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BNC: 2848 COCA: 1575
fæt fæt
Word forms: comparative fatter, superlative fattest, plural fats
1 ADJ-GRADED (人或动物)肥胖的,肥的 If you say that a person or animal is fat, you mean that they have a lot of flesh on their body and that they weigh too much. You usually use the word fat when you think that this is a bad thing. (人或动物)肥胖的,肥的 [disapproval]
  • I could eat what I liked without getting fat.


  • After five minutes, the fat woman in the seat in front of me was asleep.


  • No one knows whether a child's tendency towards fatness is inherited or due to the food he eats.


Usage Note :
  • If you describe someone as fat, you are speaking in a very direct way, and this may be considered rude. If you want to say more politely that someone is rather fat, it is better to describe them as plump, or more informally, as chubby. Overweight and obese are used to describe someone who may have health problems because of their size or weight. Obese is also a medical term used to describe someone who is extremely fat or overweight. In general you should avoid using any of these words in the presence of the person you are describing.

    fat 来形容某人肥胖过于直接,而且有可能会被认为没有礼貌。表达此意更礼貌的说法是 plump chubby,其中 chubby更口语化。形容某人因块头过大或体重过重而出现健康问题时用 overweight obeseobese 还是医学术语,用以形容某人极度肥胖或过重。一般说来,这些词都应该避免当面使用。

2 N-UNCOUNT (动物或人的)肥肉,脂肪 Fat is the extra flesh that animals and humans have under their skin, which is used to store energy and to help keep them warm. (动物或人的)肥肉,脂肪
  • Because you're not burning calories, everything you eat turns to fat.


3 N-MASS (烹饪用的)动植物油 Fat is a solid or liquid substance obtained from animals or vegetables, which is used in cooking. (烹饪用的)动植物油
  • When you use oil or fat for cooking, use as little as possible.


  • ...vegetable fats, such as coconut oil and palm oil.


SYN oil, cream, cheese, butter
4 N-MASS (食物中的)脂肪 Fat is a substance contained in foods such as meat, cheese, and butter which forms an energy store in your body. (食物中的)脂肪
  • An easy way to cut the amount of fat in your diet is to avoid eating red meats.


  • Most low-fat yogurts are about 40 calories per 100g.


5 ADJ-GRADED (尤指书)厚的,宽的 A fat object, especially a book, is very thick or wide. (尤指书)厚的,宽的
  • ...'Europe in Figures', a fat book published on September 22nd.

    9 22 日出版的大部头书《数说欧洲》

  • He took out his fat wallet and peeled off some notes.


6 ADJ-GRADED [ADJ n] (利润或费用)巨大的,丰厚的 A fat profit or fee is a large one. (利润或费用)巨大的,丰厚的 [informal]
  • They are set to make a big fat profit.


SYN large, rich, substantial, thriving
7 PHRASE 可能性不大;无甚可能 If you say that there is fat chance of something happening, you mean that you do not believe that it will happen. 可能性不大;无甚可能 [informal, mainly spoken, feelings] [Also + of]
  • 'Would your car be easy to steal?' — 'Fat chance. I've got a device that shuts down the gas and ignition.'


8 PHRASE [VERB inflects, oft PHRASE on n] (…)发财,致富,大发横财,肥起来 If you say that a person or organization has grown fat on something, you mean that they have become very rich as a result of it. (…)发财,致富,大发横财,肥起来 [disapproval]
  • Liverpool grew fat on the basis of the slave trade.


9 PHRASE 无济于事;于事无补;毫无用处 If you say that something is a fat lot of good or a fat lot of help, you are saying rudely that it is no good or no help at all. 无济于事;于事无补;毫无用处 [informal]
  • 'I think we should go in and hammer them.' — 'And a fat lot of good that would do us.'


I'm fat, but I'm thin inside. Has it ever struck you that there's a thin man inside every fat man, just as they say there's a statue inside every block of stone? George Orwell Coming Up for Air
Imprisoned in every fat man a thin one is wildly signalling to be let out Cyril Connolly The Unquiet Grave
Let me have men about me that are fat William Shakespeare Julius Caesar
Some people are born to fatness. Others have to get there Les Murray
I'm built for comfort, I ain't built for speed Willie Dixon Built for Comfort
Fat is a social disease, and fat is a feminist issue Susie Orbach Fat is a Feminist Issue
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big, chunky, heavy, obese, overweight, stout, thick; (ant.) lean, skinny, slim, thin 1

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get fat 1

burn fat, lose fat 2


big and fat, short and fat 1

high/low in fat, saturated fat 3

excess fat 3 4

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BNC: 2848 COCA: 1575


1substance directly under your skin脂肪ADJECTIVE | VERB + FAT | FAT + VERB | PHRASES ADJECTIVEexcess, extra, stored多餘的/額外的/貯存的脂肪Are you carrying extra fat around your middle?你的腰部有贅肉嗎?body身體脂肪baby, puppy (BrE) 嬰兒肥;兒童的肥胖He had lost all his baby fat / puppy fat.他完全沒有了孩提時的肥胖。VERB + FATgain, put on長脂肪If you eat too much you will put on fat.吃得太多會長胖的。go to, run to長脂肪She was middle-aged and running to fat.她人到中年,很快地發福了。burn, burn off, lose, shed燃燒/燃燒掉/失去/去除脂肪Exercise helps you burn off excess fat.運動有助於消耗多餘的脂肪。store貯存脂肪the amount of fat stored in the body體內貯存的脂肪量break down分解脂肪Claims that anti-cellulite creams can break down fat are controversial.纖體霜可以分解脂肪的說法有爭議。FAT + VERBaccumulate脂肪堆積The waistline is usually the first area where fat accumulates.最先有脂肪堆積的部位通常是腰部。PHRASESnot an ounce of fat一點兒脂肪都沒有His body was all muscle, with not an ounce of fat.他全身都是肌肉,一點兒脂肪都沒有。a roll of fat一圈脂肪He had great rolls of fat around his middle.他的腰部堆積起好幾圈肥肉。


2in your diet/used in cooking食用油脂ADJECTIVE | VERB + FAT | FAT + VERB | FAT + NOUN ADJECTIVEdietary食用油脂added, excess, extra添加的/多餘的/額外的油脂reduced減少的油脂a reduced-fat diet低脂食譜high高油脂visible可以看見的油脂total全部的油脂Eat a diet low in total fat.要吃含總油脂量低的食物。healthful, healthy, unhealthy有益於健康的/健康的/不健康的油脂the best wholefood sources of healthy fats健康脂肪的最佳純天然食物來源Cut down drastically on unhealthy fats.要大量減少不健康油脂的攝入。animal, vegetable動物/植物油脂hydrogenated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated, trans, unsaturated氫化油脂;單不飽和脂肪;多不飽和脂肪;飽和脂肪;反式脂肪;不飽和脂肪margarines that contain polyunsaturated fats含有多不飽和脂肪的人造黃油cooking烹調用油bacon, beef, duck, pork, etc.火腿油、牛油、鴨油、豬油等rendered熬煉的油脂rendered bacon fat熬煉的火腿油脂hot熱油Put the chicken in hot fat and braise thoroughly.把雞肉放入熱油中燜至爛熟。VERB + FATcontain, have含有油脂This cheese has a lot of fat in it.這種奶酪含有很多油脂。be high in fat, be low in fat油脂含量高/含量低Ice cream is high in fat and sugar.冰激凌的油脂和糖分含量高。consume, eat消耗/食用油脂The amount of fat you eat can affect the health of your heart.攝入的油脂過量會影響心臟的健康。cut down on, reduce減少/降低脂肪It's easy to cut down on fat without changing your diet too much.飲食無需太大的改變就可以輕鬆減少脂肪。Reduce saturated fats in your diet.減少飲食中飽和脂肪的攝入量。avoid, cut out, eliminate避免/停止食用/除去脂肪Avoid excess saturated fats as found in meat, poultry, and eggs.避免過多攝入存在於肉、禽類和雞蛋中的飽和脂肪。She has cut out fat altogether in an effort to lose weight.她為了減肥,一點兒油脂也不吃。cut, remove, trim切去/去除/切掉肥肉Trim any visible fat off the meat before cooking.烹調前切掉所有看得見的肥肉。drain, drain off, pour off, skim off瀝出油脂;倒出油脂;撇去油脂Remove the turkey from the pan and drain off the excess fat.把火雞從鍋中取出,瀝去多餘的油。add加入油脂Add the remaining duck fat and chicken stock and bring to a boil.加入剩下的鴨油和雞湯,然後將其煮沸。FAT + VERBcontain sth脂肪含有⋯Fats contain more calories than carbohydrates.脂肪比碳水化合物含有更多的熱量。FAT + NOUNintake脂肪攝入the relationship between fat intake and cholesterol levels脂肪攝入與膽固醇水平的關係content脂肪含量Despite its very low fat content, it is deliciously creamy.雖然脂肪含量很低,但是味美似乳脂。


VERBS | ADVERB | PHRASES VERBSbe, feel, look肥胖;感覺肥胖;看上去胖become, get, grow變胖;長胖make sb使某人胖Try to cut out the foods that are making you fat.盡量不吃使人變胖的東西。call sb說某人胖Are you calling me fat?你是在說我胖嗎?ADVERBenormously, hugely, immensely, really, very極其肥胖;非常胖;其胖無比;確實胖;很胖quite, rather相當胖;頗為胖PHRASESbig fat極其肥胖I was sitting next to a big fat man.我坐在一位大胖男人旁邊。a big fat envelope stuffed with money一個塞滿鈔票的鼓鼓囊囊的大信封
BNC: 2848 COCA: 1575


fat ♦︎ overweight ♦︎ plump ♦︎ obese ♦︎ chubby ♦︎ stoutThese words all describe people who have too much flesh on their body and weigh too much. 这些词均表示肥胖的、过重的。NOTE 辨析 Although people talk a lot about their own size or weight, it is generally not considered polite to refer to a person's large size or their weight when you talk to them. 虽然人们常谈论自己的身材和体重,但一般认为与人谈话时提及对方的胖大身材或体重是不礼貌的。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达肥胖的程度
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a fat / an overweight / a plump / an obese / a chubby / a stout man / womana fat / an overweight / a plump / an obese / a chubby childa fat / an overweight / a plump / a chubby babya fat / plump / chubby boy / girla fat / plump / chubby / stout body / facefat / plump / chubby arms / cheeks / fingers / legs / hands fat (of a person or part of the body) having too much flesh and weighing too much (人或身体部位)肥胖的A big fat man walked into the room.一个胖大汉走进房间。You'll get fat if you eat so much chocolate.你如果吃这么多巧克力会发胖的。I was ashamed of my fat flabby legs.我为自己发胖松弛的双腿感到羞愧。Fat is the most common and direct word, but it is not polite to say to sb that they are fat. Fat is used more frequently in spoken English than in written English. * fat最通用,意思最直接,但当面用fat说某人胖不礼貌。fat较常用于口语而非书面语中。 OPP thin thin fatness


[uncountable] Fatness tends to run in families.肥胖往往有遗传性。
overweight (of a person) too heavy and fat; weighing more than you should to be perfectly healthy (人)太胖的,超重的;过胖而不健康的She was only a few pounds overweight.她只是超重几磅而已。A number of medical conditions are due to being overweight.一些疾病的起因是体重超标。It is less offensive to talk about sb being overweight than to talk about them being fat, but it is still not polite to say to sb that they are overweight. 与fat相比,overweight冒犯的意味较轻,但当面用overweight说某人胖仍然是不礼貌的。 OPP underweight thin plump (of a person or part of the body) having a soft, round body; slightly fat (人或身体部位)丰腴的,微胖的;丰满的Our new teacher was a short, plump woman.我们的新老师是位女士,个子不高,身材圆润。His plump face was pink with embarrassment.他圆鼓鼓的脸庞因尴尬而涨得绯红。Plump suggests that a person is slightly fat in an attractive way. * plump指体态丰腴迷人。 OPP slim thin obese əʊˈbiːs; NAmE oʊˈbiːs (rather formal or medical 医学) (of a person) very fat, in a way that is not healthy (人)痴肥的,臃肿的,病态肥胖的Obese patients are given dietary advice.给过于肥胖的病人提了饮食方面的建议。Obese is used by doctors to describe people who are so fat that they are unhealthy. It is also used in a general way to mean 'very fat'. * obese是医学用语,指患肥胖症的,亦可泛指十分肥胖。 obesity


[uncountable] Obesity can increase the risk of heart disease.肥胖会增加患心脏病的危险。
chubby (often approving) (of a person or part of the body) slightly fat in a way that people usually find attractive (人或身体部位)胖乎乎的,圆胖的Aah, look at his chubby little hands!啊,看看他胖乎乎的小手!She was eleven years old and pretty in a chubby sort of way.她十一岁,胖乎乎的,很可爱。Chubby is used mainly to describe babies and children. * chubby主要用以形容婴儿和儿童。 OPP skinny thin stout staʊt (especially BrE, rather formal) (of a man or woman) rather fat (男人或女人)肥胖的,肥壮的He was a stout man with a red face.他是个红脸壮汉。 stoutly


He was tall and stoutly built.他长得五大三粗的。


fat ♦︎ butter ♦︎ oil ♦︎ margarine ♦︎ lard ♦︎ grease ♦︎ blubber ♦︎ spreadThese are all words for soft solid or liquid substances from animals or vegetables which are used for cooking or spreading on bread. 这些词均表示脂肪、油脂。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配low fat margarine / spreadvegetable fat / oil / margarineto spread butter / margarine on sthto fry / cook sth in fat / butter / oil / margarine / lardto heat the fat / butter / oilbread and butter / margarine fat [uncountable, countable] a white or yellow substance in the bodies of animals and humans, stored under the skin; a solid or liquid substance from animals or plants, treated so that it becomes pure for use in cooking; these fats, when you are thinking of them as a part of what sb eats 脂肪;肥肉;(烹调用的)动植物油Aerobic exercise will help you burn off excess body fat.做有氧运动有助于消耗体内多余的脂肪。Cook the meat in shallow fat.用少许油煎肉。Stick to foods which are low in fat.坚持食用低脂肪食物。You should cut down on fats and carbohydrates.你应该减少摄入脂肪和碳水化合物。Fat is a general word which can be used instead of butter, oil, margarine, lard or grease but you only use it when you do not know or it is not important which kind of fat you are talking about. * fat泛指油脂。但只有在不知道所指为哪种油脂或油脂的种类不重要时才用fat,否则要用butter、oil、margarine、lard或grease等具体的词。 butter [uncountable] a soft yellow food made from cream or milk, used in cooking and for spreading on bread 黄油;奶油Fry the onions in butter.用黄油炒洋葱。If you're still hungry, have some bread and butter.你要是还觉得饿,就吃点涂黄油的面包片吧。 butter


[transitive] She buttered four thick slices of bread.她将黄油涂在四片厚厚的面包上。
oil [uncountable, countable] a smooth thick liquid that is made from plants and is used in cooking (植物性)食用油Heat a little olive oil in a non-stick frying pan.用不粘锅加热一点儿橄榄油。 margarine ˌmɑːdʒəˈriːn; NAmE ˈmɑːrdʒərən [uncountable] a yellow substance like butter made from vegetable fat, used in cooking or spread on bread 人造黄油;人造奶油She took some margarine and spread it on the bread.她拿了一些人造黄油涂在面包上。 lard [uncountable] a firm white substance made from the melted fat of pigs, that is used in cooking (烹调用的)猪油Use sunflower oil instead of lard.用葵花籽油,不要用猪油。 grease griːs [uncountable] (disapproving) animal fat that has been softened by cooking or heating (炼过的)动物油脂He collected the plates, which were covered with grease.他收走那些油腻的盘子。 Grease is unwanted fat that comes out of food; it is not used to talk about fat used for cooking in. * grease指食物中多余的油脂,而非烹调用的油脂Heat a little grease in the pan. greasy


The hotel smelt of stale smoke and greasy food.这家旅馆有股难闻的烟味和油腻食物的气味。
blubber [uncountable] the fat of some sea animals such as whales 鲸脂;海兽脂A thick layer of blubber helps insulate seals against the cold.海豹身上厚厚的脂肪层有助于抵御寒冷。 spread [countable, uncountable] a soft food, like margarine, that you put on bread 面包抹酱(如人造黄油)Use a low-fat spread instead of butter.不要抹黄油,用低脂的抹酱吧。They offered me some crackers with cheese spread.他们给了我一些涂有奶酪酱的薄脆饼干。
BNC: 2848 COCA: 1575

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