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IELTS BNC: 3690 COCA: 2613
kɪləʳ ˈkɪlər
Word forms: plural killers
1 N-COUNT 杀人者;杀手 A killer is a person who has killed someone, or who intends to kill someone. 杀人者;杀手
  • The police are searching for his killers.


  • He's a psychopath, a killer.


SYN murderer, slaughterer, slayer, hit man [slang]
2 N-COUNT 导致死亡的事物 You can refer to something that causes death or is likely to cause death as a killer . 导致死亡的事物
  • Heart disease is the biggest killer of men in most developed countries. [+ of]


SYN cause of death, scourge, fatal illness, plague [informal]
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IELTS BNC: 3690 COCA: 2613


1a person that kills殺人者ADJECTIVE | VERB + KILLER | KILLER + VERB | KILLER + NOUN ADJECTIVEreal真正的殺人兇手I don't care what they ask me if it helps them find the real killer.如果能幫他們找到真兇,我不在乎他們問我什麼。accused, alleged, suspected被控告的殺人兇手;涉嫌殺人者;殺人嫌疑犯the trial of her daughter's accused killers對被控殺害她女兒的兇手的審判would-be意欲殺人者He turned to face his would-be killer.他轉身面對意欲取他性命的殺手。convicted被判有罪的殺人兇手notorious臭名昭著的殺人兇手bloodthirsty, brutal, cold-blooded, ruthless, vicious嗜殺成性的/殘忍的/冷酷的/無情的/兇狠的殺手Matthew's reputation as a cold-blooded killer馬修冷血殺手的名聲crazed, psychopathic, psychotic瘋狂的/精神變態的/精神錯亂的殺手mass, serial, spree (NAmE) 背負多條人命的兇手;連環殺手;殺人狂contract, hired, professional, trained雇傭殺手;職業殺手;訓練有素的殺手baby, child, cop, etc.殺害嬰兒、兒童、警察等的兇手a convicted child killer已經定罪的殺害兒童的兇手VERB + KILLERhunt, track down追捕/追踪殺人兇手catch, find, stop抓獲/找到/阻止殺人兇手I want to stop the killer before he strikes again.我想要在殺人兇手再次行兇之前阻止他。identify確認殺人兇手FBI agents identified his killers.聯邦調查局的探員確認了殺害他的兇手的身分。bring to justice將殺手繩之以法I cannot rest until this killer is brought to justice.只要這個殺人者還沒歸案受審,我就不能停止行動。KILLER + VERBstrike殺手襲擊The killer has struck again.那個殺手再次行兇。stalk sb/sth殺手暗中尾隨⋯For years the killer stalked Detroit and its suburbs undetected.多年來,這位殺手神不知鬼不覺地潛行於底特律及其郊區。kill sb, murder sb殺手殺死某人/謀害某人a serial killer who murders newlyweds on their honeymoon謀殺度蜜月的新婚夫婦的連環殺手KILLER + NOUNinstinct (figurative) 拚殺取勝的欲望He plays well but still lacks the killer instinct.他球打得很好,不過還缺乏殺氣。blow (figurative, especially BrE) 致命的一擊Owen delivered the killer blow soon after half-time.下半場開始不久歐文就貢獻了一記絕殺。


2a disease, etc. that kills致命疾病ADJECTIVE | KILLER + NOUN ADJECTIVEbig, great, leading, major大殺手;巨大的殺手;首要的殺手;主要的殺手Overdoses were the single biggest killer among the city's young.過量吸食毒品曾是城市青年的頭號殺手。Diphtheria emerged as the leading killer of children in the 1880s.19 世紀 80 年代,白喉成為造成兒童死亡的主要殺手。deadly致命疾病In the 19th century, cholera was one of Britain's deadliest killers.19 世紀,霍亂是英國最致命的疾病之一。silent沉默的殺手High blood pressure is known as a silent killer.高血壓被稱為沉默的殺手。potential潛在的致命疾病There is still no vaccine against this potential killer.還沒有針對這一潛在致命疾病的疫苗。KILLER + NOUNbug, disease, strain, virus致命疾病;殺傷菌株;致命病毒Heart attacks have become our number one killer disease.心臟病已經變成了我們的頭號殺手。storm, wave致命的風暴/波浪This killer storm is strengthening rapidly in the Gulf of Mexico.該致命風暴正在墨西哥灣迅速加強。The killer wave struck a tiny atoll in the Maldives.驚濤狂浪襲擊了馬爾代夫一座很小的環形珊瑚島。
IELTS BNC: 3690 COCA: 2613


killer ♦︎ murderer ♦︎ gunman ♦︎ serial killer ♦︎ assassin ♦︎ sniper ♦︎ hit manThese are all words for a person who kills or attempts to kill sb. 这些词均表示杀人者或图谋杀人者。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a notorious killer / murderer / gunmana / an would-be / alleged killer / murderer / assassina vicious killer / murderer / hit mana professional / hired / contract killer / assassin / hit manto hunt / track down / catch / find a killer / murdererto hire an assassin / a hit mana killer / murderer / gunman / serial killer / sniper strikesa murderer / an assassin / a sniper / a hit man kills killer [countable] a person, animal or thing that kills 杀人者;杀手;导致死亡的人(或动物、事物)Police are hunting his killer.警方正在追捕杀害他的凶手。Heart disease is the biggest killer in Scotland.心脏病在苏格兰是头号杀手。 murderer [countable] a person who has killed sb deliberately and illegally 杀人犯;杀人凶手How do we know he's not a mass murderer (= one who has killed a lot of people)?我们怎么知道他不是个杀人狂呢? gunman ˈgʌnmən [countable] a man who uses a gun to rob or kill people 持枪歹徒;持枪杀手Two gunmen opened fire on the car.两名持枪歹徒朝轿车开了枪。 serial killer ˌsɪəriəl ˈkɪlə(r); NAmE ˌsɪriəl ˈkɪlər [countable] a person who murders several people one after the other in a similar way 连环杀手Police say that they have no proof that a serial killer is responsible for the four murders.警方称没有证据显示这四起凶杀案是同一个连环杀手所为。Another word for serial killer is mass murderer. Mass murderer is used more often than serial killer in less serious remarks about whether sb is dangerous or not. * serial killer的近义词是mass murderer,后者更常用于较为随意的谈话,评论某人是或不是危险人物I hardly think he's a mass murderer.我很难想象他是个杀人狂。 assassin əˈsæsɪn; NAmE əˈsæsn [countable] a person who murders sb important or famous, for money or for political reasons (为金钱或政治目的的)暗杀者,行刺者They hired a professional assassin to do the job for them.他们雇用了一名职业杀手来做那件事。 sniper [countable] a person who shoots at sb from a hidden position 狙击手Two soldiers were shot by snipers.两个士兵被狙击手击中。 ˈhit man [countable] (informal) a criminal who is paid to kill sb 受雇充当刺客的人;职业杀手Maybe somebody hired a hit man.也许有人雇用了职业杀手。
IELTS BNC: 3690 COCA: 2613
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