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BNC: 791 COCA: 639
flɔːʳ flɔr
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense floors, present participle flooring, past tense , past participle floored
1 N-COUNT 地面;地板 The floor of a room is the part of it that you walk on. 地面;地板
  • Jack's sitting on the floor watching TV.


  • We painted the wooden floor with a white stain.


SYN ground
2 N-COUNT ;楼层 A floor of a building is all the rooms that are on a particular level. ;楼层
  • It is on the fifth floor of the hospital. [+ of]


  • They occupied the first two floors of the tower. [+ of]


Usage Note :
  • In British English, the ground floor of a building is the floor which is level with the ground. The floor on the next level is called the first floor. In American English, the first floor is the floor which is level with the ground and the next floor up is the second floor.

    英国英语中,ground floor 底层;一层first floor 底层上面的一层,即二层。美国英语中,first floor 底层;一层second floor 底层上面的一层,即二层

3 N-COUNT [usually singular] [oft n NOUN] (海洋、山谷的)底部 The ocean floor is the ground at the bottom of an ocean. The valley floor is the ground at the bottom of a valley. (海洋、山谷的)底部
  • They spend hours feeding on the ocean floor.


  • ...a two-hour climb from the valley floor.


4 N-COUNT 议事厅;(尤指)议员席 The place where official debates and discussions are held, especially between members of parliament, is referred to as the floor . 议事厅;(尤指)议员席
  • The issues were debated on the floor of the House. [+ of]


5 N-SING-COLL [with singular or plural verb] (辩论或讨论的)听众席 In a debate or discussion, the floor is the people who are listening to the arguments being put forward but who are not among the main speakers. (辩论或讨论的)听众席
  • The president is taking questions from the floor.


6 N-COUNT [usually singular] (证券)交易大厅,交易所 The floor of a stock exchange is the large open area where trading is done. (证券)交易大厅,交易所
  • ...the dealing floor at Standard Chartered Bank.


7 N-COUNT 舞池 The floor in a place such as a club or disco is the area where people dance. 舞池
8 VERB [usually passive] 使困惑;使不知所措 If you are floored by something, you are unable to respond to it because you are so surprised by it. 使困惑;使不知所措
  • He was floored by the announcement. [be VERB-ed]


  • He seemed floored by a string of scandals. [VERB-ed]


9 VERB [usually passive] (尤指在拳击比赛中)打倒,击倒 If someone is floored, especially in boxing, they are hit so hard that they fall over. (尤指在拳击比赛中)打倒,击倒
  • He was floored twice in the second round. [be VERB-ed]


SYN knock down, fell, knock over, prostrate
11 PHRASE (在辩论或讨论中)发言/给予发言权 If you take the floor, you start speaking in a debate or discussion. If you are given the floor, you are allowed to do this. (在辩论或讨论中)发言/给予发言权
  • Ministers took the floor to denounce the decision to suspend constitutional rule.


  • Only members would be given the floor.


12 PHRASE 起舞;开始跳舞 If you take to the floor, you start dancing at a dance or disco. 起舞;开始跳舞
  • The happy couple and their respective parents took to the floor.


13 PHRASE (价格或销售)突然下滑,陡降 If you say that prices or sales have fallen through the floor, you mean that they have suddenly decreased. (价格或销售)突然下滑,陡降
  • Property prices have dropped through the floor.


  • Last year, sales went through the floor.


14 PHRASE 彻底击败;完全打败 If you wipe the floor with someone, you defeat them completely in a competition or discussion. 彻底击败;完全打败 [informal]
  • He could wipe the floor with the Prime Minister.


15See also:factory floor 
Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse floor with:

fall on the floor, sit on the floor, sweep the floor 1


floor to ceiling, floor space 1

floor plan 2

forest floor, ocean floor 3

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BNC: 791 COCA: 639


1lower surface of a room房間地面ADJECTIVE | VERB + FLOOR | FLOOR + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbare, cold, hard沒鋪地毯的/冰冷的/堅硬的地板I can't sleep on the bare floor!我不能睡在光禿禿的地板上!dirty, dusty骯髒的/落滿灰塵的地板wet潮濕的地板clean, polished, smooth乾淨的/打過清漆的/平滑的地面cement, concrete, stone水泥/混凝土/石頭地面dirt (especially NAmE) 落滿塵土的地面hardwood, parquet, wood, wooden鋪硬木的地板;鑲木地板的地面;木地板carpeted, linoleum, marble, tiled鋪有地毯的地板;油氈地板;大理石地面;地磚鋪成的地面bathroom, kitchen, etc.浴室、廚房等的地面raised高架地板dance舞池VERB + FLOORclean, mop, polish, scrub, sweep, wash, wax, wipe清潔地板;拖地;為地板拋光;擦洗地板;掃地;沖洗地板;給地板上蠟;擦地板drop to, fall to掉到地上His glass fell to the floor and broke.他的玻璃杯掉在地上摔碎了。hit打在地板上reach, touch到達/接觸地面pace, walk在地板上踱步;在地板上走cover, litter蓋住地板;在地板上亂丟東西FLOOR + NOUNcovering, mat, tile樓面覆蓋層;地墊;地面磚lamp (especially NAmE) 落地燈space樓面面積exercises自由體操plan樓層平面圖PREPOSITIONon the floor在地板上Do you mind sitting on the floor?你介意坐地板上嗎?PHRASESfrom floor to ceiling從地面到天花板Bookcases lined the walls from floor to ceiling.從地面到天花板沿牆排着一列書櫥。


2bottom of the sea, a forest, etc.海底;森林地表ADJECTIVEcanyon, cave, desert, forest, ocean, sea, valley峽谷底部;洞底;沙漠地面;枯枝落葉層;底土;海底;谷底


3level in a building樓層ADJECTIVE | VERB + FLOOR | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbottom, first (= at entrance level) (NAmE) , ground (BrE) 底樓;一層top頂樓first, second, third, etc.(In BrE, the first floor is the floor above the entrance level. This is called the second floor in NAmE.在英國,the first floor (一樓)是底樓上面的樓層,相當於美國的二樓。) 一樓、二樓、三樓等mezzanine夾層樓面lower, upper下層/上層樓面VERB + FLOORoccupy佔用樓層The offices occupy the top floor of the building.辦公室在大樓的最高層。PREPOSITIONon the floor在樓層上a cafe on the mezzanine floor在夾層樓面的咖啡館
BNC: 791 COCA: 639
floor noun
floor1 (sit on the floor) floor2 (the first floor)


sit on the floor 坐在地板上the first floor of a building 楼房的第二层floor ♦︎ ground ♦︎ land ♦︎ earth ♦︎ soilThese are all words for the surface that you walk on. 这些词均表示地面。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配on / under the floor / ground / earthbare floor / ground / earthto drop / fall to the floor / the ground / (the) earthto hit the floor / groundto reach the floor / the ground / land floor [countable, usually singular] the surface of a room that you walk on (室内)地板,地面She was sitting on the floor watching TV.她坐在地板上看电视。to clean / wash / sweep the floor打扫/洗刷/清扫地板There's not really enough floor space in here.这里的居住面积真的很不够。There were wooden panels from floor to ceiling.从地板到天花板的墙壁上都镶着木板。OPP ceiling The ceiling is the top inside surface of a room. * ceiling指天花板、顶棚It was a large room with a high ceiling.这是个屋顶很高的大房间。 ground (often the ground 常作the ground) [uncountable] the solid surface of the earth that you walk on (室外)地,地面I found her lying on the ground.我发现她躺在地上。The ground fell away to the left of the road.路面向左侧倾斜。It was buried three metres below ground.它埋在地下3米处。The plant grows to about two feet above ground.这种植物的地面高度约有2英尺。Most of the animals' food is found at ground level.这些动物的食物大多可在地面找到。The rocket crashed a few seconds after it left the ground.火箭离开地面几秒后便坠毁了。 see also ground soil land [uncountable] the surface of the earth that is not sea 陆地;大地At last we sighted land (= saw land from the sea).我们终于望见了陆地。It was good to be back on dry land again.重回到陆地上真好。They fought both at sea and on land.他们在海上和陆上都打过仗。We travelled mainly by land.我们主要走陆路。a land mass that covers over a quarter of the earth's surface占地球表面超过四分之一的大陆块OPP sea sea see also land land noun 1 2 , land soil earth (often the earth 常作the earth) [uncountable, singular] the solid surface of the world that is made of rock, soil, sand, etc. 大地;陆地;地面It was good to feel the earth beneath our feet again.重新踏上陆地感觉真好。The earth was dry and scorched.大地干焦。You could feel the earth shake as the truck came closer.卡车开近时会感觉到地面在震动。 see also earth soil NOTE 辨析 Ground, land or earth? Ground is the normal word for the solid surface that you walk on when you are not in a building or vehicle. You can use earth if you want to draw attention to the rock, soil etc. that the ground is made of, but ground can also be used in any of the examples for earth. Land is only used when you want to contrast it with the sea. * ground是常用词,指建筑物或车辆外人可行走的地面。如果强调的是构成大地的岩石、土壤等,可用earth,不过earth所适用的任何场合亦可用ground。land只在与海对比时使用the land beneath our feet feel the land shake sight ground/earth travel by ground/earth soil [uncountable] (literary) a country; an area of land 国土;领土;土地It was the first time I had set foot on American soil.那是我第一次踏上美洲大地。This meaning of soil is almost always used in the phrase on African/British, etc. soil, meaning 'in Africa/Britain, etc.'. * soil表达此义时几乎总是用于短语on African/British, etc. soil中,表示在非洲、英国等。 see also soil soil floor2


sit on the floor 坐在地板上the first floor of a building 楼房的第二层floor ♦︎ storey ♦︎ level ♦︎ deck ♦︎ tierThese are all words for the different levels or layers of a building, place, ship or bus. 这些词均表示楼层、层面。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配on the top, etc. floor / storey / level / deck / tierthe upper / lower floors / storeys / levels / decks / tiersthe top floor / storey / level / deck / tierthe main floor / deck floor [countable] all the rooms that are on the same level of a building 楼层Her office is on the second floor.她的办公室在三楼。the Irish guy who lives two floors above住在两层楼上面的爱尔兰人Their house is on three floors (= it has three floors).他们的房子有三层。In British English the floor of a building at street level is the ground floor, the one above it is the first floor and the one below it is the basement, or lower ground floor if it is in a public building. In American English the floor at street level is usually called the first floor, the one above it is the second floor and the one below it is the basement. In public buildings the floor at street level can also be called the ground floor. 在英式英语中,地面的楼层叫ground floor,其上的一层叫first floor,其下的一层叫basement,在公共建筑中则叫lower ground floor。在美式英语中,地面的楼层通常叫first floor,其上的一层叫second floor,其下的一层叫basement。在公共建筑中,地面的楼层亦可称为ground floor。 storey (especially BrE) (NAmE usually story) [countable] a floor of a building 楼层a single-storey / two-storey / three-storey building单层建筑物;两层/三层楼房NOTE 辨析 Floor or storey? Floor is used especially to talk about which particular level in a building sb lives on, goes to, etc. * floor尤指所居住的或者要去的楼层等His office is on the fifth floor.他的办公室在六楼。 Storey is used especially to talk about the number of floors a building has. * storey尤指建筑物的楼层数a five-storey house五层的房子The office building is five storeys high.这栋办公楼有五层高。 level [countable] a floor of a building; a layer of ground 楼层;地层The library is all on one level.图书馆全部在同一层楼上。Archaeologists found pottery in the lowest level of the site.考古学家在挖掘现场的最下层发现了陶器。a multi-level parking lot多层停车场The levels of a building or site are not necessarily one above the other; level is often used when the different areas of a building or site are at different heights. You can talk about the upper/lower levels of a place; it is less usual for the levels in a building to be numbered, except in the case of large multi-storey car parks/parking garages. * level指建筑物的楼层或场地的地层时,不一定是一层在另一层的上面;建筑物或场地的不同区域处于不同的高度时也常用level表示。可以说the upper/lower levels of a place(某地的上层/下层),但不常给建筑物的各个level标号,除非是大型多层停车场或车库His office is on the fifth level. Remember that we parked on level 5.记住我们的车停在第5层。 deck [countable] one of the floors of a ship or bus (船或公共汽车的)一层,层面My cabin is on deck C.我的舱位在船的C层。We sat on the top deck of the bus.我们坐在公共汽车的上层。 tier tɪə(r); NAmE tɪr [countable] a row or layer of sth that has several rows or layers placed one above the other 级;阶;层a wedding cake with three tiers三层的结婚蛋糕The seating is arranged in tiers.座位是一级级排列的。

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