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ɑːns æns tʃæns tʃɑns
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense chances, present participle chancing, past tense , past participle chanced
1 N-VAR [NOUN that] 可能();机会 If there is a chance of something happening, it is possible that it will happen. 可能();机会
  • Do you think they have a chance of beating Australia?. [+ of]


  • This partnership has a good chance of success. [+ of]


  • The specialist who carried out the brain scan thought Tim's chances of survival were still slim. [+ of]


  • There was really very little chance that Ben would ever have led a normal life.


2 N-COUNT [usually NOUN to-infinitive] 机会;机遇 If you have a chance to do something, you have the opportunity to do it. 机会;机遇 [Also + for]
  • The electoral council announced that all eligible people would get a chance to vote.


  • Most refugee doctors never get the chance to practice medicine in British hospitals.


  • I felt I had to give him a chance.


3 ADJ [ADJ n] 偶然的;意外的;凑巧的 A chance meeting or event is one that is not planned or expected. 偶然的;意外的;凑巧的
  • ...a chance meeting.


Chance is also a noun.
  • ...a victim of chance and circumstance.


4 VERB 碰巧();偶然发现 If you chance to do something or chance on something, you do it or find it although you had not planned or tried to. 碰巧();偶然发现 [formal]
  • A man I chanced to meet proved to be a most unusual character. [VERB to-infinitive]


  • It was just then that I chanced to look round. [VERB to-infinitive]


  • ...Christopher Columbus, who chanced upon the Dominican Republic nearly 500 years ago. [V + upon/on/across]


SYN happen
5 VERB 的险 If you chance something, you do it even though there is a risk that you may not succeed or that something bad may happen. 的险
  • Andy knew the risks. I cannot believe he would have chanced it. [VERB it]


  • He decided no assassin would chance a shot from amongst that crowd. [VERB noun]


6 See also: off-chance 
7 PHRASE 偶然;碰巧 Something that happens by chance was not planned by anyone. 偶然;碰巧
  • He had met Mr Maude by chance.


8 PHRASE (用以询问某事是否属实)会不会,可能 You can use by any chance when you are asking questions in order to find out whether something that you think might be true is actually true. (用以询问某事是否属实)会不会,可能
  • Are they by any chance related?


9 PHRASE 有可能;有机会 If you say that someone stands a chance of achieving something, you mean that they are likely to achieve it. If you say that someone doesn't stand a chance of achieving something, you mean that they cannot possibly achieve it. 有可能;有机会
  • Being very good at science subjects, I stood a good chance of gaining high grades. [+ of]


  • Neither is seen as standing any chance of snatching the leadership from him. [+ of]


10 PHRASE 冒险;碰运气 When you take a chance, you try to do something although there is a large risk of danger or failure. 冒险;碰运气
  • You take a chance on the weather if you holiday in the UK.


  • From then on, they were taking no chances.


  • Dennis was not a man to take chances.


Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse chance with:

chance of success, chance of survival, chance of winning 1

chance encounter, chance meeting 3


fair chance, good chance, slight chance 1 2


give someone/something a chance, have a chance, miss a chance 1 2

get a chance 2

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1possibility可能性ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHANCE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexcellent, good, high, real, strong非常可能;很有可能There is a very real chance that the film will win an award.這部電影很有可能會得獎。decent, fair, fighting, legitimate, realistic, reasonable, solid, sporting相當大的可能性;較大的可能性;需努力爭取才能得到的機會;合法的機會;現實的可能性;合理的機會;實實在在的可能性;相當大的成功機會There's a fair chance that nobody will come to the talk.很有可能沒人來聽講座。little, the merest, million-to-one, minimal, outside, remote, slender, slight, slim很小的可能性;極小的可能性;百萬分之一的可能性;最小的可能性;較小的機會There was only a million-to-one chance of it happening.這種事發生的幾率只有百萬分之一。As long as there is an outside chance, we will go for it.只要有一線可能我們就會努力爭取。fifty-fifty, one-in-three, etc., 10%, 20%, etc.一半、三分之一等的可能性; 10%、20% 等的可能性They have a 90% chance of success.他們有 90% 的勝出可能。zero (especially NAmE) 沒有可能性He had zero chance of survival.他幸存的可能性為零。survival幸存的可能性What are his survival chances?他能活下來的可能性有多大?election, electoral (especially BrE) 當選的機會;有關選舉的可能性play-off (NAmE) 打加時賽的可能性VERB + CHANCEgive sb說某人⋯的可能性The doctors gave him (= said that he had) little chance of surviving the night.醫生們說他活過當晚的可能性很小。be in with, have, stand有可能After a poor start, they are now in with a chance of winning.雖然開端不好,但他們現在有了贏的機會。He doesn't stand a chance of winning against such an experienced player.他不可能打敗這樣一位經驗豐富的選手。assess, rate評估/估計可能性How do you rate our chances of finding her?你覺得我們找到她的可能性有多大?fancy (BrE) 猜測可能性I don't fancy our chances of getting there on time.我認為我們不可能準時到達那裏。boost, enhance, improve, increase, maximize提高可能性;增加可能性;使可能性最大化compromise, decrease, hurt, jeopardize, lessen, minimize, prejudice, reduce, ruin, scupper, informal) , spoil使機會減少;使可能性最小化;損害⋯的可能性;毀掉機會destroy, eliminate, end, kill毀掉可能性;使機會成泡影It was a mistake which eliminated any chance of an Australian victory.這個錯誤使得澳大利亞獲勝的機會化為烏有。risk冒險He didn't want to risk the chance of being discovered.他不想去冒被發現的風險。PREPOSITIONby any chance也許;萬一Are you by any chance Mr Ludd?你會不會就是路德先生?chance of⋯的可能性The missing climber's chances of survival are slim.那個失踪的登山者生還的可能性很渺茫。chance for⋯的可能性the variety with the best chance for success最有可能成功的品種PHRASESfat chance (informal) 極小的可能性Fat chance (= there is no chance) of him helping you!他幫你才怪呢!have every chance肯定She has every chance of passing the exam if she works hard.如果她努力就肯定能通過考試。no chance!不可能!'Will he lend us his car?' 'No chance!'“他會把車借給我們嗎?”“不可能!”not a snowball's chance in hell (informal) 什麼鬼希望也沒有There isn't a snowball's chance in hell (= there is no chance) that I'll wear that thing!我根本不可能穿那玩意兒!on the off chance (= just in case) 抱着一線希望I rang the company just on the off chance that they might have a vacancy.我抱着一線希望給這家公司打電話看是否有職位空缺。


2opportunity機會ADJECTIVE | ... OF CHANCE | VERB + CHANCE | CHANCE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEequal, fair, good, great, ideal, wonderful均等的/公平的/很好的/絕佳的/理想的/絕妙的機會She played left-handed to give her opponent a fair chance.她用左手進行比賽以給對手一個較為公平的機會。This is the ideal chance for him to show his ability.這是他展示自己才能的理想機會。big大好機會This is your big chance, so grab it with both hands.這是你的一個大好機會,牢牢抓住吧。golden極好的機會He had wasted a golden chance to make history.他浪費了一個創造歷史的良機。once-in-a-lifetime, rare, unique千載難逢的/難得的/獨一無二的機會only唯一的機會He realized that this might be his only chance to save himself.他意識到這可能是他自救的唯一機會了。final, last, second最後的機會;第二次機會The teacher gave her one last chance to prove she could behave.老師給她最後一次機會,讓她證明她會遵守紀律。There are no second chances in this business.這一行不會有第二次機會。educational, life接受教育的機會;人生機遇The new college is intended to improve the life chances of children in the inner city.這所新學院旨在改善市中心貧民區孩子們的發展空間。clear, clear-cut, save, scoring (all sport體育) 明顯的/顯然的/挽救局面的/得分的機會He blew four of his seven save chances.7 次可挽救局面的機會,他搞砸了 4 次。... OF CHANCEelement幾率的因素There is always an element of chance in buying a used car.買二手車總會有一點兒碰運氣的成分。VERB + CHANCEget, have得到機會;有機會I finally had the chance to meet my hero.我終於有機會見到我心目中的英雄了。deserve應該得到機會He deserves the chance to give his side of the story.他應該有機會從他這一方說說這件事。enjoy, relish, welcome高興有機會;對機會感到興趣;歡迎機會I would welcome the chance to give my opinion.我很樂意有機會講講自己的觀點。afford (sb), give sb, offer (sb), provide (sb with)給(某人)機會;讓(某人)有機會deny sb拒絕給某人機會No child should be denied the chance of growing up in a family.任何孩子都不應被剝奪在家庭中長大的機會。await, wait for等待機會create, make (sport體育) 製造機會The team created several clear chances but failed to score.該隊製造了多個明顯的機會,但都沒得分。see, spot看見/發現機會She spotted her chance of making a quick profit.她發現了賺快錢的機會。grab, grasp, jump at, seize, take抓住機會;把握機會Travis had left the door open-she seized her chance and was through it like a shot.特拉維斯沒關門,她抓住這個機會嗖地躥了進去。Take every chance that comes your way.把握你遇到的每一個機會。blow (informal) , forfeit, lose, miss, pass up, squander, throw away, turn down, waste斷送機會;喪失機會;錯過機會;放過機會;浪費機會;丟掉機會;放棄機會
They blew their chance to go second in the league.他們丟了在聯賽中升到第二的機會。I wouldn't pass up the chance of working for them.我不會放過為他們工作的機會。CHANCE + VERBarise, come, come your way機會出現;機會來臨;碰到機會When the chance came to go to Paris, she jumped at it.去巴黎的機會一出現,她就毫不猶豫地抓住了。PREPOSITIONchance at⋯的機會Katie was his last real chance at happiness.凱蒂是他獲得幸福的最後真正的機會。He had been given a new chance at life.他獲得了一個新生的機會。PHRASESgiven the chance只要有機會Given the chance, I'd retire tomorrow.只要有機會,我明天就退休。half a chance一點兒機會The dog always runs off when it gets half a chance.一有機會這隻狗就逃跑。let a chance slip, let a chance slip away讓機會溜走If she let this chance slip, she would regret it for the rest of her life.如果她讓這次機會溜走,她會後悔一輩子的。


3risk風險VERB + CHANCE | PREPOSITION VERB + CHANCEtake冒險The guidebook didn't mention the hotel, but we decided to take a chance.旅遊指南中沒有提到這家旅館,但我們決定冒險試試。PREPOSITIONchance on在⋯上冒險The manager took a chance on the young goalkeeper.教練冒險一用這個年輕守門員。chance with對⋯冒險The police were taking no chances with the protesters.警方對付抗議者時,不敢有一點兒疏忽。


4luck/fortune運氣;機緣ADJECTIVE | VERB + CHANCE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEmere, pure, sheer純粹的運氣random偶然的機緣happy, lucky幸運By a happy chance he bumped into an old friend on the plane.他很幸運,竟然在飛機上碰到了一個老朋友。unlucky不幸VERB + CHANCEleave sth to聽其自然Leaving nothing to chance, he delivered the letter himself.他親自送信確保萬無一失。PREPOSITIONby chance偶然The police came upon the hideout purely by chance.警方純粹是意外地發現了這個隱匿處。due to chance因為運氣The results could simply be due to chance.這些結果可能只不過是偶然碰運氣得來的。through chance憑運氣I got most answers right through sheer chance.我純粹是靠運氣答對了大部份題目。PHRASESa game of chance憑運氣的遊戲Chess is not a game of chance.國際象棋不是靠運氣取勝的。take your chances (= take a risk in the hope that things will turn out well) 冒險He took his chances and jumped into the water.他冒險跳進了水裏。
chance noun
luck (sth happens by chance) opportunity (a chance to do sth) possibility (have a good chance of doing sth) risk2 (take a chance on sb/sth) the chances are… probably adv.
chance verb
Opportunities: opportunity, chance, choice...
The possibility that something will happen: possibility, chance, probability...
Not planned: random, arbitrary, spontaneous...
To take risks: risk, dare, jeopardize...

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