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BNC: 2192 COCA: 2417
glɑːns glæns glæns glɑns
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense glances, present participle glancing, past tense , past participle glanced
1 VERB 瞥;迅速地看一眼 If you glance at something or someone, you look at them very quickly and then look away again immediately. 瞥;迅速地看一眼
  • He glanced at his watch. [VERB prep./adv.]


  • I glanced back. [VERB prep./adv.]


2 VERB 浏览 If you glance through or at a newspaper, report, or book, you spend a short time looking at it without reading it very carefully. 浏览
  • I picked up the phone book and glanced through it. [VERB + through]


  • I never even glanced at the political page of a daily paper. [VERB + at]


SYN scan, browse, dip into, leaf through
3 N-COUNT 一瞥;扫视 A glance is a quick look at someone or something. 一瞥;扫视
  • Trevor and I exchanged a glance.


  • ...stealing a quick glance at her watch.


4 PHRASE 立刻;一眼就 If you see something at a glance, you see or recognize it immediately, and without having to think or look carefully. 立刻;一眼就
  • One could tell at a glance that she was a compassionate person.


5 PHRASE 乍一看;乍看上去 If you say that something is true or seems to be true at first glance, you mean that it seems to be true when you first see it or think about it, but that your first impression may be wrong. 乍一看;乍看上去
  • At first glance, organic farming looks much more expensive for the farmer.


SYN on the surface, apparently, seemingly, at first sight
6 PHRASE 偷偷地看一眼;偷瞥 If you steal a glance at someone or something, you look at them quickly so that nobody sees you looking. 偷偷地看一眼;偷瞥
  • He stole a glance at the clock behind her. [+ at]


Phrasal verbs:
glance off
Word Partnership
Word PartnershipUse glance with:

glance at someone, glance over someone's shoulder 1

glance at something, glance over 1 2

glance through 2


quick glance 3


exchange a glance 3

steal a glance 6

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BNC: 2192 COCA: 2417


ADJECTIVE | VERB + GLANCE | GLANCE + VERB | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbackward, sidelong, sideways向後一瞟;斜瞥She cast a sidelong glance at Fern.她瞥了一眼弗恩。brief, cursory, fleeting, quick, swift短促的/粗略的/短暫的/很快的/迅速的一瞥After a cursory glance at the report he frowned.他草草看了一下報告,皺起了眉頭。casual不經意的一瞥covert, furtive, nervous, surreptitious暗地裏的/偷偷的/緊張的/暗中的一瞥The man walked slowly along, casting furtive glances behind him.那個男人慢慢走着,不時偷偷向後看一眼。accusing, angry, baleful, disapproving, reproachful, scornful, sharp, suspicious, withering譴責的一瞥;生氣的一瞥;惡狠狠的眼光;不贊成的眼光;責備的目光;不屑的眼光;犀利的目光;猜疑的一瞥;咄咄逼人的目光Meena threw him an angry glance.米娜生氣地瞥了他一眼。curious, puzzled, questioning, quizzical好奇的一瞥;困惑的目光;疑惑的目光;詫異的眼神admiring, approving欣賞的眼神;讚許的目光knowing會意的眼神meaningful意味深長的一瞥The couple exchanged meaningful glances but said nothing.夫妻倆意味深長地交換了一下眼色,但什麼都沒說。amused, wry莞爾的瞥視;揶揄的目光anxious, nervous, worried焦急的一瞥;緊張的目光;焦慮的眼神VERB + GLANCEcast (sb), dart, give (sb/sth), have, shoot (sb), steal, take, throw (sb)瞥(⋯)一眼;迅速瞥(某人)一眼;偷偷一瞥;匆匆一瞥;瞟(某人)一眼He gave her a mocking glance.他嘲諷地瞥了她一眼。I had a quick glance at the article, but I haven't read it yet.我只草草看了一眼那篇文章,還沒有讀。He stole a sidelong glance at the young woman sitting next to him on the train.在火車上他偷偷地瞟了一眼坐在身旁的年輕女子。She took one last glance in the mirror and then left.她最後照了一下鏡子,然後離開了。exchange交換目光They exchanged knowing glances.他們會意地交換了一下眼色。catch接觸到目光I caught the teacher's glance and nearly burst into nervous laughter.我看到老師的眼神,差點神經質地大笑起來。attract, draw吸引目光Their car attracted admiring glances wherever they went.他們的車所到之處無不引來羨慕的目光。GLANCE + VERBmove目光移動Her glance flickered briefly across to the group standing at the other side of the street.她迅速掃了一眼站在街對面的那夥人。meet目光相遇Their glances met, then they both looked away.他們的目光碰到一起,又都馬上移開了。fall on sb/sth, rest on sb/sth目光落在⋯His glance fell on a pile of papers at one side of the desk.他的目光落在桌子一邊的一摞文件上。PREPOSITIONat a glance看一眼The software allows you to see at a glance what fonts you have on the computer.這個軟件讓你一看便知道你電腦上有些什麼字體。with a glance瞥了一眼With a quick glance at the time, she stood up and prepared to leave.她迅速看了一眼時間,站起身來準備離開。without a glance看也不看He left without a backward glance.他頭也不回地離開了。glance at對⋯的一瞥A glance at my watch told me it was already past six o'clock.我看了一下手錶,已經 6 點多了。glance of⋯的一瞥He ignored my glance of disapproval.他沒有理會我不贊同的一瞥。glance over向⋯的一瞥He kept throwing nervous glances over his shoulder.他不時緊張地朝身後看看。PHRASESat first glance乍一看At first glance the contract seemed to be fine.乍一看,這合同似乎很好。


ADVERB | VERB + GLANCE | PREPOSITION ADVERBbriefly, quickly, sharply粗略地看一眼;迅速瞥一眼;目光犀利地掃視Norton glanced sharply at him.諾頓以犀利的目光瞥了他一眼。anxiously, fearfully, nervously焦慮地看一眼;害怕地掃視;緊張地瞥一眼She glanced nervously over her shoulder.她緊張地向身後看了一眼。curiously好奇地看一眼He glanced curiously around him.他好奇地掃視着四周。covertly偷偷地看一眼He glanced covertly at his watch.他偷偷地看了一下手錶。barely, hardly幾乎不看一眼She barely glanced at him.她幾乎看都不看他一眼。down, up向下看一眼;向上瞥She glanced up at him.她抬頭瞥了他一眼。VERB + GLANCEpause to, turn to停下來看一眼;轉過身來看一眼He turned to glance in our direction.他轉身向我們這邊看了一眼。happen to碰巧瞥一眼At that moment she happened to glance up.那時她碰巧抬頭瞥了一眼。PREPOSITIONabout, around, round (especially BrE) 四下看;環顧She glanced around the room.她環顧了一下房間。across, over向⋯看過去She glanced across to where the others were standing chatting.她朝站着聊天的其他人那邊看過去。at很快地看一眼⋯She glanced briefly at his lapel badge.她掃了一眼他翻領上的徽章。towards/toward朝⋯看一眼He glanced towards / toward the kitchen.他朝廚房看去。
BNC: 2192 COCA: 2417
glance noun


 See also the entries for look verb 1 and stare 另见look动词词条第1义和stare条glance ♦︎ peek ♦︎ peepThese words all mean to look at sb/sth quickly. 这些词均表示快速一瞥。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to glance / peek / peep through / at / into / out of / over sthto glance / peep cautiously glance glɑːns; NAmE glæns [intransitive] (always used with an adverb or preposition 总是与副词或介词连用) to look quickly at sb/sth; to read sth quickly and not thoroughly 瞥一眼;扫视;浏览She glanced at her watch.她匆匆看了看表。She glanced through the report on the way to the meeting.在去开会的路上,她大致浏览了一下报告。 see also glance look noun peek [intransitive] to look at sb/sth quickly and secretly, especially through a small opening, usually because you should not be looking at it (尤指通过小孔)窥视,偷看No peeking!禁止窥探!She peeked at the audience from behind the curtain.她从帷幕后面窥视了一下观众。 peek


[singular] I took a quick peek inside.我匆匆向里面偷看了一眼。
peep [intransitive] to look at sb/sth quickly and secretly, especially through a small opening (尤指通过小孔)窥视,偷看We caught her peeping through the keyhole.她从锁孔偷看时被我们发现了。Could I just peep inside?我能不能看一眼里边? peep


[singular] I took a quick peep at the last page.我迅速地瞟了一下最后一页。
NOTE 辨析 Peek or peep?These words are almost exactly the same in meaning. With peek there is sometimes a slightly stronger sense that you are looking at sth that you should not be looking at. 这两个词意思几乎完全相同。表示偷看不该看的东西时,peek有时语气稍强。
BNC: 2192 COCA: 2417
Looks and sights: look, sight, glance...

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