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IELTS BNC: 1140 COCA: 2164
t ti
Word forms: plural teas
1 N-MASS ;茶水 Tea is a drink made by adding hot water to tea leaves or tea bags. Many people add milk to the drink and some add sugar. ;茶水
  • ...a cup of tea.


  • Would you like some tea?.


  • Four or five men were drinking tea from flasks.


A cup of tea can be referred to as a tea .一杯茶
  • Would anybody like a tea or coffee?


2 N-MASS [usually n NOUN] (用某些植物的叶子或花泡的) Drinks such as mint tea or chamomile tea are made by pouring hot water on the dried leaves of the particular plant or flower. (用某些植物的叶子或花泡的)
3 N-MASS 茶叶 The chopped dried leaves of the plant that tea is made from is referred to as tea . 茶叶
  • ...a packet of tea.


  • America imports about 190 million pounds of tea a year.

    美国每年进口大约 1.9 亿磅茶叶。

  • Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Jasmine are best-selling traditional teas.


4 N-VAR 下午茶;午后茶点 Tea is a meal some people eat in the late afternoon. It consists of food such as sandwiches and cakes, with tea to drink. →see usage note at: meal 下午茶;午后茶点 [British]
  • I'm doing the sandwiches for tea.


  • I took her to tea at the Ritz.


5See also:afternoon tea  high tea 
6 N-VAR (傍晚时吃的)晚点,晚餐 Some people refer to the main meal that they eat in the early part of the evening as tea. (傍晚时吃的)晚点,晚餐 [British]
  • At five o'clock he comes back for his tea.

    5 点钟回来吃晚餐。

7 PHRASE 不感兴趣的人;不合胃口的事物 If you say that someone or something is not your cup of tea, you mean that they are not the kind of person or thing that you like. 不感兴趣的人;不合胃口的事物
  • Politics was not his cup of tea.


  • I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea.


Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors Alice Walker The Color Purple
Look here, Steward, if this is coffee, I want tea; but if this is tea, then I wish for coffee Punch
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Image of tea
Image of tea
IELTS BNC: 1140 COCA: 2164


1drink飲品ADJECTIVE | ... OF TEA | VERB + TEA | TEA + VERB | TEA + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEfresh新沏的茶There's some fresh (= just made) tea in the pot. (BrE) 壺裏有新沏的茶。stewed (= very strong) (BrE) , strong濃茶weak淡茶cold, hot, lukewarm, scalding涼茶;熱茶;溫熱的茶;滾燙的茶milky (especially BrE) 奶茶white (usually after tea 通常用於 tea 之後) (BrE) 加牛奶的茶I'll have tea-white, no sugar, please.我來杯茶 - 加奶,不加糖。black (especially BrE) 紅茶sugary, sweet加糖的茶;甜茶morning早茶decaffeinated脫咖啡因茶China, Chinese, Indian, etc.中國茶、印度茶等Earl Grey, green, etc.格雷伯爵茶、綠茶等fruit, herbal果茶;花草茶camomile, jasmine, lemon, mint, etc.果香菊茶、茉莉花茶、檸檬茶、薄荷茶等ice, iced冰茶... OF TEAcup, flask, mug, pot, Thermos一杯茶;一大瓶茶;一馬克杯茶;一壺茶;一熱水瓶茶VERB + TEAdrink喝茶I don't drink tea.我不喝茶。have喝茶take喝茶How do you take your tea?你的茶怎樣喝?sip小口抿茶She sipped her hot tea slowly.她慢慢地小口抿着熱茶。take a mouthful of, take a sip of喝一口茶;抿一小口茶brew, get (sb), make (sb), mash (BrE) 沏茶;(給某人)泡茶I'll make you some tea.我給你泡茶。All rooms have tea-making facilities. (BrE) 所有房間都有泡茶工具。bring sb, ply sb with (humorous, especially BrE) , serve (sb), take sb給某人上茶;向某人盛情勸茶;給某人端茶I'll bring you a cup of tea in a few minutes.一會兒我給你上杯茶。He plied me with mint tea and Belgian chocolates.他拿出薄荷茶和比利時巧克力盛情招待我。pour (sb), pour (sb) out (especially BrE) (給某人)倒茶Pour me a cup of tea please.請給我倒一杯茶。stir攪拌茶sweeten給茶加糖;使茶變甜TEA + VERBbrew茶沖泡You haven't let the tea brew long enough.你的茶泡得不夠久。cool茶涼Allow the tea to cool before you drink it.讓茶涼了你再喝。TEA + NOUNkettle (usually teakettle) (especially NAmE) , pot
(usually teapot) , urn (especially BrE) 燒水壺;茶壺;茶水桶
cosy/cozy茶壺保溫罩service, set(一套)茶具a bone china tea service一套骨瓷茶具cup (usually teacup) 茶杯cart (usually teacart) (NAmE) , tray, trolley, wagon (NAmE) 茶具車;茶盤
A lady comes round the office with a tea trolley in the afternoon.下午一位女士推着茶具車給辦公室裏的人送茶水。Work stopped when the teacart came in.茶點車進來時工作停了下來。bar, garden, house, room, shop (especially BrE) 茶吧;茶室;茶館The hospital tea bar is run by volunteers.醫院的茶吧是由志願者經營的。an authentic Japanese tea house一家正宗的日式茶館boy (offensive when used of an older man) , lady (both BrE) 端茶侍者;端茶小姐
drinker, drinking飲茶者;飲茶break (especially BrE) 茶歇party茶會ceremony茶道PREPOSITIONin your tea在茶中Do you take sugar in your tea?你的茶要放糖嗎?PHRASEStea and coffee, tea or coffee茶和咖啡;茶還是咖啡Would you like tea or coffee?你想喝茶還是咖啡?tea and biscuits (BrE) 茶和餅乾tea and sympathy (especially BrE) 安慰與同情He tried to alleviate their disappointment by inviting them in for tea and sympathy.他邀請他們來,借此撫慰他們的失望。tea for two (especially BrE) 兩份茶'Tea for two,' said Mary, 'and a slice of your delicious chocolate cake.'“來兩份茶,”瑪麗說,“再來一塊你們香甜可口的巧克力蛋糕。”


2leaves for making tea茶葉ADJECTIVE | ... OF TEA | VERB + TEA | TEA + VERB | TEA + NOUN ADJECTIVEloose (= tea that is not in bags) 散裝茶葉... OF TEAbox, packet (BrE) 一盒/一包茶葉VERB + TEAgrow種茶TEA + VERBgrow茶樹生長TEA + NOUNleaf茶葉bag袋泡茶caddy (especially BrE) 茶葉罐strainer濾茶器estate, plantation茶園chest (BrE) 茶葉箱He stores his books in a tea chest.他把書放在茶葉箱中。


3 (especially BrE) light meal便餐ADJECTIVE | TEA + NOUN ADJECTIVEafternoon, cream, high下午茶;奶油茶點;傍晚茶I decided to treat myself to a cream tea in the tea room next door.我決定到隔壁的茶室給自己要一份奶油茶點。birthday, funeral生日/葬禮茶點TEA + NOUNtime (usually teatime) 茶點時間things茶具I cleared away the tea things.我收拾了茶具。 note at meal (for verbs)
IELTS BNC: 1140 COCA: 2164
tea noun
IELTS BNC: 1140 COCA: 2164

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