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BNC: 1491 COCA: 1550
rn reɪn
Word forms: plural , 3rd person singular present tense rains, present participle raining, past tense , past participle rained
1 N-UNCOUNT [oft the NOUN] 雨;雨水 Rain is water that falls from the clouds in small drops. 雨;雨水
  • I hope you didn't get soaked standing out in the rain.


  • A spot of rain fell on her hand.


SYN rainfall, fall, showers, deluge
2 N-PLURAL 雨季 In countries where rain only falls in certain seasons, this rain is referred to as the rains . 雨季
  • ...the spring, when the rains came.


  • The rains have failed again in the Horn of Africa.


3 VERB 下雨;降雨 When rain falls, you can say that it is raining . 下雨;降雨
  • It rained the whole weekend. [it VERB]


  • It was raining hard, and she hadn't an umbrella. [VERB]


SYN pour, pelt (down), teem, bucket down [informal]
4 V-ERG (使)如雨点般落下;(使)大量降下 If someone rains blows, kicks, or bombs on a person or place, the person or place is attacked by many blows, kicks, or bombs. You can also say that blows, kicks, or bombs rain on a person or place. (使)如雨点般落下;(使)大量降下
  • The police, raining blows on rioters and spectators alike, cleared the park. [VERB noun + on]


  • Rockets, mortars and artillery rounds rained on buildings. [VERB + on]


SYN fall, shower, be dropped, sprinkle
Rain down means the same as rain .rain downrain
  • Fighter aircraft rained down high explosives.


  • Grenades and mortars rained down on Dubrovnik.


5 N-SING [NOUN of n] (从空中落下的)一阵,一连串 A rain of things is a large number of things that fall from the sky at the same time. (从空中落下的)一阵,一连串
  • A rain of stones descended on the police.


6 PHRASE 祸不单行 You can use the expression it never rains but it pours to mean that several unfortunate events often happen at the same time. 祸不单行
7 PHRASE [verb-link PHRASE] 完全康复;完全恢复 If you say that someone is as right as rain, you mean that they are completely well or healthy again, for example when they have recovered from an illness or a shock. 完全康复;完全恢复 [informal]
  • You'll be as right as rain as soon as you are back in your own home with your baby.


8 PHRASE 不管晴天或下雨;风雨无阻 If you say that someone does something rain or shine, you mean that they do it regularly, without being affected by the weather or other circumstances. 不管晴天或下雨;风雨无阻
  • Frances took her daughter walking every day, rain or shine.


Phrasal verbs:
rain off rain out
The rain it raineth every day William Shakespeare Twelfth Night
Thesaurusrain Also look up:

drizzle, precipitation, shower, sleet 1

Trends of rain
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BNC: 1491 COCA: 1550


ADJECTIVE | ... OF RAIN | VERB + RAIN | RAIN + VERB | RAIN + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEdriving, hard, lashing, pelting, pounding (especially NAmE) 暴雨;驟雨;傾盆大雨;瓢潑大雨drenching, heavy, pouring, torrential傾盆大雨;大雨;滂沱大雨steady連綿的雨drizzling, fine, gentle, light, soft毛毛雨;細雨;絲絲小雨;濛濛細雨The fine rain turned to mist in the early evening.傍晚,細雨變成了薄霧。The forecast is for wind and light rain.預報有風和小雨。warm暖雨cold, freezing, icy冷雨;凍雨constant, continuous, incessant, persistent綿綿不斷的雨;淫雨;持續的降雨intermittent, patchy (BrE) 時斷時續的雨;零星小雨overnight夜雨Overnight rain had freshened up the grass.夜雨使草地變得清新。monsoon, tropical雨季/熱帶降雨The monsoon rains started early this year.今年雨季降雨開始得早。spring, summer, etc.春雨、夏雨等acid酸雨... OF RAINdrop一滴雨inch, shower, spot (especially BrE, informal) 一英寸雨;一陣雨;一點兒雨We had three inches of rain last night.昨晚下了 3 英寸的雨。A few spots of rain had fallen.下了幾滴雨。We could do with a spot of rain. (BrE) 我們真希望能下點兒雨。VERB + RAINforecast預報有雨Rain is forecast for tomorrow.預報明天有雨。look like, threaten看上去要下雨;將要下雨It looks like rain (= it looks as though it is going to rain).看上去要下雨。Black clouds threatened rain.天上烏雲密佈,要下雨了。pour (down), pour (down) with (BrE) 下傾盆大雨It poured with rain all afternoon.傾盆大雨下了整整一下午。get caught in淋雨We got caught in the rain on the way home.我們在回家的路上淋雨了。RAIN + VERBcome down, fall, pour down, trickle雨落下;大雨傾盆而下; 雨水淌下beat, drum, lash, pelt, pound (especially NAmE) 雨拍打;雨嗒嗒作響;雨猛烈抽打;雨重重地拍打Rain beat against the roof all night.雨整夜敲打着屋頂。The rain pounded down on her.雨滴拍打在她身上。drip, patter, splash雨滴落;雨啪嗒地下;雨水飛濺She listened to the rain pattering against the window.她聽着雨水劈里啪啦地敲打着窗戶。drench sb/sth, soak sb/sth雨水使⋯濕透Heavy rain drenched us.大雨將我們淋成了落湯雞。come, set in, start開始下雨The rain came just as we set off.我們剛出發就開始下雨了。The rain had set in steadily by the time we got home.我們到家的時候雨已經不停歇地下起來了。cease, let up, stop雨停The rain didn't let up all day.雨一天都沒停。continue雨繼續下The rain continued for most of the day.雨幾乎下了一天。threaten雨將來臨With rain threatening, we headed home as fast as we could.看着要下雨,我們儘快往家趕去。drive sb雨趕走某人The rain drove the players off the court.由於下雨,運動員們離開了場地。RAIN + NOUNcloud雨雲drop (usually raindrop) , water (usually rainwater) 雨滴;雨水shower, storm (usually rainstorm) 陣雨;暴雨barrel, gutter (both NAmE) 接雨水的桶;雨水排水溝gear (especially NAmE) 雨具None of us had proper rain gear.我們沒有人帶着合適的雨具。gauge雨量計PREPOSITIONin the rain在雨中We found her sitting in the pouring rain.我們發現她坐在瓢潑大雨中。out of the rain躲開雨Come in out of the rain.進來,別讓雨淋着。through the rain在雨中We drove slowly through the driving rain.我們在暴雨中緩緩行駛。PHRASEScome rain or shine, rain or shine (figurative) 不論晴雨;無論如何We work outside every day, rain or shine.我們每天在外面幹活,風雨無阻。


ADVERB | VERB + RAIN | PHRASES ADVERBhard, heavily下暴雨;下大雨a little, lightly, slightly下一點兒雨;下小雨non-stop, solidly, steadily不停地/連續地/連綿不斷地下雨It had rained solidly for four days.雨已經連續下了 4 天。It's been raining steadily all day.雨已經不停地下了一整天。VERB + RAINbegin to, start to開始降雨be going to將要下雨I don't think it's going to rain.我認為不會下雨。PHRASESstart raining, stop raining開始/停止降雨
BNC: 1491 COCA: 1550
rain verb
rain (Is it raining?) scatter (a volcano rains hot ash)


rain ♦︎ fall ♦︎ pour ♦︎ come down ♦︎ drizzleThese words are all used when water drops down from the sky. 这些词均表示下雨。SYNONYM SCALE 词义标尺 下图显示这些词所表达雨势强弱的程度
come down
PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to pour / come downit's raining / pouring / drizzlingthe rain falls / pours / comes downto rain / fall heavily / lightly / steadily rain [intransitive] when it rains, water drops down from the sky in drops 下雨Is it raining?下雨了吗?It had been raining all night.雨下了一整夜。It hardly rained at all last summer.去年夏天几乎没怎么下雨。It started to rain.开始下雨了。 fall (fell, fallen) [intransitive] (usually used with an adverb or preposition 通常与副词或介词连用) (of rain or snow) to drop down from the sky (雨或雪)降落,落下The snow was falling steadily.雪一直下着。70 millimetres of rain fell in just a few hours.仅几个小时降雨量便达到了70毫米。 pour [intransitive](of rain) to fall heavily (雨)倾盆而下;下大雨The rain continued to pour down.大雨哗哗地下个不停。It's pouring outside.外面下着瓢泼大雨。 (BrE) It's pouring with rain.大雨滂沱。In American English you can say It's pouring rain, but it is more usual just to say It's pouring. 在美式英语中,可以说It's pouring rain,但更常说It's pouring。 ˌcome ˈdown

phrasal verb

(came, come)(of rain or snow) to fall (雨或雪)落下,降落The rain came down in torrents.大雨滂沱。NOTE 辨析 Rain, fall or come down? Rain is the most frequent verb and is used with the subject it. Fall and come down are used with a subject such as rain or snow. Fall is used when giving precise measurements of rainfall. * rain是最常用的动词,主语用it。fall和come down的主语是rain或snow等。给出精确的降雨量时用fall70 millimetres of rain fell in just a few hours.仅几个小时降雨量便达到了70毫米。70 millimetres of rain came down in just a few hours. It rained 70 millimetres of rain in just a few hours. Come down is often used with a description of how the rain falls. * come down常用于描述雨水如何降落The rain was coming down in a solid curtain.雨如水帘般倾泻而下。
drizzle [intransitive] (usually used in the progressive tenses, with it as the subject 通常用于进行时,用it作主语) to rain lightly 下毛毛雨;下蒙蒙细雨It was drizzling outside.外面下着毛毛细雨。


rain ♦︎ shower ♦︎ rainfall ♦︎ drizzle ♦︎ monsoon ♦︎ downpourThese are all words for the water which falls or has fallen from the sky. 这些词均表示雨、雨水。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配in the rain / the drizzle / the monsoon / a downpour(a) heavy rain / shower / rainfall / downpour(a) light rain / shower / rainfall / drizzle(a) torrential rain / rainfall / downpoura sudden shower / downpour(a) steady rain / drizzle / downpour(a) fine / thin / patchy rain / drizzleto be / get caught in the rain / a shower / a downpourrain / drizzle falls rain [uncountable, singular] water that falls from the clouds in separate drops 雨;雨水Rain is forecast for the weekend.预报周末有雨。Don't go out in the rain.下雨呢,别出去了。The rain poured down.雨瓢泼而下。It looks like rain (= as if it is going to rain).好像要下雨。I think I felt a drop of rain.我好像感觉到掉雨点儿了。A light rain began to fall.开始下小雨。 (BrE) It's pouring with rain.大雨倾盆。 The rains [plural] are the season of heavy continuous rain in tropical countries. 复数形式的the rains指热带地区的雨季The rains come in September.雨季9月份开始。 see also rainy wet 2 shower [countable] a short period of rain or snow 阵雨;阵雪We got caught in a heavy shower.我们遇上了一阵大雨。 rainfall ˈreɪnfɔːl [uncountable, singular] the total amount of rain that falls in a particular area in a particular amount of time 降雨量There has been below average rainfall this month.这个月的降雨低于平均降雨量。We have an average annual rainfall of around 750 mm.我们这里的年平均降雨量约为750毫米。 drizzle [uncountable, singular] light, fine rain 毛毛细雨The forecast for tomorrow is mist and drizzle.天气预报说明天有薄雾和小雨。A light drizzle was falling as they left the cottage.他们离开村舍时,下着毛毛细雨。 monsoon ˌmɒnˈsuːn; NAmE ˌmɑːnˈsuːn [countable, usually singular] a period of heavy rain in summer in S Asia; the rain that falls in this period; a wind in S Asia that blows from the south-west in summer, bringing rain, and the north-east in winter (南亚地区的)雨季,雨季的降雨;季风,季节风(盛行于南亚地区,夏季刮西南风,带来降雨,冬季刮东北风)By the end of September it seemed that the monsoon season was drawing to a close.到9月底,雨季好像接近尾声了。The monsoon blew relentlessly into our faces.季风无情地吹打着我们的脸。 Monsoon is usually used in the form the monsoon, or like an adjective before another noun. * monsoon常用the monsoon形式,或像形容词般置于另一名词前monsoon rains / winds / weather季风雨;季风;季风天气 downpour ˈdaʊnpɔː(r) [countable, usually singular] a heavy fall of rain that often starts suddenly 倾盆大雨;暴雨;大骤雨The suddenness of the downpour had caught the three of them by surprise.突如其来的倾盆大雨让他们三人措手不及。
BNC: 1491 COCA: 1550
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