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IELTS BNC: 1688 COCA: 2138
ɪnɪʃətɪv ɪˈnɪʃɪətɪv ɪˈnɪʃətɪv ɪˈnɪʃiətɪv
Word forms: plural initiatives
1 N-COUNT [oft NOUN to-infinitive] 积极的行动;倡议 An initiative is an important act or statement that is intended to solve a problem. 积极的行动;倡议
  • Government initiatives to help young people have been inadequate.


  • There's talk of a new peace initiative.


2 N-SING 主动权 In a fight or contest, if you have the initiative, you are in a better position than your opponents to decide what to do next. 主动权
  • We have the initiative; we intend to keep it.


  • He paused enough to consider the options but never so long as to lose the initiative.


SYN advantage, start, lead, upper hand
3 N-UNCOUNT 主动性;积极性;进取心 If you have initiative, you have the ability to decide what to do next and to do it, without needing other people to tell you what to do. 主动性;积极性;进取心
  • She was disappointed by his lack of initiative.


  • ...workers who are able to sort out problems on their own initiative.


SYN enterprise, drive, push [informal] , energy
4 PHRASE 采取主动;首先采取行动 If you take the initiative in a situation, you are the first person to act, and are therefore able to control the situation. 采取主动;首先采取行动
  • We must take the initiative in the struggle to end the war.


  • She knew she had to take the initiative and maintain an aggressive game throughout.


Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse initiative with:

diplomatic initiative, political initiative 1


have the initiative, seize the initiative 2

take the initiative 4

Trends of initiative
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IELTS BNC: 1688 COCA: 2138


1new plan新計劃ADJECTIVE | ... OF INITIATIVES | VERB + INITIATIVE | INITIATIVE + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEfresh, new新計劃;新方案fresh initiatives to find a peaceful end to the conflict和平解決爭端的各項新方案innovative, pioneering革新方案;開拓性新舉措pioneering initiatives in bioengineering生物工程的開拓性新舉措current, latest, recent目前的新計劃;最新的倡議;近期的新方案proposed提出的新方案ongoing執行中的新方案important, major重要的倡議;主要的舉措welcome受歡迎的倡議successful成功的舉措practical切合實際的新方案bold, exciting大膽的/振奮人心的新方案private私人計劃collaborative, cooperative, joint協作倡議;合作計劃;聯合方案grass-roots基層的倡議global, international, local, national, regional, statewide (NAmE) 全球性方案;國際性倡議;地方性倡議;全國性的舉措;區域性措施;全州性方案federal, government, presidential (NAmE) 聯邦政府的/政府的/總統的倡議strategic戰略方案business, e-business, e-commerce, marketing經營新思路;電子商務新思路;新的營銷方案diplomatic, economic, legislative, peace, policy, political新的外交舉措;新的經濟計劃;新法案;和平倡議;新的政策方案;新的政治舉措safety, training新的安全方案;新的培訓計劃development, research開發/研究方案education, educational, health新的教育方案;新的健康計劃conservation, environmental新的環保倡議faith-based (especially NAmE) 基於信仰的方案community-based (especially NAmE) 基於社區的計劃outreach外展服務計劃reform改革方案ballot (NAmE) 投票方案... OF INITIATIVESrange, series一系列的倡議;一系列的新舉措VERB + INITIATIVEundertake實施新方案The research initiative is being undertaken by a group of environmentalists.一群環保人士正在着手實施這一新的研究計劃。plan制訂新計劃develop形成新方案announce, unveil宣佈/公佈計劃create, implement, introduce, launch, set up, start制訂新方案;實施新計劃;推行新計劃;發出倡議;確立新方案The government has launched a new policy initiative.政府已經開始推行一項新政策。be involved in參與新計劃Ten schools have been involved in the initiative.有 10 所學校參與了新計劃。become involved in, get involved in投身新計劃pursue實行新計劃expand擴展新計劃lead, spearhead引領新思路approve, pass批准/通過新計劃oppose反對新計劃defeat, reject挫敗新計劃;駁回倡議The peace initiative was rejected out of hand.和平方案遭到了斷然否決。fund, sponsor資助/支持新計劃a peace initiative sponsored by the Organization of African Unity由非洲統一組織首倡的和平方案back, endorse, support支持新舉措;贊同新計劃The committee endorsed an initiative by the chairman to enter discussion about a possible merger.委員會同意了主席提出的倡議,開始對可能進行的並購進行討論。promote, push推動新計劃welcome歡迎新計劃We welcome the government's initiative to help the homeless.我們歡迎政府提出的幫助無家可歸者的新方案。encourage鼓勵新方案INITIATIVE + VERBbe aimed at sth, be designed to新計劃旨在⋯a local initiative aimed at economic regeneration以經濟復興為目標的地方新舉措an initiative designed to promote collaborative research一項旨在推動合作研究的新計劃seek to do sth新計劃力圖⋯focus on sth新計劃以⋯為重點include sth, involve sth, relate to sth新計劃包含⋯/涉及⋯/關涉⋯fail, founder新計劃失敗The initiative foundered because there was no market interest in redevelopment.新計劃擱淺了,因為重建項目沒有市場需求。PREPOSITIONinitiative against針對⋯的方案a new initiative against car theft打擊汽車盜竊的新舉措initiative by由⋯提出的新計劃the latest initiative by the UN Secretary General聯合國秘書長發出的最新倡議initiative for為⋯而制訂的措施an initiative for peace and human rights旨在維護和平、保障人權的新舉措initiative on關於⋯的新方案the government's major new initiative on crime政府關於犯罪問題的重大新舉措 topic at business


2ability to decide/act independently自主能力;主動性ADJECTIVE | VERB + INITIATIVE | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgreat, real極大的積極性;真正的主動性individual, personal, private個人主動性;個人的積極性It is a very hierarchical company and there's little place for individual initiative.這家公司等級森嚴,少有發揮個人主動性的空間。VERB + INITIATIVEhave有主動性He had the initiative to ask what time the last train left.他主動詢問最後一班火車什麼時候開。display, show展現/表現主動性act on your own, use, work on your own積極行動;發揮主動性;主動工作He acted on his own initiative and wasn't following orders.他是主動這麼做的,並不是奉命行事。Don't ask me what you should do all the time. Use your initiative!別老是問我你該幹什麼,你要有自己的主意!encourage, promote鼓勵發揮主動性;提高積極性stifle扼殺積極性Raising taxes on small businesses will stifle initiative.提高小企業的稅收會抑制它們的積極性。PREPOSITIONon sb's initiative某人自發地The project was set up on the initiative of a local landowner.項目是由當地一名土地所有人發起的。initiative in⋯方面的積極性Some scientists show little initiative in applying their knowledge.有些科學家很少主動將自己的知識投入應用。PHRASESa lack of initiative, on your own initiative缺乏主動性;主動地In an unprecedented action, the army, on its own initiative, arrested seven civilians.軍隊竟然擅自逮捕了 7 名平民,這種行為是前所未有的。


3the initiative opportunity to gain an advantage主動權VERB + THE INITIATIVE | THE INITIATIVE + VERB | PREPOSITION VERB + THE INITIATIVEhave, hold擁有/掌握主動權After their latest setback, the rebel forces no longer hold the initiative.經過上次的失敗後,叛軍不再掌握主動權了。gain, seize, take贏得先機;抓住主動權;採取主動maintain, retain保持主動權regain重新獲得主動權She then regained the initiative in winning the third game.她贏得了第三局比賽,重新奪回了主動權。lose喪失主動權THE INITIATIVE + VERBcome from sb/sth, lie with sb主動權來自⋯;主動權在某方The initiative to reopen negotiations came from Moscow.重啟談判的主動權來自莫斯科方面。PREPOSITIONinitiative in⋯的主動權She took the initiative in asking the board to conduct an enquiry.她主動提請委員會進行調查。
IELTS BNC: 1688 COCA: 2138
initiative noun
IELTS BNC: 1688 COCA: 2138
Intelligence, intuition and ability to understand: intelligence, intuition, intellect...
Ways of solving problems: solution, compromise, remedy...
Creating, amending and abolishing laws: abolish, abrogate, amend...
Opportunities: opportunity, chance, choice...

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