、money、job或career。人们选择拿这些冒险,以求得到其他东西,尽管有时这种冒险之举并非那么有意而为In ignoring the warnings, she was risking her own and her children's health.她无视警告,拿自己和孩子们的健康冒险。 Risk is not used about things that are outside sb's control. * risk不用于谈论超出某人控制范围的事情The health of our children is being risked by exhaust fumes. jeopardize (BrE also jeopardise) ˈdʒepədaɪz; NAmE ˈdʒepərdaɪz [transitive] (written) to threaten the future development of sth such as sb's job, a plan or a system 冒⋯的危险;危及,损害(某人的工作、计划、系统等)She would never do anything to jeopardize her career.她决不会做任何有损她事业的事。This scandal could seriously jeopardize his chances of being re-elected.这桩丑闻可能严重危及他再次当选的机会。threaten3


threaten sb with a gun 用枪恐吓某人Pollution is threatening marine life. 污染正危及海洋生物。a storm threatens 风暴逼近threaten ♦︎ promise ♦︎ herald ♦︎ bode well/illThese words all mean to seem likely to happen or to be a sign that sth will happen. 这些词均表示逼近、预示、预兆。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to threaten / promise to do sthto threaten / promise / herald rainto promise / herald a (new) beginning threaten [intransitive, transitive](of sth unpleasant) to seem likely to happen; to seem likely to cause sth unpleasant 预示(凶兆);有⋯危险A storm was threatening.暴风雨即将来临。When war threatens, people act irrationally.受到战争威胁时,人们的行为失去理性。This dispute threatens to split the party.这个分歧可能会造成党的分裂。The clouds threatened rain.乌云密布,预示大雨将至。 see also threat risk 1 promise [transitive] to make sth seem likely to happen, or show signs of sth happening, especially sth new or positive 使很可能;预示将出现(尤指新的或好的事物)It promises to be an exciting few days.那可望是兴奋刺激的几天。The new drug promises to bring relief to thousands of asthma sufferers.这种新药可能会让成千上万的哮喘患者症状得以缓解。It was a disappointing end to a season which had promised so much for the team.这个赛季该队本来大有希望,但结局却令人失望。 promise


[uncountable, singular] The day dawned bright and clear, with the promise of warm sunny weather.拂晓时晴空万里,预示着温暖晴朗的天气。
herald ˈherəld [transitive] (written) to be a sign that sth is going to happen, especially sth new and positive 是⋯的(好)兆头;预示将出现(尤指新的或好的事物)These talks could herald a new era of peace.这些谈判可能预示着新的和平时代的来临。Voices and footsteps outside heralded their return.外面的说话声和脚步声预示着他们回来了。 herald


[countable] The government claims that the fall in unemployment is the herald of economic recovery.政府宣称失业人数减少是经济复苏的先兆。
bode ˈwell bode ˈill


(written) to be a sign that sth good/bad is going to happen 是吉兆;是凶兆These figures do not bode well for the company's future.这些数据显示公司的前景不妙。

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