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TOEFL BNC: 3975 COCA: 3493
fld foʊld
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense folds, present participle folding, past tense , past participle folded
1 VERB 折叠;折起;叠起 If you fold something such as a piece of paper or cloth, you bend it so that one part covers another part, often pressing the edge so that it stays in place. 折叠;折起;叠起
  • He folded the paper carefully. [VERB noun]


  • Fold the omelette in half. [VERB noun prep./adv.]


  • Fold the blanket back. [VERB noun prep./adv.]


  • ...a folded towel. [VERB-ed]


2 N-COUNT 褶缝;褶痕;折叠线 A fold in a piece of paper or cloth is a bend that you make in it when you put one part of it over another part and press the edge. 褶缝;褶痕;折叠线
  • Make another fold and turn the ends together.


3 N-COUNT [usually plural] (布料的)褶皱,褶痕 The folds in a piece of cloth are the curved shapes which are formed when it is not hanging or lying flat. (布料的)褶皱,褶痕
  • The priest fumbled in the folds of his gown. [+ of]


4 V-ERG 折叠;折起 If a piece of furniture or equipment folds or if you can fold it, you can make it smaller by bending or closing parts of it. 折叠;折起 [Also V n adj]
  • The back of the bench folds forward to make a table. [VERB adv./prep.]


  • This portable seat folds flat for easy storage. [VERB adj.ive]


  • Check if you can fold the buggy without having to remove the raincover. [VERB noun]


  • ...a folding beach chair. [VERB-ing]


Fold up means the same as fold .fold up fold
  • When not in use it folds up out of the way.


  • Fold the ironing board up so that it is flat.


5 VERB 交叉,交叠(双手或双臂) If you fold your arms or hands, you bring them together and cross or link them, for example over your chest. 交叉,交叠(双手或双臂)
  • Meer folded his arms over his chest and turned his head away. [VERB noun]


  • Mrs Ringrose sat down and folded her hands in her lap. [VERB noun]


6 VERB (企业或组织)停业,关门 If a business or organization folds, it is unsuccessful and has to close. (企业或组织)停业,关门 [mainly British, business]
  • But as other shops fold, the march of the superstores continues. [VERB]


  • 2,500 small businesses were folding each week. [VERB]


7 N-SING 队伍;同一群体的人 When someone joins an organization or group, you can say that they have come into the fold. When they leave the organization or group, you can say that they leave the fold . 队伍;同一群体的人
  • The EU wanted to bring the US back into the fold.


  • He might find it difficult to return to the family fold when he realizes his mistake.


8 PHRASAL VERB (烹饪时将调料)调入,加入 In cooking, if you fold in an ingredient or fold it into the other ingredients, you mix it very gently into the other ingredients. (烹饪时将调料)调入,加入
  • Fold in the flour.


  • Fold the cream into the egg yolk mixture.


9 PHRASAL VERB 折叠起来 If you fold something up, you make it into a smaller, neater shape by folding it, usually several times. 折叠起来
  • She folded it up, and tucked it into her purse.


  • He folded up his paper and put it away.


10See also:fold 4  fold-up 
Phrasal verbs:
fold in fold up
Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse fold with:

fold carefully, fold gently, fold neatly 1


fold clothes, fold paper 1

fold your arms/hands 5

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TOEFL BNC: 3975 COCA: 3493


1part of sth folded摺叠部份ADJECTIVE | VERB + FOLD | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEloose, soft鬆鬆的褶;柔和的褶deep, heavy深深的褶痕neat整齊的褶痕vertical豎褶VERB + FOLDbe hidden behind, be hidden by, be hidden in隱藏在褶皺之中The troops were hidden by the deep folds of the ground.部隊隱蔽在深深的谷地中。fall in folds, hang in folds起褶;有垂下的褶The fabric fell in soft folds.這織物起了柔和的褶。the heavy folds of his cloak他斗篷中深深的褶痕PREPOSITIONin a/the fold在褶中She hid the note in a fold in her robe.她把便條藏在袍子的一個褶皺裏。fold in⋯中的褶a fold in the land地面上的褶皺PHRASESfolds of flesh, folds of skin肌肉的/皮膚的褶皺the loose folds of flesh under her chin她下巴下鬆鬆的肉褶子


2the fold group of people who feel they belong歸屬的群體ADJECTIVE | VERB + THE FOLD | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEinternational (BrE) 國際社會VERB + THE FOLDjoin加入團體leave離開團體come back into, come back to, return to回歸團體;回到團體中be back in返回團體The country is now firmly back in the international fold.現在這個國家已再次牢牢立身於國際大家庭中。bring sb (back) into, bring sb (back) to使某人(回)到團體中The indigenous people were brought into the Catholic fold.這些原住民皈依了天主教。welcome sb (back) into, welcome sb (back) to歡迎某人(重新)加入團體His father finally accepted him back into the family fold.他父親最終接納他重返家中。PREPOSITIONwithin a/the fold在團體中opposing viewpoints within the international fold國際社會內部的對立觀點


ADVERB | PREPOSITION ADVERBcarefully, neatly仔細地/整齊地摺叠He carefully folded the typed sheets and replaced them in the envelope.他小心翼翼地將打有字的紙摺好重新放回信封裏。gently輕輕地摺叠Her hands lay gently folded in her lap.她十指輕輕交叉着放在腿上。loosely, tightly鬆鬆地/緊緊地摺叠in half, in two對摺;一摺為二She folded the piece of paper in half.她把紙對摺起來。back, down, over摺過來;摺起來up摺起I folded up the clothes and put them away.我把衣服叠好收起來。PREPOSITIONinto摺成⋯She folded the clothes into a neat bundle.她把衣服叠成整齊的一包。
TOEFL BNC: 3975 COCA: 3493
fold verb
fold (fold paper/a bed) close2 (a business folds)


fold ♦︎ wrinkle ♦︎ line ♦︎ creaseThese are all words for a line on fabric or on sb's skin. 这些词均表示织物上的皱褶或人皮肤上的皱纹。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a fold / crease in stha wrinkle / line on sthwrinkles / lines / creases around the / sb's eyes / mouthdeep folds / wrinkles / lines / creasesfine wrinkles / linesa neat fold / creaseto have wrinkles / lines / creasesto get wrinkles / lineswrinkles / lines appear / form fold [countable] a part of sth, especially fabric, that is folded or hangs as if it had been folded; a mark or line made by folding sth, or showing where sth should be folded 褶;褶痕;褶线The child hid his face in the folds of his mother's skirt.那孩子把脸埋在他妈妈的裙褶里。the loose folds of flesh under her chin她颏下松垂的肉褶Why is the place I want to find always on the fold of the map?为什么我想找的地方总是在地图的褶缝上? wrinkle ˈrɪŋkl [countable, usually plural] a line or small fold in your skin, especially on your face, that forms as you get older; a small fold that you do not want in a piece of fabric or paper (尤指脸上的)皱纹;(织物或纸上的)皱褶,皱痕There were fine wrinkles around her eyes.她眼角上出现了细细的鱼尾纹。Is there anything you can do to prevent wrinkles?你有什么防止起皱的办法吗? wrinkled


She kissed his wrinkled face.她吻了他满是皱纹的脸。
NOTE 辨析 Fold or wrinkle? Fold is more frequently used about fabric; wrinkle is more frequently used about skin. Folds in fabric are tidy or are made deliberately; wrinkles are usually unwanted, and appear because you have not ironed, folded or hung fabric properly or tidily. * fold多指织物的皱褶,wrinkle多指皮肤的皱纹。fold指织物上整齐的或是有意做出来的褶、褶层,wrinkles通常指织物上因为没有熨平、叠整齐或挂好而出现的难看的皱褶、皱痕I arranged the cloth so that it hung in neat folds.我把布叠好,这样挂起来就会有整齐的褶子。While she was waiting, she anxiously smoothed out the wrinkles in her skirt.她一边等待,一边焦虑地弄平裙子上的皱褶。 Wrinkles in the skin are thin lines; folds in sb's skin or flesh are fatter and occur because the person has loose skin, or because they are overweight. * wrinkle指皮肤上的细纹,fold指因皮肤松弛或体重超标而出现在皮肤或肉上的较厚大的褶子。
line [countable, usually plural] a mark like a line on sb's skin that people usually get as they grow older 皱纹;褶子He has fine lines around his eyes.他的眼角上有细细的鱼尾纹。laughter / frown / worry lines笑纹;眉心纹;愁纹A line in sb's skin may be thinner or less deep than a wrinkle, but in many cases you can use either word. 与wrinkle相比,line指皮肤上较细、较浅的皱纹。但在许多情况下这两个词可以通用。 lined


a deeply lined face布满深深皱纹的脸
crease kriːs [countable] a line that is made in fabric or paper when you press, crush or fold it; a line in the skin, especially on the face (织物或纸上的)褶痕,皱痕;(尤指脸上的)皱纹She smoothed the creases out of her skirt.她把裙子上的皱褶抚平。trousers with a sharp crease in the legs裤线笔挺的裤子She had lots of deep creases at the corners of her eyes.她的眼角上有许多深深的皱纹。 Crease is more often used about fabric or paper than about skin. It can be an untidy line, that appears when you press or crush fabric or paper, or it can be a neat line that you make in sth, for example when you fold it. * crease多指织物或纸上的褶痕而非皮肤上的皱纹。它可以是织物或纸上因为受压而产生的不整齐的皱痕,或是通过折叠等有意做出来的整齐的褶线He ironed out the creases in his shirt.他把他衬衫上的皱褶熨平。My mother always irons creases into my trousers.我母亲总是把我的裤子熨出裤线。 see also crease crumple verb crease


[transitive, intransitive] A frown creased her forehead.她一皱眉,额头显出了皱纹。Her face creased into a smile.她的脸上露出了微笑。


I can't wear this blouse. It's creased.我不能穿这件衬衫,它皱了。


fold ♦︎ tuck ♦︎ roll ♦︎ gatherThese words all mean to arrange sth such as clothing, fabric or paper or by bending or pulling it. 这些词均表示折叠、卷起、收拢。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to fold / tuck / roll / gather (sth) upto fold / tuck / gather sth around sb / sth fold [transitive, intransitive] to bend sth, especially paper or fabric, so that one part lies on top of another part; to bend sth so that it becomes smaller or flatter and can be stored or carried more easily; to bend or be able to bend in this way 折叠,对折(纸、织物等);(可)折小,(可)叠平(以便贮存或携带)He folded the map up and put it in his pocket.他把地图折叠起来,放进了衣袋。First, fold the paper in half.首先,把纸对折起来。The blankets had been folded down.毛毯已折叠起来。The bird folded its wings.鸟收起了翅膀。The bed can be folded away during the day.这床在白天可以折叠收起。The table folds up when not in use.这桌子不用时可以折叠起来。OPP unfold spread tuck [transitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to push, fold or turn the ends or edges of fabric, clothes or paper so that they are held in place or look neat 把(织物、衣服或纸张的边缘)塞进,折叠,卷起She tucked up her skirt and waded into the river.她撩起裙子蹚水走进河里。Tuck your shirt in (= into your trousers).把你的衬衫掖进裤子里。Tuck the flap of the envelope in.把信封的口盖塞进信封里。 roll [transitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to fold the edge of a piece of clothing or fabric over and over on itself to make it shorter 把(衣服或织物的边)卷起来Roll up your sleeves.把你的袖子挽起来。She rolled her jeans to her knees.她把牛仔裤卷到了膝盖处。 gather [transitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to pull a piece of clothing tighter to your body 收紧,拢起(衣服)She gathered up her skirts and ran.她提起裙摆就跑。

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