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TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357
æspekt ˈæsˌpɛkt
Word forms: plural aspects
1 N-COUNT 方面;形态;特性 An aspect of something is one of the parts of its character or nature. 方面;形态;特性
  • Climate and weather affect every aspect of our lives. [+ of]


  • He was interested in all aspects of the work here. [+ of]


  • Monroe described the financial aspect as crucial.


2 N-COUNT [usually singular] (建筑物或窗的)朝向,方向 The aspect of a building or window is the direction in which it faces. (建筑物或窗的)朝向,方向 [formal]
  • The house had a south-west aspect.


3 N-SING [with supplement] (事物的)外观,样子,特征 If something begins to have a new aspect, it begins to have a new appearance or quality. (事物的)外观,样子,特征
  • Our journey had taken on a new aspect. The countryside was no longer familiar.


  • The snowy street, like the church, assumed a dumb, lifeless aspect.


4 N-UNCOUNT (语法中动词的)体 In grammar, aspect is the way that a verb group shows whether an activity is continuing, is repeated, or is completed. For example, in 'They were laughing', the verb is in the progressive aspect and shows that the action was continuing. (语法中动词的)体
Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse aspect with:

another/any/every aspect 1


most important aspect, particular aspect 1


aspect of something 1 2

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TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357


ADJECTIVE | VERB + ASPECT | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEcentral, crucial, essential, fundamental, important, key, main, major, principal, significant, vital核心的/至關重要的/必要的/根本的/重要的/關鍵的/主要的/重大的/首要的/顯著的/必不可少的方面basic, broad, general基本的/廣泛的/總的方面Questions also cover much broader aspects of general health.問題還包括範圍更廣的一般性衞生情況。appealing, attractive, beneficial, encouraging, exciting, fascinating, interesting, pleasing, positive有感染力的/有吸引力的/有益的/令人鼓舞的/令人激動的/吸引人的/有趣的/悅人的/積極的方面controversial, difficult, disappointing, disturbing, negative, problematic, sinister, troubling, unfortunate, worst有爭議的/困難的/令人失望的/令人不安的/消極的/難處理的/不祥的/令人苦惱的/不幸的/最壞的方面the worst aspects of tourism旅遊業最糟糕的方面bizarre, curious, intriguing, puzzling, unusual怪誕的外表;稀奇古怪的樣子;有意思的外觀;令人迷惑的外表;不尋常的外表distinctive, noteworthy, remarkable, striking特別的/值得注意的/傑出的/顯著的方面unique獨特的方面subtle微妙的方面mundane平淡的方面neglected被忽視的方面certain, specific, various特定的/具體的/不同的方面They provided assistance on various aspects of the job.他們給這一職位的方方面面提供幫助。formal, functional, practical, theoretical形式/功能/實踐/理論方面the formal aspects of the language system語言系統的形式the theoretical aspects of the course該課程理論方面的問題business, commercial, cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, financial, historical, human, legal, military, moral, physical, political, psychological, religious, scientific, social, spiritual, technical生意/商業/文化/經濟/環境/倫理/財務/歷史/人性/法律/軍事/道德/形體/政治/心理/宗教/科學/社會/精神/技術方面VERB + ASPECThave有⋯方面The project has two main aspects.這項工程有兩個主要方面。take on呈現出⋯樣子Events began to take on a more sinister aspect.事情開始變得更加兇險。address, consider, cover, deal with, discuss, emphasize, examine, explore, focus on, highlight, investigate, look at, study涉及/考慮/包括/處理/討論/強調/審查/探究/集中於/着重突出/調查/着眼於/研究⋯方面We will be looking at many different aspects of pollution.我們將考慮污染的多個不同方面。demonstrate, illuminate, illustrate, reveal論證/解釋/闡明/揭示⋯方面a unique collection illustrating aspects of art history唯一一批講述藝術史各個方面的藏品ignore, neglect, overlook忽視/忽略/未注意⋯方面PREPOSITIONfrom the... aspect從⋯方面看This plan is very good from the social aspect.從社會的角度來看這個計劃非常好。aspect to⋯的方面the positive aspects to retirement退休的積極方面PHRASESall aspects of sth, every aspect of sth⋯的方方面面in every aspect (of sth)(⋯的)各個方面The service was excellent in every aspect.這項服務的各方面都非常出色。
TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357


 See also the entry for element 1 另见element条第1义aspect ♦︎ side ♦︎ respect ♦︎ dimension ♦︎ strand ♦︎ endThese are all words for a particular part or feature of a situation, idea or sb's character, or a way of looking or thinking about sth. 这些词均表示方面、层面或看问题的角度。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an aspect / a side / a dimension / a strand to sthan important aspect / respect / dimension / stranda crucial aspect / respect / dimensiona / an political / economic / social / cultural / historical / religious / spiritual / moral / human aspect / side / dimensionto consider an aspect / a side / a dimension of sthto deal with / look at an aspect / a side of sth aspect [countable] a particular part or feature of a situation, idea, problem or person's character; a way of looking or thinking about sth 方面;层面;(看待事物的)角度The book aims to cover all aspects of city life.这本书旨在涵盖城市生活的各个方面。This was one aspect of her character he hadn't seen before.这是他过去没有了解到的她性格的一个方面。She felt she had looked at the problem from every aspect.她觉得已经从各个角度考虑了这个问题。 side [countable] a particular aspect of sth, especially a situation or a person's character (尤指情况或性格的)方面Her novels deal with the darker side of human nature.她的小说讨论人性的阴暗面。It's good you can see the funny side of the situation.你能看到情况可笑的一面,这很好。I'll take care of that side of things.那方面的事情由我来处理。In this meaning, side is often, though not always, rather informal, used especially in spoken English in the phrases see the funny side and that/the business/the political, etc. side of things. 表达此义时,side常常很不正式,尤其用于口语短语see the funny side或that/the business/the political, etc. side of things中。 respect [countable] a particular aspect or detail of sth (事物的)方面,细节In this respect we are very fortunate.在这方面,我们是很幸运的。He takes after his father in some respects, but he's very different in other ways.他某些方面很像他父亲,但其他方面却非常不同。There was one respect, however, in which they differed.然而,他们在一点上有分歧。 Respect is used especially to draw attention to one particular aspect of sth, in order to contrast it with other aspects. It is used very often in the phrases in some/many/all respects and in one/every respect but it is not followed by of sth and you should use one before it instead of a. * respect尤用来强调事物的某个方面,以区别于其他方面。常用于短语in some/many/all respects和in one/every respect中,但是后面不接of sth,而且前面应该用one而不用aan important aspect of the problem问题的一个重要方面an important respect of the problem. They differed in one respect.他们在某一点上有分歧。They differed in a respect. dimension daɪˈmenʃn, dɪˈmenʃn [countable] a feature of sth; a way of looking at or thinking about sth 方面;侧面;(看待事物的)角度Her job added a new dimension to her life.她的工作为她的生活增添了新的内容。We should also consider the social dimension of unemployment.我们还应该考虑失业的社会层面。Dimension is used especially to talk about issues in society and history; common collocates include social, economic, political, ideological, cultural, linguistic, historical, geographical, environmental, regional, national, international, human, personal, moral, ethical, religious and spiritual. * dimension尤指社会和历史问题的某个方面,常见搭配词有social、economic、political、ideological、cultural、linguistic、historical、geographical、environmental、regional、national、international、human、personal、moral、ethical、religious和spiritual。 strand [countable] one of the different parts of sth, especially an idea, plan or story (尤指观点、计划或故事的)部分,方面There are three main strands to the policy.该政策主要涉及三个方面。The author draws the different strands of the plot together in the final chapter.作者在最后一章把不同的情节线索归拢到了一起。 end [countable, usually singular] a part of an activity with which sb is concerned, especially in business (尤指经营活动的)部分,方面We need someone to handle the marketing end of the business.我们需要有人来处理市场推广这一块业务。Are there any problems at your end?你那边有什么问题吗?I have kept my end of the bargain.我已履行了我方的协议条件。
TOEFL BNC: 862 COCA: 1357
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