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ɒfəʳ ɔːfər ˈɔfər ˈɑfər
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense offers, present participle offering, past tense , past participle offered
1 VERB 提供;给予 If you offer something to someone, you ask them if they would like to have it or use it. 提供;给予
  • He has offered seats at the conference table to the Russian leader and the president of Kazakhstan. [VERB noun + to]


  • The number of companies offering them work increased. [VERB noun noun]


  • Rhys offered him an apple. [VERB noun noun]


  • Western governments have offered aid. [VERB noun]


SYN present with, give, hand, hold out to
2 VERB (主动)表示愿意(做某事);提议 If you offer to do something, you say that you are willing to do it. (主动)表示愿意(做某事);提议
  • Peter offered to teach them water-skiing. [VERB to-infinitive]


  • 'Can I get you a drink,' she offered. [VERB with quote]


3 N-COUNT 提供(物);给予(物);提议 An offer is something that someone says they will give you or do for you. 提供(物);给予(物);提议
  • The offer of talks with Moscow marks a significant change from the previous western position. [+ of]


  • 'I ought to reconsider her offer to move in,' he mused.


  • He had refused several excellent job offers.


4 VERB 提供(信息、建议等);作出(表扬) If you offer someone information, advice, or praise, you give it to them, usually because you feel that they need it or deserve it. 提供(信息、建议等);作出(表扬) [Also VERB n + to]
  • They manage a company offering advice on mergers and acquisitions. [VERB noun]


  • She offered him emotional and practical support in countless ways. [VERB noun noun]


  • They are offered very little counselling or support. [be VERB-ed noun]


5 VERB 给予,表示(爱、友谊等) If you offer someone something such as love or friendship, you show them that you feel that way towards them. 给予,表示(爱、友谊等)
  • The President has offered his sympathy to the Georgian people. [VERB noun + to]


  • It must be better to be able to offer them love and security. [VERB noun noun]


  • John's mother and sister rallied round offering comfort. [VERB noun]


6 VERB (向上帝或神)奉献(祈祷、赞美),祭献(牺牲) If people offer prayers, praise, or a sacrifice to God or a god, they speak to or give something to their god. (向上帝或神)奉献(祈祷、赞美),祭献(牺牲) [Also VERB n n]
  • Church leaders offered prayers and condemned the bloodshed. [VERB noun]


  • He will offer the first harvest of rice to the sun goddess. [VERB noun + to]


SYN sacrifice, give up, offer up
Offer up means the same as offer .offer up offer
  • He should consider offering up a prayer to St Lambert.


7 VERB (机构等)提供,给予(服务、产品等) If an organization offers something such as a service or product, it provides it. (机构等)提供,给予(服务、产品等)
  • We have been successful because we are offering a quality service. [VERB noun]


  • Sainsbury's is offering customers 1p for each shopping bag reused.


  • Eagle Star offers a 10% discount to the over-55s. [VERB noun + to]


8 N-COUNT [oft on NOUN] (商品的)特价,特惠 An offer in a shop is a specially low price for a specific product or something extra that you get if you buy a certain product. (商品的)特价,特惠
  • This month's offers include a shirt, trousers and bed covers.


  • Today's special offer gives you a choice of three destinations.


  • Over 40 new books are on offer at 25 per cent off their normal retail price.


SYN bargain, deal [informal] , discount, steal [informal]
9 VERB (买方)出(价),开(价) If you offer a particular amount of money for something, you say that you will pay that much to buy it. (买方)出(价),开(价) [Also VERB n + to]
  • Whitney has offered $21.50 a share in cash for 49.5 million Prime shares. [VERB amount]

    惠特尼公司开出每股21.50美元的现金价收购4,950 万股普赖姆公司的股票。

  • They are offering farmers $2.15 a bushel for corn. [V n amount]


  • He will write Rachel a note and offer her a fair price for the land. [VERB noun noun]


  • It was his custom in buying real estate to offer a rather low price. [VERB noun]


10 N-COUNT (买方的)报价,开价;赔偿金 An offer is the amount of money that someone says they will pay to buy something or give to someone because they have harmed them in some way. (买方的)报价,开价;赔偿金
  • The lawyers say no one else will make me an offer.


  • He has dismissed an offer of compensation.


11 PHRASE 具有某种品质(或能力) If you have something to offer, you have a quality or ability that makes you important, attractive, or useful. 具有某种品质(或能力)
  • In your free time, explore all that this incredible city has to offer.


12 PHRASE 提供的;供使用的;待售的 If there is something on offer, it is available to be used or bought. 提供的;供使用的;待售的
  • Savings schemes are the best retail investment products on offer.


  • ...country cottages on offer at bargain prices.


SYN available, for sale, on the market, to be had
13 PHRASE 愿意考虑买方出价;愿意接受合理报价 If you are open to offers, you are willing to do something if someone will pay you an amount of money that you think is reasonable. 愿意考虑买方出价;愿意接受合理报价
  • It seems that while the Kiwis are keen to have him, he is still open to offers.


Phrasal verbs:
offer up
He's a businessman ... I'll make him an offer he can't refuse Mario Puzo The Godfather
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1of help or sth that is needed提供的幫助;給予之物ADJECTIVE | VERB + OFFER | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEgenerous, kind慷慨的提供;好心的給予conditional, unconditional (both especially BrE) 有條件的/無條件的提供The company has made a conditional offer.該公司答應有條件地提供幫助。She received a conditional offer from the University of Warwick. (BrE) 她接到了沃里克大學附帶條件的錄取通知書。job就業機會的提供peace (usually peace offering) 和平提議VERB + OFFERmake (sb)(向某人)提議He made me an offer I simply couldn't refuse.他的提議讓我簡直無法拒絕。withdraw撤銷提議get, have, receive獲得/得到/接到提議accept, take, take up接受/採取/採納提議decline, refuse, turn down婉拒/拒絕/駁回提議consider考慮提議PREPOSITIONon offer供出售the range of goods on offer出售商品的範圍offer from來自⋯的提供I had to turn down a job offer from a publisher because the pay was too low.我不得不拒絕一家出版商給我的工作機會,因為報酬太低了。offer of⋯的提供They refused our offer of help.他們拒絕接受我們提供的幫助。


2special price/deal優惠ADJECTIVE | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEspecial特價cheap (BrE) 廉價The council do cheap offers on compost bins.市政會廉價提供堆肥桶。free免費贈送I got the conditioner in a free offer with my shampoo.我買洗髮水時免費獲贈了護髮素。introductory推廣優惠Your first order is delivered free as an introductory offer.作為試銷品,您首次訂貨可免費配送。PREPOSITIONon offer (BrE) 待售We have a number of bargains on offer.我們有許多要出售的便宜貨。


3amount of money錢數ADJECTIVE | VERB + OFFER | OFFER + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEacceptable, attractive, fair, good, reasonable可接受的/有吸引力的/公道的/優惠的/合理的報價The company says it has made a good offer which cannot be improved upon.該公司稱他們已經給出了優惠價,不能再優惠了。$500 is my best offer (= the highest price I will offer).500 美元是我出的最高價。tempting誘人的出價high, low高的報價;低的報價We realized we would not get a higher offer.我們意識到我們得不到更高的出價了。first, initial第一次/最初的報價Don't just accept the first offer.不要直接接受第一次報價。final最後的報價firm, formal實盤;正式報價No one has made a firm offer.沒有人報實盤。lucrative利潤豐厚的報價pay (BrE) 給予的工資The union has voted for industrial action after rejecting a pay offer.工會在拒絕資方的工資提議後投票決定舉行罷工。takeover收購報價cash, tender (both business商業) 現金報價;投標價a cash offer of $21 a share每股 21 美元的現金價格contract (sport體育) 合同價格The Rams have made him a two-year contract offer.拉姆斯公司給了他兩年的合同價。VERB + OFFERmake (sb), put in(向某人)提出報價withdraw撤銷報價get, receive收到報價consider, listen to考慮/聽取報價I'll listen to any reasonable offer.我將考慮任何合理的報價。accept, take接受報價reject, turn down拒絕報價increase, up提高報價They just kept upping their offer until I had to say yes.他們一個勁地提高報價,直到我不得不接受。match使報價不相上下We should be able to match their offer for the player.我們應該能為那位球員開出和他們相同的報價。OFFER + NOUNprice出價PREPOSITIONunder offer (BrE) 已有人出價購買The property is currently under offer to a client.這處房產目前已有一位客戶出價打算購買。offer for就⋯的報價Several people put in an offer for the house.好幾個人對這所房子提出了報價。offer of為數⋯的報價They accepted our offer of £80 000.他們接受了我們 8 萬英鎊的報價。PHRASESbe open to offers (especially BrE) 願意考慮還價The asking price is £500 but I'm open to offers.要價是 500 英鎊,但價錢還可以商量。or best offer (abbreviated to o.b.o) (NAmE) 價格可議Excellent condition. $1 000 or best offer.狀況極佳,1,000 美元,價格可議。or near offer, or nearest offer (abbreviated to o.n.o) (BrE) 或略低於此的價格They are selling their car for £2 500 or near offer.他們的車要賣 2,500 英鎊或略低於此的價格。


1give/provide sth; ask if sb would like sth提供;詢問是否需要ADVERB | VERB + OFFER | PREPOSITION ADVERBgenerously, graciously, kindly慷慨地/仁慈地/好心地提供She graciously offered to get pizza so I wouldn't have to cook.她好心地提出去買比薩餅,省得我做飯。helpfully出於幫忙提出freely免費提供Hospitality was freely offered to refugees.可免費招待難民。VERB + OFFERbe able to, be unable to, can能夠/不能/可以提供the protection that life insurance can offer壽險所能提供的保障appear to, seem to好像能提供The plan seemed to offer real advantages.這個計劃好像確實能帶來好處。fail to未能提供be pleased to (formal) , would like to樂於/願意提供
I refer to your recent application and interview and am pleased to offer you the post of editor.參考了你最近的申請和面試表現,我很樂於請你擔任編輯一職。aim to, seek to意欲提供claim to聲稱能提供They claim to offer a more comprehensive service than other companies.他們聲稱能提供比其他公司更全面的服務。be expected to, be likely to預計/很可能提供This investment is likely to offer a higher return.這項投資很可能會帶來較高的回報。be compelled to, be forced to, be obliged to不得不提供feel compelled to, feel obliged to覺得必須/覺得有義務提供She felt obliged to offer him a bed for the night.她感覺不得不讓他留宿一晚。have little to, have a lot to, have nothing to, have something to, etc.沒多少、有許多、沒東西、有東西等可提供This player has proved that he still has a lot to offer (= can still play well).該運動員證明了他仍有很大潛力。have sth to有⋯提供a chance to see what the college has to offer students一個可瞭解該學院能為學生提供什麼的機會PREPOSITIONto提供給She offered drinks to her guests.她給客人端了些飲料。


2say that you will pay a certain amount出價VERB + OFFER | PREPOSITION VERB + OFFERbe able to, be unable to, can能夠/不能/可以出價be prepared to, be ready to, be willing to準備出價;願意出價Would they be prepared to offer any more?他們準備出更高的價錢嗎?PREPOSITIONfor為⋯出價They have offered over £500 000 for the house.他們出價五十多萬英鎊購買這所房子。
offer noun
offer1 (an offer of help) offer2 (an offer of £2 500)
offer verb
offer1 (offer good facilities) offer2 (offer to help)


an offer of help 主动提出帮忙an offer of £2 500 for the car 出价2 500英镑买这辆汽车offer ♦︎ approach ♦︎ overture ♦︎ advances ♦︎ proposalThese are all words for an act of suggesting that you do sth for sb, or that sb does sth with you. 这些词均表示主动提议、建议、要求。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an offer / an approach / overtures / advances / a proposal to sban offer / overtures / a proposal of sthan offer / a proposal of marriage(a) friendly offer / approach / overturesto make / receive an offer / an approach / overtures / advances / a proposalto reject sb's offer / approach / overtures / advances / proposalto respond to / spurn sb's offer / overtures / advances / proposalto accept / decline / refuse / turn down an offer / a proposal offer [countable] an act of suggesting that you do sth for sb or that you give sth to sb 主动提议;建议Thank you for your kind offer of help.谢谢你好意提出帮忙。I accepted her offer to pay.她要付款,我同意了。I took him up on his offer of a loan.他主动借钱给我,我接受了。You can't just turn down offers of work like that.人家给你工作,你不能就那样一一谢绝呀。 approach [countable] (rather formal) an act of speaking to sb about sth, especially when making an offer or request 接洽;建议;要求The club has made an approach to a local company for sponsorship.俱乐部已经向一家本地公司寻求赞助。She resented his persistent approaches.她对他没完没了的纠缠极为反感。 approach


[transitive] We have been approached by a number of companies that are interested in our product.一些对我们的产品感兴趣的公司已和我们接洽。
overture ˈəʊvətʃʊə(r), ˈəʊvətjʊə(r); NAmE ˈoʊvərtʃər, ˈoʊvərtʃʊr [countable, usually plural] a suggestion or action by which sb tries to make friends, start a business relationship or have discussions with sb else 友好姿态;建议He began making overtures to a number of merchant banks.他开始主动同一些投资银行接触。Maggie was never one to reject a friendly overture.玛吉从来不会拒绝别人友好的表示。NOTE 辨析 Approach or overture? Approach is often used to talk about a more businesslike way of speaking to sb; overture suggests more of an attempt to persuade sb to like you or want to do business with you. * approach常意味着公事公办的口吻,overture多意味着企图博得某人好感或想博得某人与你做生意。 advances [plural] (rather formal) attempts to start a sexual relationship with sb 勾引;求爱;追求He had made advances to one of his students.他曾追求过他的一个学生。She rejected his sexual advances.她拒绝了他的性要求。Advances are often described as amorous or sexual, but even when no adjective is used, the sexual meaning is understood. * advance前常用amorous或sexual来修饰,但即使前面没有形容词,性的含义也是可以领会的。 proposal [countable] an act of formally asking sb to marry you 求婚She had been hoping for a sweet old-fashioned proposal of marriage.她一直期待着那种甜蜜的旧式求婚方式。Proposal also has the much more frequent and general meaning of a formal suggestion or plan. * proposal更常见、更通用的意思是提议、提案。 see also proposal proposal propose


[intransitive, transitive] He was afraid that if he proposed she might refuse.他担心他若求婚,她会拒绝。She proposed to me!她向我求婚了!to propose marriage求婚


an offer of help 主动提出帮忙an offer of £2 500 for the car 出价2 500英镑买这辆汽车offer ♦︎ bid ♦︎ tenderThese are all words for the act of offering a particular amount of money to buy sth, or to do work or provide services for a particular amount of money. 这些词均表示出价、投标。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an offer / a bid / a tender for stha competitive offer / bid / tenderto put in / receive / accept an offer / a bid / a tenderto invite offers / bids / tendersto make / withdraw an offer / a bid offer [countable] an amount of money that sb is willing to pay for sth 出价;报价I've had an offer of £2 500 for the car.有人向我出价2 500英镑买这辆汽车。They made me an offer I couldn't refuse.他们开出了一个使我不能拒绝的报价。The original price was $3 000, but I'm open to offers (= willing to consider offers that are less than that).原价为3 000元,但价钱还可以商量。 bid [countable] (especially business 尤用于商业 or journalism 新闻) an offer by a person or company to pay a particular amount of money for sth; an offer to carry out work or provide goods or a service for a particular price, in competition with other companies 买方的出价;投标The company mounted a hostile takeover bid for its rival.该公司向竞争对手出价进行敌意收购。At the auction (= a public sale where things are sold to the person who offers most), the highest bid for the picture was £200 000.拍卖会上,这幅画的最高出价为20万英镑。Any more bids?还有谁出更高的价吗?The company submitted a bid for the contract to clean the hospital.该公司投标承包这所医院的清洁工作。 (NAmE also) a bid on the contract投标争取这份合同 bid


[intransitive, transitive] They successfully bid for the contract.他们投标成功,拿到了合同。 (NAmE also) They successfully bid on the contract.他们投标成功,拿到了合同。Which other cities are bidding to host the 2016 Olympics?还有哪些城市在申办2016年奥运会?
tender [countable] (especially BrE, rather formal, business 商业) a formal offer to carry out work or provide goods or a service for a particular price, in competition with other companies 投标The local authority has invited tenders for the supply of school meals.地方当局已就校餐的供应事宜进行招标。Cleaning and laundry services have been put out to tender (= companies have been asked to make offers to supply these services).清洁和洗衣工作已对外招标。 tender


[intransitive] Local firms were invited to tender for the building contract.本地公司获邀投标承包建筑工程。


offer good facilities/prospects 提供优良的设施/良好的前景offer to help/offer sb a job 主动提出帮忙;给某人一份工作offer ♦︎ extend ♦︎ hold out sth ♦︎ tender ♦︎ volunteerThese words all mean to make sth available or to provide the opportunity for sth. 这些词均表示提供东西或机会。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to offer / extend a / an invitation / welcometo offer / extend aid / credit / hospitality / sympathy / condolences / congratulationsto offer / hold out the hope / possibility / prospect of sthto offer / tender adviceto offer / volunteer a / an suggestion / opinionto offer / volunteer informationto offer / tender your apologies / resignation offer [transitive] to make sth available or to provide the opportunity for sth 提供(东西或机会);供应The hotel offers excellent facilities for families.这家旅馆为入住的家庭提供一流的服务设施。The job didn't offer any prospects for promotion.这份工作提供不了任何升迁的希望。He did not offer any explanation for his behaviour.他没有对自己的行为作出任何解释。 extend [transitive] (formal) to offer or give sth to sb, especially as a way of welcoming sb or expressing kind feelings towards them 提供,给予(尤指为了表示欢迎或善意)We extend our sympathy to the families of the victims.我们对罹难者的家人深表同情。The bank refused to extend credit to them (= to lend them money).银行拒绝向他们提供信贷。Extend is a more formal way of saying offer when you are talking about aid, credit, hospitality, a welcome or an invitation, or expressions of feelings including greetings, congratulations, condolences and sympathy. 与aid、credit、hospitality、welcome、invitation等词搭配时,又或是与greeting、congratulation、condolence、sympathy等表示感情的词搭配时,extend是比offer较正式的说法。 ˌhold ˈout sth

phrasal verb

(held, held)to offer a chance, hope or possibility of sth 提供机会;给予希望;使有可能Doctors hold out little hope of her recovering.医生对她的痊愈不抱什么希望。Hold out is usually followed by hope, but other possible collocates are possibility, promise and prospect. * hold out通常后接hope,而其他可搭配的词还有possibility、promise和prospect。
tender [transitive] (formal) to offer or give sth to sb 提议;提供;提出He has tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister.他已向首相递交辞呈。Tender is a more formal way of saying offer when you are talking about giving your resignation or apologies. 与resignation或apology搭配时,tender是比offer较正式的说法。 volunteer ˌvɒlənˈtɪə(r); NAmE ˌvɑːlənˈtɪr [transitive] (written) to suggest sth or tell sb sth without being asked 主动建议(或告诉)Nobody asked her, and she didn't volunteer any information.没有人问她,她也未主动提供任何信息。People typically volunteer a statement, a suggestion, information, a comment or an opinion. * volunteer通常与statement、suggestion、information、comment或opinion等词搭配。


offer good facilities/prospects 提供优良的设施/良好的前景offer to help/offer sb a job 主动提出帮忙;给某人一份工作offer ♦︎ hold sth out ♦︎ bid ♦︎ volunteerThese words are all used for saying that sb is willing to do sth for sb or give sth to sb. 这些词均表示主动提出、自愿给予。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to offer sth / hold sth out to sbto offer sth / bid / volunteer for sthto offer / volunteer to do sthto offer / volunteer help / your servicesto offer / hold out your handto offer / hold out a plate / glassto offer / bid £2 000 / a sum offer [transitive] to say that you are willing to do sth for sb or give sth to sb 主动提出;自愿给予He offered £4 000 for the car.他出价4 000英镑买这辆汽车。They are offering a reward for the return of their cat.他们正在悬赏寻猫。They decided to offer the job to Jo.他们决定把这份工作给乔。They decided to offer Jo the job.他们决定让乔做这份工作。The kids offered to do the dishes.孩子们主动要求洗盘子。'I'll do it,' she offered.“这个我来做吧。”她主动说。 ˌhold sth ˈout

phrasal verb

(held, held)to put your hand or arms, or sth in your hand, towards sb, especially to give or offer sth 伸出手(或胳膊);递出东西He held out the keys and I took them.他伸手把钥匙递过来,我接了。I held out my hand to steady her.我伸出手扶住她。
bid (bidding, bid, bid) [transitive, intransitive] to offer to pay a particular price for sth, especially at an auction 出(某个数额的)价;(尤指拍卖中)喊价An auction is a public event at which things are sold to the person who offers the most money for them. * auction指拍卖I bid £2 000 for the painting.我出2 000英镑买这幅画。We wanted to buy the chairs but another couple were bidding against us.我们想买下那几把椅子,但另一对夫妇在同我们竞价。Bid is usually used in a situation in which several people want to buy the same thing. * bid通常指好几个人竞买同一件物品。 volunteer ˌvɒlənˈtɪə(r); NAmE ˌvɑːlənˈtɪr [intransitive, transitive] to offer to do sth without being forced to do it or without getting paid for it 自愿做;义务做;无偿做Several staff members volunteered for early retirement.几个职员自愿提前退休。Jill volunteered to organize a petition.吉尔自告奋勇组织请愿。He volunteered his services as a driver.他自愿充当司机服务大家。 volunteer


[countable] Are there any volunteers to help clear up?有自愿帮忙打扫的人吗?volunteer carers / helpers义务护理员/援助者
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