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BNC: 586 COCA: 1055
wɪʃ wɪʃ
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense wishes, present participle wishing, past tense , past participle wished
1 N-COUNT [oft with poss] 愿望;希望 A wish is a desire or strong feeling that you want to have something or do something. 愿望;希望
  • She was sincere and genuine in her wish to make amends for the past.


  • Clearly she had no wish for conversation. [+ for]


  • She wanted to go everywhere in the world. She soon got her wish.


  • The decision was made against the wishes of the party leader. [+ of]


2See also:death wish 
3 VERB 想要,希望(…) If you wish to do something or to have it done for you, you want to do it or have it done. 想要,希望(…) [formal]
  • If you wish to go away for the weekend, our office will be delighted to make hotel reservations. [VERB to-infinitive]


  • We can dress as we wish now. [VERB]


  • There were the collaborators, who wished for a German victory. [VERB + for]


4 VERB [with brd-neg] (用于要说的话可能使人不快或担心等时)不想,无意 Wish is used in expressions such as I don't wish to be rude or without wishing to be rude as a way of apologizing or warning someone when you are going to say something which might upset, annoy, or worry them. (用于要说的话可能使人不快或担心等时)不想,无意 [politeness]
  • I don't wish to sound callous, but I am glad I wasn't here. [VERB to-infinitive]


  • Without wishing to be unkind, she's not the most interesting company. [VERB to-infinitive]


5 VERB [no cont] 希望(不可能或可能性很小的事发生) If you wish something were true, you would like it to be true, even though you know that it is impossible or unlikely. 希望(不可能或可能性很小的事发生)
  • I wish I could do that. [VERB that]


  • I wish it weren't true. [VERB that]


  • Pa, I wish you wouldn't shout. [VERB that]


  • The world is not always what we wish it to be. [VERB noun to-infinitive]


Usage Note :
  • Note that wish and want have similar meanings, but are used differently. If you want something, you feel a need for it or a desire to have it. You can say that you want to do something, that you want someone to do something, or that you want something to happen. If you use wish with a 'to' infinitive, this has the same meaning as want but is more formal. I want to get out of here... She wished to consult him about her future. Wish is normally followed by a 'that'-clause, although the word 'that' is often omitted from the clause. If you wish that something was the case, you would like it to be the case, even though this is unlikely or impossible. I wish I lived near London... He wished he had phoned for a cab. Note the use of the tenses in the examples; when wish is in the present tense, the past tense is used in the clause, and when wish is in the past tense, the past perfect tense is used in the clause.

    注意wish want 虽意思相近,但用法不同。want 表示感觉需要或希望拥有某物,可以说 want to do something, want someone to do something want something to happen。如果 wish 与带 to 的不定式连用,则与 want 意思相同,但语气要更正式:I want to get out of here (我想离开这里), She wished to consult him about her future (她想就自己未来的发展向他咨询意见)wish 一般后接 that 从句,但从句中的 that 经常省略,表示虽然明知不太可能或完全没有可能,依然希望某事是真的:I wish I lived near London (我真希望自己住在伦敦附近)He wished he had phoned for a cab (他真希望自己已经打电话叫出租车了)。注意上述例子中时态的用法:wish 用现在时,则从句用过去时;wish 用过去时,则从句用过去完成时。

6 VERB 祈求;企求;默默期盼 If you wish for something, you express the desire for that thing silently to yourself. In fairy stories, when a person wishes for something, the thing they wish for often happens by magic. 祈求;企求;默默期盼
  • We have all wished for men who are more considerate. [VERB + for]


  • A philosopher once said, 'Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.' [VERB for noun]


Wish is also a noun.
  • Blow out the candles and make a wish.


7 VERB [no cont, usually with brd-neg] 这是再好不过的;没有比这更好的了 Wish is used in sentences such as I could not wish for anything better to indicate that you are very pleased with what you have and could not imagine anything better. 这是再好不过的;没有比这更好的了 [feelings]
  • I really could not have wished for a better teacher. [VERB for noun]


  • Who could wish for a better opportunity? [VERB for noun]


8 VERB [no cont] 希望发生在身上 If you say that you would not wish a particular thing on someone, you mean that the thing is so unpleasant that you would not want them to be forced to experience it. 希望发生在身上
  • It's a horrid experience and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. [VERB noun + on]


9 VERB ;祝愿 If you wish someone something such as luck or happiness, you express the hope that they will be lucky or happy. ;祝愿
  • I wish you both a very good journey. [VERB noun noun]


  • Goodbye, Hanu. I wish you well. [VERB noun adv.]


10 N-PLURAL [adjective NOUN] 祝愿;祝福 If you express your good wishes towards someone, you are politely expressing your friendly feelings towards them and your hope that they will be successful or happy. 祝愿;祝福 [politeness]
  • I found George's story very sad. Please give him my best wishes.


  • Western leaders sent good wishes to the new American president.


Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse wish with:

get your wish, grant a wish, have a wish, make a wish 1 5

I wish I knew 3

wish come true 5


wish someone the best, wish someone luck 9

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BNC: 586 COCA: 1055


1feeling that you want sth願望ADJECTIVE | VERB + WISH | WISH + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEdearest, deepest, desperate, fervent, fondest, greatest, strong最熱切的願望;最深切的意願;最殷切的願望;最大的願望;強烈的渴望conscious, unconscious自覺的意願;下意識的願望secret內心的願望express, expressed明確表達的願望dying, final, last臨終願望;最後遺願He was denied his dying wish to be reconciled with his son.臨終前他想和兒子和解的願望遭到了拒絕。death(有意識或無意識希望自己或他人死亡的)死亡願望Freud's theory of the death wish弗洛伊德的死亡願望理論personal個人的願望parental父母的意願the child's detention against parental wishes有悖於父母意願將孩子課後留校的做法VERB + WISHhave有願望I have no wish to cause any trouble among them.我不希望給他們帶來任何矛盾。express, make known表達意願;把願望公開She has expressed a wish to seek asylum here.她表達了想在此地尋求避難的願望。fulfil/fulfill實現願望She fulfilled her deepest wish when she flew solo for the first time.她初次獨立飛行,實現了自己最深切的願望。get如願以償She's always wanted to be an actress, and I'm sure she'll get her wish.她一直想當演員,我相信她會如願以償的。grant (sb)答應(某人的)願望honour/honor, respect, take into account尊重意願;考慮願望It is vital for schools to respect the wishes of parents.對學校來說,尊重家長的意願至關重要。carry out, comply with, meet實現願望;遵從意願;滿足願望We need to update our equipment if we are to meet customers' wishes.如果我們要滿足顧客的要求,就需要更新設備。obey遵從意願She flew into a rage if the staff didn't obey her wishes.如果員工們不遂她的意,她就大發雷霆。deny sb拒絕某人的願望disregard, go against, ignore, override, ride roughshod over (BrE) 無視意願;違背意願;忽視願望;踐踏願望She eventually went against her family's wishes and published her autobiography.最後,她違背家人的意願,出版了自傳。The Government blatantly ignored the wishes of the public.政府公然無視公眾的意願。The committee rode roughshod over the wishes of union members.委員會殘忍踐踏了工會會員的意願。reflect反映願望The change to the constitution reflects the wishes of the people who voted in the referendum.憲章的修改反映了在全民公決中投票的民眾的願望。WISH + NOUNfulfilment/fulfillment願望的實現list願望一覽表Draw up a wish list, defining the requirements for your ideal home.列一個願望清單,明確你對理想住宅的要求。PREPOSITIONagainst sb's wishes違背某人的意願Against his mother's wishes, he decided to quit school and look for a job.他不顧母親的意願,決定輟學去找工作。The meeting took place against the wishes of the State Department.這次會議的召開違背了國務院的意願。Her father will not speak to her, because she married against his wishes.她父親不想跟她說話,因為她的婚事違背了父親的意願。in sb's wish在某人的願望中In his wish to be as helpful as possible, he was forever asking her what she wanted.他希望自己能盡可能地幫忙,所以他總是在問她需要什麼。in accordance with sb's wishes遵循某人的意願In accordance with his wishes, his ashes were scattered at sea.遵照他的遺願,他的骨灰撒入了大海。wish for對⋯的渴望a wish for peace對和平的渴望


2saying secretly to yourself what you want to happen許願VERB + WISH | WISH + VERB VERB + WISHhave, make許願When you see a black cat, you have to make a wish.看見黑貓,必須要許個願。get實現願望If you're the one who finds the hidden box, you get a wish.發現了隱藏的箱子的人可以實現一個願望。grant准許願望實現The good fairy granted her three wishes.善良的仙女答應實現她 3 個願望。WISH + VERBcome true願望實現On Christmas Day their wishes came true.他們的願望在聖誕節實現了。


3(usually wishes) hope that sb will be happy祝願ADJECTIVE | VERB + WISH | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbest, good良好的祝願Give my best wishes to Alison.代我向艾利森致以良好的祝願。well (NAmE) 祝福Thanks to all those who sent well wishes.謝謝所有給我祝福的人。heartfelt, sincere衷心的/真誠的祝願VERB + WISHgive sb, send (sb)祝福某人;(向某人)傳達祝福PREPOSITIONwith... wishes (at the end of a letter用於信末) 順祝;順致With best wishes for a happy birthday.順祝生日快樂。wish for祈禱;預祝Every good wish for your future happiness together.預祝你們將來幸福美滿。


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBdearly, desperately, devoutly, fervently, heartily, really, sincerely非常希望;熱切地盼望;真誠地希望;衷心祝願I heartily wished that I had stayed at home.我真心地希望自己當時待在家裏。I really wish I could go to America.我特別希望自己能去美國。hard誠心祈願If you wish really hard, maybe you'll get what you want.如果你真的很誠心,或許能得到你想要的東西。secretly內心希望just, merely, only, simply僅僅希望;只是希望'Where is he now?' 'I only wish I knew.'“他現在在哪裏?”“我真希望我知道。”sometimes有時希望almost幾乎希望When I see the kids playing football, I almost wish I was their age again.看到孩子們踢足球時,我真希望能再回到他們那個年齡。PREPOSITIONfor祈求;盼望It's no use wishing for the impossible.不可能的事祈願也沒有用。
BNC: 586 COCA: 1055
wish noun
wish (carry out sb's wishes) desire (a wish for secrecy)
wish verb
hope (everything you could wish for) want (I wish I were taller.)


wish ♦︎ request ♦︎ willThese are all words for sth that sb wants to have or happen. 这些词均表示想要的东西、希望发生的事。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a wish / request for sthagainst sb's wish / willsb's particular / personal / dying wish / requestsb's conscious wish / willto have / express / consider / comply with / ignore a wish / requestto obey / go against sb's wishes / will wish [countable] (rather formal) a thing that you want to have or to happen 想要的东西;希望发生的事;意愿He refused to carry out her wishes.他拒绝按她的意愿行事。I'm sure that you will get your wish.我相信你会心想事成的。She married against her parents' wishes.她的婚事违背了父母的心愿。 see also wish desire noun , wish hope verb request [countable] (rather formal) a thing that you formally ask for (正式的)要求,请求My request was granted.我的请求获得了批准。a radio request programme (= a programme of music that listeners have asked for) 电台点播节目 see also request request noun , request ask verb 2 will [singular] (formal) what sb wants to happen in a particular situation 意愿;心愿I don't want to go against your will.我不想违背你的意愿。They governed according to the will of the people.他们按照民意施政。 Will is often used in contexts relating to public life. * will常用于公共生活相关的语境the collective / general / majority / national / popular / public will集体/大众/大多数人/国民/普遍/公众的意愿When people say that sth is God's will, they mean that we should accept that we do not have any control over what happens in life, even when bad things happen, because it is God who decides how things happen. * God's will指天意、上帝的旨意,有听天由命之意。

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