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IELTS BNC: 215 COCA: 246
bɪznɪs ˈbɪznɪs
Word forms: plural businesses
1 N-UNCOUNT 商业;买卖;交易;生意 Business is work relating to the production, buying, and selling of goods or services. 商业;买卖;交易;生意
  • ...young people seeking a career in business.


  • Jennifer has an impressive academic and business background.


  • ...Harvard Business School.


SYN trade, selling, trading, industry
2 N-UNCOUNT 业务量;营业额 Business is used when talking about how many products or services a company is able to sell. If business is good, a lot of products or services are being sold and if business is bad, few of them are being sold. 业务量;营业额
  • They worried that German companies would lose business.


  • Business is booming.


3 N-COUNT 工商企业;公司;商店;商铺 A business is an organization which produces and sells goods or which provides a service. 工商企业;公司;商店;商铺
  • The company was a family business.


  • The majority of small businesses go broke within the first twenty-four months.


  • He was short of cash after the collapse of his business.


4 N-UNCOUNT [oft on NOUN] 任务;职责;工作 Business is work or some other activity that you do as part of your job and not for pleasure. 任务;职责;工作
  • I'm here on business.


  • You can't mix business with pleasure.


  • ...business trips.


5 N-SING 行业;(某一领域的)工作 You can use business to refer to a particular area of work or activity in which the aim is to make a profit. 行业;(某一领域的)工作
  • May I ask you what business you're in?


  • ...the music business.


6 N-SING 眼前所做之事;手头的事 You can use business to refer to something that you are doing or concerning yourself with. 眼前所做之事;手头的事
  • ...recording Ben as he goes about his business.


  • There was nothing left for the teams to do but get on with the business of racing. [+ of]


7 N-UNCOUNT (需要处理的)重要事情,要点 You can use business to refer to important matters that you have to deal with. (需要处理的)重要事情,要点
  • The most important business was left to the last.


  • I've got some unfinished business to attend to.


8 N-UNCOUNT [with poss] 个人的事;私事 If you say that something is your business, you mean that it concerns you personally and that other people have no right to ask questions about it or disagree with it. 个人的事;私事
  • My sex life is my business.


  • If she doesn't want the police involved, that's her business.


  • It's not our business.


9 N-SING 事件;情况;活动 You can use business to refer in a general way to an event, situation, or activity. For example, you can say something is 'a wretched business' or you can refer to 'this assassination business'. 事件;情况;活动
  • We have sorted out this wretched business at last.


  • This whole business is very puzzling.


10 N-SING (令人不快或耗费钱财的)活儿,事情 You can use business when describing a task that is unpleasant in some way. For example, if you say that doing something is a costly business, you mean that it costs a lot. (令人不快或耗费钱财的)活儿,事情 [informal]
  • Coastal defence is a costly business.


  • Parenting can be a stressful business.


11 See also: big business  show business 
12 PHR-RECIP 做买卖;做生意 If two people or companies do business with each other, one sells goods or services to the other. 做买卖;做生意
  • I was fascinated by the different people who did business with me. [+ with]


13 PHRASE 无权;没有理由 If you say that someone has no business to be in a place or to do something, you mean that they have no right to be there or to do it. 无权;没有理由
  • Really I had no business to be there at all.


14 PHRASE 在经营中 A company that is in business is operating and trading. 在经营中
  • You can't stay in business without cash.


15 PHRASE 万事俱备 If you say you are in business, you mean you have everything you need to start something immediately. 万事俱备
  • All you need is a microphone, and you're in business.


16 PHRASE 当真的;严肃的 If you say that someone means business, you mean they are serious and determined about what they are doing. 当真的;严肃的 [informal]
  • Now people are starting to realise that he means business.


SYN be serious, be determined, be resolute, be set on something
17 PHRASE 没你的事;少管闲事 If you say to someone 'mind your own business' or 'it's none of your business', you are rudely telling them not to ask about something that does not concern them. 没你的事;少管闲事 [informal]
  • I asked Laura what was wrong and she told me to mind my own business.


18 PHRASE [VERB inflects, PHRASE to-infinitive] 决定做 If you make it your business to do something, you decide to do it, because you are interested in it or because you want to find out something. 决定做
  • She made it her business to find out.


19 PHRASE [VERB inflects, PHR -ing/n] 是不会(做)的;才不会(做) If you say that you are not in the business of doing something, you are emphasizing that you do not do it, usually when you are annoyed or surprised that someone thinks you do. 是不会(做)的;才不会(做) [emphasis]
  • We are not in the business of subsidising scroungers.


20 PHRASE 停业;破产 If a shop or company goes out of business or is put out of business, it has to stop trading because it is not making enough money. 停业;破产
  • Thousands of firms could go out of business.


21 PHRASE [verb-link PHRASE] 同类中最好的 If you say that someone or something is the business, you mean that they are the best of their kind. 同类中最好的 [informal, approval]
  • When you watch him in training, you realise that this lad is the business.


22 PHRASE 一切如常;处之泰然 In a difficult situation, if you say it is business as usual, you mean that people will continue doing what they normally do. 一切如常;处之泰然
  • The Queen was determined to show it was business as usual.


Boldness in business is the first, second, and third thing Thomas Fuller Gnomologia
The business of America is business Calvin Coolidge Address to the Society of Newspaper Editors
Dispatch is the soul of business, and nothing contributes more to Dispatch than Method Lord Chesterfield Letters to His Son
Here's the rule for bargains: `Do other men, for they would do you.' That's the true business precept Charles Dickens Martin Chuzzlewit
The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat Lily Tomlin
The public be damned! I'm working for my stockholders William H. Vanderbilt
The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell Confucius
I'll keep it short and sweet. Family. Religion. Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business C. Montgomery Burns The Simpsons
ThesaurusWord Partnership
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IELTS BNC: 215 COCA: 246


1buying and selling of goods買賣ADJECTIVE | VERB + BUSINESS | BUSINESS + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEbig大生意profitable有利可圖的買賣private私人買賣core核心業務It's time to focus on the company's core business.該是集中於公司核心業務的時候了。retail, wholesale零售/批發業務online網上業務Supermarkets are doing more online business.超市的網上業務增多了。competitive, tough競爭激烈的/難做的業務Retail is a tough business.做零售生意不容易。catering, computer, consulting, insurance, investment, etc.餐飲、計算機、咨詢、保險、投資等業務He spent his whole life in the insurance business.他一輩子都在從事保險業務。entertainment, movie, music, newspaper娛樂業;電影業;音樂業;新聞業We're not trying to educate-we're in the entertainment business.我們不想去教育人 - 我們從事的是娛樂業。VERB + BUSINESScarry on (often law法律) , conduct, do, transact (formal) 經營業務;做生意;談買賣a company that has ceased to carry on business已經停業的公司He's someone I can do business with (= that I find it easy to deal with).我覺得和他做生意很合得來。work in在⋯行業工作She works in the computer business.她從事電腦業。go into, set up in經商;開公司go out of停業The company went out of business during the recession.這家公司在經濟衰退時期停業了。put sb/sth out of使⋯停業The new regulations will put many small companies out of business.新規定將使許多小公司停業。help有利於商業He argues that tax cuts will help business.他認為減稅會促進商業發展。understand瞭解業務Nobody understands the music business better than him.沒有人比他更懂音樂行業。BUSINESS + NOUNdeal, transaction商業交易opportunity, venture商機;商業冒險meeting商務會議lunch工作午餐travel, trip商務旅行;出差person商人 (see also businessman, businesswoman) traveller/traveler商務旅行者expense業務費用Meals are considered a business expense.餐費算業務費用。community, sector, world商界executive, leader, manager商務主管;企業領導;業務經理a conference of women business leaders女企業家大會associate, partner生意夥伴contact業務聯繫relationship生意關係They developed a lasting business relationship.他們建立了長久的生意關係。affairs, interests, matters商務;商業利益;業務問題decision商業決策It was purely a business decision.這純屬商業決策。ethics商業道德development業務發展investment商業投資secret商業秘密to protect business secrets保護商業秘密model, plan, strategy商業模式/計劃/戰略a business model for using electronic commerce利用電子商務的商業模式practice商業慣例It's good business practice to listen to your customers.傾聽顧客的意見是良好的商業慣例。acumen商業才能card(業務)名片attire, suit職業裝;西裝He wore a business suit.他穿了一身西裝。hours營業時間You can call the helpline during normal business hours.你可以在正常營業時間撥打服務熱線。school商學院studies商科major (NAmE) 商務專業park工商業園區The company's offices are located in the new business park out of town.公司辦公樓坐落在城外的新工商業園區。district商業區the city's main business district該市的主要商業區PREPOSITIONin business在商界;在某行業;準備就緒He's in business.他在做生意。What business are you in?你從事哪個行業?All we need is a car and we'll be in business (= we'll have everything we need to start what we want to do).只要有一輛車我們就可以開始了。on business因公I'm going to Paris on business.我要出差去巴黎了。PHRASESbusiness as usual (= things will continue as normal in spite of a difficult situation) 一切如常It's business as usual at the factory.工廠還是照常開工。business or pleasure因公還是遊玩Is the trip to Rome business or pleasure?此次羅馬之行是出差還是去遊玩?mix business with pleasure把公務與娛樂相結合When I travel overseas I like to mix business with pleasure.到國外時,我喜歡公務、娛樂兩不誤。my, his, her etc. own business我自己、他自己、她自己等的事情He left the department to start his own business.他離開那個部門去自己創業了。a place of business營業地點


2amount of trade done做成的生意量ADJECTIVE | VERB + BUSINESS | BUSINESS + VERB ADJECTIVEbrisk, good生意興隆Business was brisk and they had sold out by midday.生意很好,到中午他們就賣完了。bad, slack, slow生意不景氣;生意清淡new新生意They've cut their rates to attract new business.他們降低了費用以招攬新生意。repeat回頭客生意Our repeat business is 50% or higher.我們的回頭客生意有 50% 或者更高。VERB + BUSINESSdo做生意They're doing good business in Asia.他們在亞洲生意做得很好。attract, drum up, generate招攬生意She's in Europe drumming up business for her new company.她在歐洲為自己創辦的新公司招攬生意。tout for (BrE) 拉生意insurance salesmen touting for business拉生意的保險推銷員affect, hurt影響/損害生意Cheap imports are hurting business for domestic producers.廉價的進口貨損害了國內生產商的生意。lose失去生意We're losing business to our main rivals.我們的生意正在被主要的競爭對手拉走。handle處理業務We took on temporary staff to handle the extra business.我們雇了臨時人員辦理額外的生意。BUSINESS + VERBboom, grow業務繁榮/增長Business is booming for the big pharmaceutical companies.大製藥公司業務繁榮。pick up生意好起來After a slack period, business is now picking up.經過一段不景氣的時期,生意現在好起來了。slow, slow down生意清淡下來Business has slowed considerably in recent months.最近幾個月生意清淡了許多。


3commercial organization商業組織ADJECTIVE | VERB + BUSINESS | BUSINESS + VERB | BUSINESS + NOUN ADJECTIVElarge, medium-sized, small大企業;中等企業;小企業new新企業loans for people to start new businesses為創業者提供的貸款family, family-owned家族企業global, international, local全球性/國際/地方企業private私營企業state-owned國有企業booming, lucrative, profitable, successful, thriving, viable興隆的/賺錢的/有利潤的/成功的/繁榮的/有活力的企業The family owns a booming construction business.這個家族擁有一家生意興隆的建築企業。Internet, online, Web因特網企業;在線企業She runs a successful online business.她經營着一家成功的在線企業。traditional傳統企業Traditional businesses are having to compete with the Internet.傳統企業不得不與因特網競爭。mail-order, retail, wholesale郵購商行;零售企業;批發企業catering, grocery, hairdressing, restaurant, etc.餐飲企業、食品雜貨店、美髮店、餐館等She had her own hairdressing business.她擁有自己的美髮店。legitimate合法企業These laws make life more difficult for legitimate businesses.這些法律使得合法企業的日子更加難過。VERB + BUSINESShave, own擁有企業manage, operate, run管理企業;經營企業It was always my dream to run my own business.我一直夢想經營自己的公司。establish, launch, set up, start建立企業;創辦企業They decided to start their own business.他們決定創辦自己的企業。build, build up把企業做大We built up the business from nothing.我們白手起家。expand, grow擴展/發展企業We are looking to grow the business over the next couple of years.我們正考慮在未來幾年裏把公司發展壯大。work in在企業工作He works in the family business.他在家族企業工作。enter, join進入/加入企業After leaving school she entered the family business.離開學校後她進了家族企業。leave離開企業buy, take over收購企業sell出售企業BUSINESS + VERBdo well, flourish, succeed, take off, thrive企業運營得不錯/興旺發達/成功/開始贏利/生意興隆After six months the business really took off.6 個月後企業真的開始贏利了。expand, grow企業擴大/發展The business is expanding fast.公司發展得很快。collapse, fail企業倒閉/破產be based in企業總部設在⋯He owns a management consulting business based in Santa Barbara.他擁有一家管理咨詢公司,總部在聖巴巴拉。BUSINESS + NOUNassets, premises企業資產;營業場所failure企業破產owner企業主 note at organization


4work/responsibility工作;責任ADJECTIVE | VERB + BUSINESS | PHRASES ADJECTIVEdaily日常工作real正事He needs time and space to get on with the real business of writing.他需要時間和空間去繼續幹寫作的本行。VERB + BUSINESSget on with, go about繼續做正事;忙着做事market traders going about their daily business為日常交易奔忙的市場交易員make sth將⋯當成職責I shall make it my business to find out who is responsible.我將以找到責任人為己任。PHRASEShave no business doing sth, have no business to do sth (especially BrE) 沒有權利做⋯You have no business (= no right) being here.你沒有權利待在這兒。keep your nose out of sb's business, mind your own business別管某人的閒事;管好自己的事Keep your nose out of my business!不要多管我的事!'What are you reading?' 'Mind your own business!'“你在看什麼書?”“不要多管閒事!”I was just sitting there, minding my own business, when a man started shouting at me.我就只是坐在那裏,也沒招惹誰,這時有個男人朝我大吼起來。no business of yours, none of your business不關你的事My private life is none of your business (= does not concern you).我的私生活與你無關。


5important matters要事ADJECTIVE | VERB + BUSINESS | PHRASES ADJECTIVEprivate私事important, pressing, urgent重要的事情;緊迫的事情;急事official正式的事情This isn't a social call-I've come on official business.這不是社交拜訪,我來是有公事的。unfinished未完成的事情We have some unfinished business to discuss.我們有一些尚未了結的事情需要商量。VERB + BUSINESSget down to着手幹正事OK, let's get down to business.好,我們言歸正傳。deal with, discuss, talk處理/討論/談論要事I'm not going to talk business tonight.今晚我不想談重要的事。finish完成要事Jack and I finished our business early, so we went to lunch.傑克和我事情完成得早,所以我們就去吃午餐了。PHRASESany other business (= items discussed at the end of a meeting) (會議結束前討論的)其他事項I think we've finished item four. Now, is there any other business?我想我們已經完成第四項了。現在,還有其他事項嗎?mean business (= be serious about doing something) 是嚴肅的He says he's going to make changes, and I think he means business.他說他打算有所改變,我想他是認真的。


6situation/event情況;事件ADJECTIVEwhole整件事情I'll be glad when the whole business is over and done with.到整件事情完全處理好的時候,我會很高興的。dirty, messy骯髒的事情I'm just glad to be out of the whole dirty business.我很高興能徹底擺脫這件齷齪的事情。bad, sorry, terrible (all especially BrE) 糟糕的/遺憾的/可怕的事情It was a bad business-he couldn't work for months.那次太糟糕了,他幾個月都不能工作。funny, strange (especially BrE) 古怪的/奇怪的事情dangerous, risky, tricky危險的/冒險的/棘手的事情Changing your life can be a risky business.改變生活要冒風險。serious嚴肅的事情Having fun is a serious business.能開開心心是件重要的事情。
IELTS BNC: 215 COCA: 246
business noun
business1 (none of your business) business2 (Thank you for your business.) company (a small business) event1 (a terrible business) industry (the oil business) task (business or pleasure?) trade (set up in business) do business sell verb2


none of your business 不关你的事Thank you for your business. 谢谢您的惠顾。business ♦︎ concern ♦︎ preserve ♦︎ affairThese are all words for sth that concerns a particular person, group or organization. 这些词均表示与某个人、群体或机构相关的事。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配(a) private / personal business / concern / affairsth is sb's own business / concern / affairto be none of sb's business / concernsth is no business / concern of sb's business [singular] something that is a particular person's or organization's responsibility or that they have a right to know about (某人或某机构)负责的事,有权知道的事It is the business of the police to protect the community.警察的职责是保护附近居民。My private life is none of your business (= you do not have a right to know about it).我的私生活与你无关。It's no business of yours who I invite to the party.你无权过问我邀请谁参加聚会。I shall make it my business to find out who is responsible.我要亲自查出是谁的责任。 concern [countable, usually singular] (formal) sb/sth's business (某人或某机构)负责的事,有权知道的事This matter is their concern.这件事由他们负责。How much money I make is none of your concern.我赚多少钱没有必要告诉你。NOTE 辨析 Business or concern?There is no real difference in meaning between these words, but concern is more formal, used mostly in written English. Both are used in the phrase sth is sb's business/concern but only business is used in the phrase sth is the business of sth. 这两个词在含义上没有实质差别,但concern较正式,大多用在书面语中。二者均可用于短语sth is sb's business/concern,但只有business可用于短语sth is the business of sthIt is the concern of the police to protect the community. You can make it your business to do sth, meaning that you decide that you have a right to do or know sth, and will do it or find out about it; concern is not used in this way. * make it one's business to do sth指某人认为自己有权做或知道某事,且决意去做或查明;concern不能这么用I shall make it my concern to find out who is responsible. preserve [singular] an activity, job or interest that is thought to be suitable for one particular person or group of people (活动、工作或兴趣被视为某人或某群体的)专属领域Higher education is no longer the preserve of the wealthy.高等教育再也不是富人的专利了。I began my career in the days when nursing was a female preserve.我开始工作的时候,护理工作是女性专属的领域。 affair [singular] (rather formal) sb/sth's business 个人的事How I spend my money is my affair.我如何用钱是我自己的事。The details of your relationship should be a private affair.你们关系的详细情况应该是私事。Affair can be used in the same way as business and concern in the phrase That's my business/concern/affair. However, you cannot say that sth is none of sb's affair or no affair of sb's However, it is quite common to say that sth is, or should be a private/personal affair. 和business、concern一样,affair可用在短语That's my business/concern/affair(那是我的事)中,但不能说sth is none of sb's affair或sth is no affair of sb's。不过,a private/personal affair(私事)倒是很普遍的说法。business2


none of your business 不关你的事Thank you for your business. 谢谢您的惠顾。 See also the entries for company, industry, task and trade 另见company条、industry条、task条和trade条business ♦︎ customThese are both words for the fact of a person or people buying goods or services at a shop or business. 这两个词均表示光顾、惠顾。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配to lose / get / compete for / keep / retain / want (sb's) business / customThank you for your business / custom. business [uncountable] the fact of a person or people buying goods or services at a shop or business (顾客对商店的)惠顾,光顾We're losing business to our main rivals.我们的生意正被主要竞争对手抢走。 see also do business sell 2 custom [uncountable] (BrE, formal) business (顾客对商店的)惠顾,光顾Thank you for your custom. Please call again.谢谢您的惠顾,请下次再来。 see also customer customer NOTE 辨析 Business or custom?In British English custom is the term often used by shops and businesses when talking to their customers; when talking about the amount of trade done by a shop or business, business is often preferred. In American English, business is always used whether talking to or about customers. 在英式英语中,商家对顾客说话时常用custom,谈及商家的营业额时常用business。在美式英语中,无论对顾客说话还是谈到顾客,都用business。

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