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IELTS BNC: 1583 COCA: 700
stɔːʳ stɔr
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense stores, present participle storing, past tense , past participle stored
1 N-COUNT 商店(英国英语中主要指大型百货商店,而美国英语中可指任何规模的商店) A store is a building or part of a building where things are sold. In British English, store is used mainly to refer to a large shop selling a variety of goods, but in American English a store can be any size of shop. 商店(英国英语中主要指大型百货商店,而美国英语中可指任何规模的商店)
  • Bombs were planted in stores in Manchester and Blackpool.


  • ...grocery stores.


  • ...a record store.


SYN shop, outlet, department store, market
2 VERB 贮存;储备;存放 When you store things, you put them in a container or other place and leave them there until they are needed. 贮存;储备;存放 [Also VERB n]
  • Store the cookies in an airtight tin. [VERB noun prep./adv.]


  • Some types of garden furniture must be stored inside in the winter. [be VERB-ed prep./adv.]


SYN put away, put in storage, put in store, lock away
Store away means the same as store .store away store
  • He simply stored the tapes away.


  • He's stored away nearly one ton of potatoes.

    他已经储备了近 1 吨马铃薯。

3 VERB (在计算机里)存储;记忆;记录 When you store information, you keep it in your memory, in a file, or in a computer. (在计算机里)存储;记忆;记录
  • Where in the brain do we store information about colours? [VERB noun]


  • ...chips for storing data in electronic equipment. [VERB noun]


4 N-COUNT (事物的)储存,储备 A store of things is a supply of them that you keep somewhere until you need them. (事物的)储存,储备
  • I handed over my secret store of chocolate biscuits. [+ of]


  • Dolly's store of drinking glasses had run out.


5 N-COUNT 仓库;储存处 A store is a place where things are kept while they are not being used. 仓库;储存处
  • ...a decision taken in 1982 to build a store for spent fuel from submarines. [+ for]

    1982 年作出的为潜艇废燃料建立一个储存库的决定

  • ...a grain store.


6 N-COUNT 大量;丰富 If you have a store of knowledge, jokes, or stories, you have a large amount of them ready to be used. 大量;丰富
  • He possessed a vast store of knowledge. [+ of]


  • Jessica dipped into her store of theatrical anecdotes.


8 PHRASE 就要出现在身上;即将发生在身上 If something is in store for you, it is going to happen at some time in the future. 就要出现在身上;即将发生在身上
  • There were also surprises in store for me.


  • Who knows what lies in store for the President?


9 PHRASE 重视;珍惜;认为极为必要 If you set great store by something, you think that it is extremely important or necessary. 重视;珍惜;认为极为必要 [formal]
  • ...a retail group which sets great store by traditional values.


Phrasal verbs:
store away store up
Thesaurusstore Also look up:

business, market, shop 1

collection, reserve, stock 4


accumulate, keep, save 2 3

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IELTS BNC: 1583 COCA: 700


1place where you can buy things購物場所 see also shop ADJECTIVE | ... OF STORES | VERB + STORE | STORE + VERB | STORE + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig, large, major (especially BrE) 大商店;大型商店small小商店retail零售商店department百貨商店high-street, local, village (especially BrE) 商業街的/本地的/鄉村商店chain連鎖店online網上商店You can buy music from an online store.你可以在網店購買音樂。discount折扣店convenience, corner, general便利店;街頭小店;雜貨鋪specialty (NAmE) 專賣店outlet工廠直銷店DIY, electrical, grocery, hardware, health-food, liquor, record, toy, video, etc.自助式商店、電器商店、食品雜貨店、五金店、保健食品店、酒品店、唱片店、玩具店、音像店等dime (NAmE) 廉價品商店thrift (NAmE) (為慈善目的開設的)廉價舊貨店flagship旗艦店Ralph Lauren's flagship store on Madison Avenue麥迪遜大街上的拉爾夫・勞倫旗艦店... OF STORESchain一系列商店VERB + STOREgo to, visit去商店close, open關閉店面;開店The company plans to open two new stores in Dublin.該公司計劃在都柏林開兩家新店。operate, run經營商店The company operates four stores in Maryland.該公司在馬里蘭經營 4 家商店。hit進店出售The CD will hit stores in January.這張唱片將於 1 月份開始銷售。STORE + VERBcarry sth, offer sth, sell sth商店備有⋯/提供⋯/出售⋯The store offers a comprehensive line of auto parts.這家商店的汽車配件應有盡有。close, open商店關門/開門STORE + NOUNchain商店連鎖account, card (BrE) 商店賬戶/專用信用卡shelf, window (both especially NAmE) 商店貨架/櫥窗The new book has been flying off store shelves.這本新書十分暢銷。brand (especially NAmE) 零售商自有品牌Buying store brands certainly works out cheaper.購買商店自有品牌的商品肯定能省錢。sales (especially NAmE) 店鋪銷售額clerk, employee (both NAmE) 店員manager, owner店長;店主detective (especially BrE) (受雇在商店裏專抓竊取商品者的)商店偵探PREPOSITIONat a/the store, in a/the store在商店裏PHRASESthe back of a/the store, the front of a/the store在商店的後面/前面


2supply for future use貯備;貯存ADJECTIVE | VERB + STORE | STORE + NOUN | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgood, great, large, vast豐富的貯備;大量的貯備small少量貯備food食物貯備energy, fat能量/脂肪貯備your body's fat stores體內脂肪貯備VERB + STOREhave, keep有貯備;保持貯備build up增加貯備STORE + NOUNcupboard, room (usually storeroom) 貯藏櫃;貯藏室PREPOSITIONstore of⋯的貯備a vast store of knowledge知識的大量貯備


3place for keeping sth保存物品處ADJECTIVE | STORE + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEcold, dry冷藏庫;風乾貯藏倉庫Beef and lamb are hung in a cold store for at least a week.牛肉和羊肉至少要在冷藏庫裏掛一個星期。temporary臨時倉庫ammunition, equipment, grain, etc.軍火庫、設備庫、糧倉等STORE + VERBhold sth倉庫容量為⋯The grain store holds several thousand tons.這個糧倉可以存放幾千噸糧食。PREPOSITIONin a/the store在倉庫裏You'll find a ladder in the equipment store.你會在設備庫裏找到一部梯子。store for存⋯的倉庫We're using the shed as a temporary store for all our stuff.我們正用這個棚子作臨時倉庫貯存所有物資。


ADVERBcarefully, properly, safely, securely小心保存;妥善貯存;安全貯存The paintings were carefully stored in crates.油畫被妥善保存在木條箱裏。conveniently, easily貯存方便/容易Butane can be conveniently stored as a liquid in a can.丁烷可以液態的形式方便地貯存在罐中。permanently, temporarily永久/臨時貯存digitally, electronically數字/電子存貯electronically stored information電子存貯信息separately分開存放together一起存放away, up貯存起來
IELTS BNC: 1583 COCA: 700
store verb
keep1 (store up food) keep3 (store information)
store noun
shop (a department store) supplies (stores of food) supply (a store of knowledge) warehouse (a grain store)
IELTS BNC: 1583 COCA: 700
Collections, stores and sets of things: agglomeration, arsenal, assemblage...
Buildings and places for storing things: armory, armoury, arsenal...
General words relating to army life: base, billet, detail...
Memory and memories: memory, recall, recollection...
To remember: remember, recall, think back...

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